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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 3 Part 47

I was called to a ‘Secret Special Training(?)’

It is after the morning classes, and I’m having lunch! Autumn leaves are fluttering in a dazzle outside the window.

<Messenger magic> that looks like a paper plane is flying towards me. Enrique’s magic is a butterfly, and it’s not from anyone in Granzeus either. But <messenger magic> would not open unless the recipient had magic.

So that means, it is addressed to me.

I casually reach out of the window and grab it. I put it on my knees and opened it by imbuing my magic.

『Come to the martial arts hall after school』

It’s summoning me!

It’s here―!

The situation I yearned for. Is it for a bullying that will happen behind the gymnasium where I’m told, “you’ve been quite brazen lately”? No, won’t it instead be the, “Serafiona-san! I’ve always liked you! Please go out with me!” situation?

Kyaa! It finally happened in my second life…

“Serafi, you broke into an unpleasant smile all of a sudden. Let’s go to the dining hall.”

“W-wait, Alma-chan!”

“Serafiona-kun! I can’t wait!”

I drop my shoulders. It’s an uncle once again!

I was summoned by His Excellency Avenger! It’s as usual, how magnificent… His head… How dazzling…

「It’s such a shame, Sera.」

Lu, why are you trembling on top of my head? You’re laughing, aren’t you?

His Excellency is not in military uniform today, but in a white shirt and khaki pants. Without the elaborate medals on his shoulder, he unexpectedly looks young.

“It’s been six months since you’ve entered school, or eight months? Have you gotten used to the school? How about making friends? What is your major? You don’t have classes right now, right?”

“Thank you very much for your concern. I’ve made a sweetheart friend and a sunshine friend. My major is the bow. I have achieved full mastery on the dagger and one-handed sword on the last inspection. Grandmother is not here today.”

Only the last answer is actually important.

“Okay, that’s good…”

You know, there’s no need to be so nervous.

“So, what magic can Serafiona-kun use?”

“Four basic elements and life magic taught by my Father.”

The setting is that I have acquired magic recently, I am the daughter of Granzeus with great affinity for magic after all. However, it would feel like a lie if I had not practised magic at all, so I don’t forget to casually involve Father in this. After that, I casually set up a magic net around the building. I will notice as soon as someone gets close.

“T-that’s right, so you can use magic to some extent, and we can proceed with it.”


“Great! Now let’s talk about <magic swordsman>!”

How exciting!

“The <magic swordsman> I thought of is to coat magic on a one-handed sword, increase its power, generating magic by swinging the sword, and attacking the opponent.”


“It’s no wonder that you can’t just imagine it. I’ll try it. Here I go!”

His Excellency coats magic on his one-handed sword. Water element. The sword is slightly bluish and moisture forms on it.

“When I swing this sword, here!”

His Excellency does a practice-swing. The sword goes -kin- and water splashed.

“How is it? Beautiful, right? If this is from a magician with more magic power, the instantaneously created wave from the swing will strike and destroy the enemies. A single soldier can do the job of a hundred.”



“It seems that lightning can be triggered by advancing water magic. A lightning magic sword is my dream. An enemy several kilometers away will be shocked and stunned in an instant. And wars can be resolved without the need of bloodshed. I want to reach that realm in my life.”

The eyes of His Excellency Avenger are glittering like he is a boy.

「Sera… Tell him already. I can’t take this.」

Lu looks up at the ceiling as if he is in pain.

I sighed quietly and raised my face.

“Your Excellency.”

“Hmm? Did you understand even a little bit of it?”

“How do I say this?”

“What is, what is?”

“It has already been put into practical use a few years ago.”


“For details, go see <Episode 19: Advanced to the semifinals>.”

(TN: 4th wall break. lol)





“It’s, it’s true…”

(TN: What! Did he actually go and read it? lol)

His Excellency Avenger falls on his knees.

“That match wasn’t a secret, it took place in front of a huge audience. So I guess, the idea of coating swords with lightning magic isn’t a foreign concept. Though, it may be a bit difficult to imagine it without actually seeing it……”

“T-that’s true, but a magic sword is no use for one who only has excellent magical talents! One must have excellent sword skills!”

“That’s true, but some schools also have those with excellent talents in martial arts.”

“Are you―?”

“…My Older Brother, do you know whose grandson he is?”

“…Colonel Elsa.”

His Excellency Avenger is about to cry.

“Speaking of the magic tournament at this time, the top four would probably use magic swords. Didn’t you share new techniques with the academy?”

“Hahaha. I don’t. I make it a rather confidential subject. Even to the people on the same military defense division of the country… I feel ashamed to face the new generation.”

He looks a little pitiful.

“I’ll grant you your dreams anyway, Your Excellency! Cheer up!”

I take a dagger out of my thigh holder, swing it diagonally up to the right, and coat lightning magic on it.


Amber sparks cover the short blade.


“Here I go! Hyaah!”

I swing my sword down.

-bachi- -bachi- -bachi- -bachin-!!!

Lightning-storm rains in the martial arts hall… While avoiding the area where me and His Excellency are.


-pororin- tears are spilling from His Excellency’s eyes.

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