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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 3 Part 45

Introducing to Trundle Guild

Knights school life is sailing smoothly… I’m still not fully used to it, but I’m getting more and more comfortable with it. So I will now resume my cash doubling plan!

Destination― Trundle Guild! Me, Lu and a newcomer!

“Excuse me! Coming through!”

“F-for real? E-excuse me…… hiii.”

As soon as I opened the door, I could see the savage looks on the tavern’s uncles. Hmm? Is everyone earning badly today?

“Serafi, who is he?”

“Yeah, a friend at school.”


“Young Lady’s… friend?”

“Yes. Go on.”

“N-nice to meet you! I, my name is Nicholas! I have come to register at the guild.”

Nick bowed with a -pekori-.

Gil-san glances at Nick. Incredible! He only has one eye, but it’s equal to the intimidation from 100 people.

“You… So you are Serafi’s friend?”

“Hii! Yes, I am her friend!”

“And nothing more, nothing less.”

“I-I swear, not more, not less!”

Oh, the air suddenly got warm.

Lara-san claps her hands.

“Now now, welcome to Trundle Guild. Since Serafiona-chan herself introduced you, I look forward to it! Welcome! Serafiona-chan, no more talking about him since it’s against the rules! Yes, boyfriend, let’s go to the back dojo!”


That addition awfully stood out.

“Ah, I just said it for the sake of convenience. Don’t be so awkward. Matt, Guild Master, and two more people! Serafiona-chan is acquainted with him so you should wait here. Ah, Guild Master! A promising rookie is here!”

「It’s as noisy as ever.」

“Aren’t everyone just drunk?”

Nick has a swollen face, but he got a D-rank, steel plate. Trundle’s D-rank is equivalent to C-rank in other places. He will be a person with considerable influence now. The area around his eyes is swollen, so it’s hard to tell, but his eyes are sparkling. Good good.

“Nick, what weapon did you use?”

“I only have this weapon.”

The one he showed me is the one-handed sword he fought me with during the entrance exam. More than a year has passed since then, and it’s getting more and more tattered. But… It’s Nick’s partner. I can’t so lightly tell him to buy a new one. However, his D-rank is unfitting of that sword. How should I go about it? Hmm…

“You, I love your guts!”

Mohawk-Matt-kun laughs vigorously. Did Nick desperately clung against him? With that sword no less.

「Certainly, Nick’s way of fighting feels good.」

Lu squints with a smile.

First of all, let’s celebrate this auspicious occasion! I want to toss his body in the air! 


I lifted Nick who seemed to be in a half-drunk state, and ran towards the request board with him in tow.

“……What are you doing?”

“As a form of celebration from me. I’ll go with you. If you’re with me, you can take the B and C-ranked requests. Isn’t that great?”

“No… I’m, I’ll refrain from it today…”

“No way―! That’s isn’t Nick-like at all!”

I slam my hand on Nick’s back. Oh, why isn’t he getting up?

Stand up! Stand up, Nick!

“Oi… You’re going to refuse even though a Lady has invited you?”

“I’m, I’m going…”

“Then, let’s go to a junk bear subjugation!”

“J-junk Bear―!!??”

We borrowed horses from the school and rode this far already, and we dived deep into Trundle Forest.

“You know what, Trundle can only hunt wild animals for sustenance of life and ecological conservation. And this time, it’s for the latter. A stray junk bear entered Trundle Forest and preyed on the rabbits and deers.”

“Serafi… Can’t it not be today?”

“Well, you got a point. But the earlier it is dealt with, the lesser the damage, right?”


“Oh, I found a footprint! This area is… Wait a minute.”


I make a swift whistle.

A few seconds later, the white silver snake… Now nearly one meter in size… Miyu-tan appeared.


“Yohoo! Miyu-tan. Where is the junk bear?”

「Lu-sama, it’s been a long time. Sera-chama, it’s towards the south, about 5 minutes walk from here. Incidentally, it is making sports of a weasel right now. You can leave the horses here.」

“Thank you! This is a souvenir. Eat with the Little Dragon.”

「Thank you, Sera-chama. Please call me anytime! Lu-sama, please take care!」


I hung the wrapped strawberry tart, Miyu-tan’s favourite dish, around her neck and she disappeared into the forest.

I turned around to Nick and said,

“Then, let’s go, as we just heard!”

“I haven’t heard anything!!! Serafi, you talked to the snake. Are you friends?”

“Huh… Nick will also gain all sorts of experience soon… I’m sure you will understand someday…”

I recall the fateful day I met Miyu-tan, and glanced far away.

“Is that so? Will I be able to talk to snakes when I become a B-rank? No, probably not…”

“Okay, we’re ready! Tie the horses here. Nick, be quiet already―――!”

I grab the lazy-a** Nick’s neck and run!


“Target found! I’ll deliver an attack from above, so Nick will stop here for a bit. Then, scatter!”

“Wait! I still haven’t seen it!”

Oh my, this junk bear is the biggest one I’ve seen. It is three meters tall. I can’t use magic because I have Nick with me…

「It would be bad to be exposed here, right?」


I moved to the front of the junk bear and threw two shurikens that are strengthened and poisoned with both hands.



The shurikens penetrated both eyes and pierced a big tree behind. Alright, I destroyed the brain! What?

The junk bear, who lost his sight, struggled and gurgled, then jumped at Nick for some reason!

That’s right, Nick is all bloody!

“Nick―! Sorry―! It’s coming over there―!”


Nick jumps and dodges the sharp claws by a hair’s breadth. Huh, great!

“Don’t just stand there――!!!!”

The Junk Bear still has some reasoning ability. It follows Nick with the smell of blood.


“Which one?”

「Which one indeed. 」

“Nick―, you have to stab the heart― Stab from the front―”


That’s right. It won’t mean anything if Nick himself doesn’t stop it.

Nick put the breaks and dashed towards the Junk Bear’s belly! Now! I fired a lightning strike on the Junk Bear from Nick’s blind spot. The Bear’s movement stopped for a moment!

Which is of course, not something Nick would overlook.


Nick pierced its heart with his Partner Sword.

“We’re back, Lara-san!”

“Welcome back. Oh my? Nick, doesn’t it feel like your soul is leaving you?”

While Lara-san checks out Nick who reeks of medicine, I pull out the junk bear from my <magic room>.

“It’s huge.”

Sieg-old-man came out from the back.

“Nick… Did Serafiona take you on a quest right after the certification?”

“G-guild Master…”

Nick is crying in Sieg-old-man’s chest. Nick, just when did you butter up with the Guild Master? He is not good with uncles, but old people are fine.

“Ha―i! Thank you for completing a B-ranked subjugation quest! The reward this time is 200,000 gold, However, since it is such a big game, there is a 30,000 gold bonus, for a total of 230,000 gold! How do I divide it?”

“Lara-san, Nick 15, me 8, please.”

“Hey, what are you talking about?”

Nick’s eyes widened.

“The price is decided like that because you attacked it as much!”

“That is……”

And I said we were gonna have a celebration. I gave a smile.

“Serafiona-chan. Can I buy this jumbo junk bear?”

“Yes, I brought it back with that intention. But… Can you give the fangs and hands to Nick?”


Nick asks curiously.

“Men will make accessories out of the fangs to commemorate their victory. You can proudly show it to Kodak-sensei. The hands are a delicacy. So, bring it to your parents who have taken care of you thus far. Won’t they be glad.”


“I see, Hime-sama is quite unreasonable today, but I can’t see it in a bad light at all. And the blood and toenails will also go to Nick… Right?”

Sieg-old-man suddenly starts grinning. What? Why?

“Junk bear’s blood contains good iron. Dip a sword in the blood overnight and sharpen it with its claws. Then any and all swords can become as sharp as the national treasures.”

We all glance at the sword in Nick’s sheath.

“Is that so… All of this was, for me?”

“No, not up to that point…”

“Young Lady won’t admit it? You’re so modest!”

No, Matt-kun, I really didn’t know!

“Yes, here is the purchase price. 486,337 gold. The price of the fur soared suddenly. I was lucky. This is also a celebration for Nick-kun from Serafiona-chan, right? Mou. Today really is just your day.”

No way!? Money from selling is supposed to be divided 50/50!!! I also need cash!!!

“It’s a celebration from your Senpai. Be thankful when receiving them. You can return the grace of today to your juniors someday.”

Sieg-old-man! Don’t just make a conclusion on your own!

“Serafi… Thank you…”

Nick holds his first reward in both hands… Biting his lips… Getting teary.

「Don’t worry about it… Sera…」

I too wanna get teary… But I forced a smile.

Because I can only smile… Right?

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