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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 40

Capture ??????? route!


I woke up in a room without light.

It’s dark and I can’t see anything. I strain my ears to try and hear something.

I can hear the sound of clothes rustling.

When I tried to call out,

“Are you awake?”

A familiar voice reached my ears. But I can’t remember where I’ve heard it.

Moving shadows are faintly visible. There is something― someone in the room.

“…Who is it?”

My limbs are tied and I couldn’t move. Someone’s hand touched my head. I tried to move but I can’t escape―

I feel a soft touch on my left cheek.

He trace my ear and said with a sigh,

“Wait here for a while. My beloved.

 ――I’ll immediately dispose of that ridiculous person that tried to take you away.”

Gently, I smell something sweet and my consciousness fades away――


Squeaking sound of a dog and the noise of something bumping loudly awoke me from my sleep.

Within the darkness, I can hear a sound.

“Young Lady, Young Lady! We’re coming for you!”

“Konomi! If you are there, answer me, Konomi!”

I hear the sound of keys rattling, and the sound of the metals hitting each other for a while.


“I’m opening it!”

Dazzling light shines into the room with the sound of heavy objects moving.

“Are you safe?”

“Are you okay?”

My eyes gradually got used to the light, and I can see the surroundings that are lost in darkness.

Apparently, this is the storeroom of the mansion. There are wooden boxes, partitioning screens, chairs, and desks…

I saw my huge reflection on a mirror.

And I realise one thing.


Reddish-brunette hair, with auburn coloured eyes, and an innocent look, is reflected in the mirror.

Charlotte Oliver― Player Character.

I am no longer the Villainess.

I have the normal, heroine figure that I should have.

―It seems the bug has been fixed, probably because I briefly got out of this world.


Although I’m really pleased with that… Considering this situation we are in, it’s nothing more than something that will make me bite my teeth in frustration.

The current situation we are in― It is a race against time. I also have time to explain and convince them that I am Konomi.

Win and Dominique, who acknowledged my presence rushed to me――



But these two.

They look up and down at me, and for some reason, just watched.

Benedict enters the room while stroking his chest.

“Charlotte Oliver―, you are safe? By the way――”

“That’s not it, Beni.”

Dominique shook his head.

Benedict’s expression becomes cloudy in response to the strange words from his friend.

“What’s wrong, Dominique?”

“Well, Beni. I don’t know why but,

 You can laugh if you think I’m saying something stupid.

 But for some reason I have this feeling…… This woman, who look like Charlotte Oliver,

 I can’t help but feel like SHE IS KONOMI.”

Benedict looks at me with a visibly confused expression.

And― It’s no longer just Dominique.

Win also sees the difference.

“Hello, Konomi-sama―― Is it? You’ve swapped again?”

“Eh, this route has such a line?”

Looking at the screen next to me is my Kouhai who leaned her head close with a bread in her hand.

“I mean, this game has a voice recognition function. But I’m surprised.”

The characters are reacting naturally to my words, but that’s likely not the case in the original scenario.

I take a breath and talk to them.

“Win-san. You, me, I am—”

“……Ah, so you’re Konomi-sama!”


He didn’t hesitate to call my name.

For some reason, I feel like crying my heart out.

Win cut the rope holding my hand and feet with a knife.

“Win-san. You accepted my request. Thank you very much.”

“The thanks goes not to me, but to Aldo.”

When he asked me to take care of Eileen, I also requested one thing from him.

My request was to have Aldo remember the smell of me and Eileen.

I felt that the clever Aldo might be able to act like a police dog in the event we are kidnapped.

“Aldo too, thank you very much.”


“No… But”

Benedict makes a super confused voice.

He looks at me, Win, and Dominique in turn.

“Are you crazy? She’s Konomi?”

That’s a good question.

It’s rather strange that Dominique saw me through.

“Your Highness. You may not believe us, but I don’t have time to convince you right now. I am Konomi. 

 The one you just called 『Charlotte Oliver』 is now is now in the enemy’s hand as 『Eileen Aldington』”

“What happened, Konomi? You and Charlotte Oliver body swapped, right? You just left the room a while ago.”

“Konomi-sama, where is the Young Lady now?”

I shook my head as both Dominique and Win simultaneously raised questions.

“I don’t know. Someone attacked me from behind, and when I’m awake, I was tied up, and in this room.

 I woke up once before, and there was someone… He kissed my cheek and went somewhere.”


A few moments later.


It is Dominique who screamed at me.

He grabbed my shoulders and shake them, and asked,

“Which one? Konomi, which one!?”

“Which what?”

“Ki, ki, ki…… Cheeks… Kiss…”

I guess he’s asking which side got kissed.

“Um, left”


He screamed like a girl and rubbed my left cheek with his sleeves. It hurts.

Dominique began to get teary and is too eager that I eventually became annoyed, and separated myself from him.

“I’m alright, Gonneau-senpai. Aldo, let’s go.”


I have to go and help Eileen.

I stood up― However

I staggered and Win supported me. It’s probably because I was asleep.


“Konomi-sama, we’ll go. You stay here.”

“That’s no good.”

I clearly stated ‘no’.

I remember when I told him the same lines.

(TN: Chapter 7)

I stand on my feet. Breathe in and out.

Even after just consuming sleeping pills, even if I just got up, it feels much lighter than when I was Eileen.

Charlotte Oliver isn’t a “Country Girl” just for show.

“This is a job for me.”

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