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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 41

Show your true power

“Aldo, look for Eileen!”

Aldo follows my instruction. It will not take much time to explore the floors.

He gave a short bark, and ran down the hallway.

But we moved for only a short distance.

“Stop, Charlotte Oliver―”

Two men blocked the way. They are not friendly.

Their eyes are gleaming as if to support my claim.

But well, I’m not going to simply stand down.


“It’s okay.”

I instruct Win to watch the back. I can’t back down just because of their intimidation!

The men have something like a baton. Those, the sleeping pills, and the gun, where did they bring them from?

――Well, a plausible hypothesis came to mind.

One of the men opens his mouth.

“Charlotte Oliver. Drop down.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

I noticed the air around the men changed.

My skin has goosebumps.

Their hands grab their baton.

And in front of my eyes――




“What are these hit points, reservoir gauges, and item columns!?”

“Well, they are hit points, reservoir gauges, and item columns.”

“Not that! Why do such things exist in an Otome Game?”

I cried out to my Kouhai as the screen changed.

Hit points and weapon gauges are displayed at the top of the screen, and item columns are displayed at the bottom.

Of course I, as Charlotte Oliver can operate the items with my hand, just like in an action game.

Is this mainstream in recent Otome Games?

When I asked that, “no way” my Kouhai replied with a laugh, and continued,

“Eileen’s route is very difficult, and it’s actually the most difficult. There are a lot of enemies, on almost every route, so it’s very difficult. But Senpai, are you good at this?”

“I don’t want to hear that―! Why is there an action element in an Otome Game?”

In addition, the display looks just like the one in an action game I played often.

She replied my question with a cool face,

“It seems the company that developed them is the same.”

“Is that not stupid!?”

I shout at her while retreating and avoiding the attacks.

Tell me something. Don’t just pout your lips.

“By the way, various weapons can be used, but the default is the poker stick.

 ……Is it difficult for Senpai to clear it after all?”

Towards the question she makes with a worried expression――

I drank from the water bottle.

Wipe my lips with the back of my hand.

Then grab the poker stick.

<Poker> is displayed in the item column.

I tried turning it around for a bit.

Not bad.

――And what?

Is it difficult, you asked?

I sit on the floor with one knee up.

I put my body’s center of gravity to the front.

And bring my face closer to the display.

And laugh.

“That’s a stupid question.”

I am holding the poker, while Win has a small handgun, and will support me from behind.

He said that he had a rubber gun for his job as an escort.

Despite it being a rubber gun, firing it at the key moments can more than save lives.

But he suddenly said, “I was not trained for this.”

We just have to not be pushed back by the men here. The servants called by Benedict will soon arrive.

But I shouted to the men.

“Please withdraw if you do not want to be injured!”

A moment’s carelessness meant death.

I take this chance and swing the poker down with more strength than my thin appearance would suggest, and also deprive one man of his consciousness.

I never said I would not hurt them if they stand down though.

“You seemed used to it, Konomi-sama.”

“I hunted a lot of beasts in my hometown.”


I will not say anything further so as not to cause more misunderstandings about Japan.

I prepared my poker stick again.


But I didn’t miss the screams behind me.

Had the man attacking Dominique injured him!?

I turn halfway around towards my left, and then mow to the side. I hit the man on his flank and he rolled down. Aldo ran in and slammed on him.

“Are you okay, Gonneau-senpai?”

He sat on the floor and looked up at me. His eyes are moist. His cheeks are dyed pink.

He puts a fist made with his right hand to his mouth, and sigh,

“Haa, I love you.”

“It’s good if you’re safe. I’m going.”

He must have said something strange because of the shock, but I think that there is no problem since he isn’t knocked out!

I asked a nearby servant to tend to him, and ran.

How long did we run―

We arrived in front of a huge door, and Aldo barked at it.

The outside seen through the window is already dark.

I open the door without hesitation.

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[Charlotte Oliver] (You can change the name.)

The heroine. The Oliver house’s only daughter, and a gentle girl. She lived in her hometown, the rural town of Lice, but decided to go to school with Lord Oliver’s persuasion, “Please get in touch with many people and opportunities.”

What changes would her calm and lively days meet?

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[Eileen Aldington]

Charlotte’s classmate. The only daughter of Lord Aldington.

Possesses golden hair and a well-shaped face. She looks like a work of art, but the rumors about her aren’t very good.

What does that say regarding her personality? 

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This time too, only the tips change.


[Winston Hawkyard]

A servant of the Aldington family. Mainly responsible for the care of Eileen.

Although he has a serious personality, he seems to be doing well with Eileen.

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[Cedric Lewis]

Charlotte Oliver’s childhood friend. A Senpai and second grader at Fitzgerald Private School.

He is like an older brother who cares about Charlotte since childhood. He is occasionally too overprotective.

Influenced by his mother, a world-renowned pianist, he is also striving on the path to be a musician.

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[Dominique Gonneau]

A third-year student at Fitzgerald Private School.

He has the talent of a gamer and successor of a successful game company. He is good enough to compete in the world backgammon tournament. His attitudes change significantly depending on the outcome of the game.

Although very selfish, he is very popular with female students because of his looks.

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[Marlowe Brown]

A mathematics teacher at Fitzgerald Private school.

Although his discipline is strict, he is popular among both men and women because of his gentle manners and easy-to-understand classes.

He has lost his wife due to illness and seems to be looking for the protagonist who looks like her.

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[Louis Ford]

A first-year high school student at Fitzgerald private school.

He has an older brother and older sister who doted on him so much that he is a bit ignorant of the ways of the world. He likes animals and has a gentle heart.

He has a small build and a “cute” face. He works hard for the things that matter.

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[Benedict / The Fiorenti Royal Family]

The third Prince of the Fiorenti royal family. He is the third in line to succeed the throne.

He repeatedly behaves freely under the idea that his two older brothers are there to climb to the throne, and his aides have always winced on his actions from day to day.

Although he is a self-proclaimed “prodigal son,” few people know of his true face.

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