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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 44

True end and last words

The bullet I fired hit Cedric’s right shoulder, and the servants of the palace seized him and took him away. Meanwhile, Eileen did not leave me.

The officials left the room, and Win followed to explain the situation.

I comforted Eileen and slowly stroked her back, feeling sorry for the unreasonable violence.

“Eileen. It’s over.”

“……I know.”

Replied Eileen, as she moved her head, which was buried on my chest, and turned sideways.

“What the hell was that…? I was standing in the bathroom when the escort suddenly fell down, and I fell unconscious. Then I returned to my body when I woke up, having a gun pointed at me, and Charlotte Oliver came running in……”

“I’m extremely sorry.”

Eileen’s shock is reasonable.

But at last, she smiled.

However, it doesn’t seem like she can just accept my apology. She scowled at me and said,

“And somehow, my neck hurts so much!”

“That’s gotta be a serious matter.”

It is due to my carelessness.

I apologized once more to her, who seems to be holding her anger.

“So you, what’s going on here? Explain it briefly.”


That’s a rather difficult task.

I explained how things get to the current situation, trying to reduce the unnecessary parts, and talked about what I know.

“So many things happened. I was able to return home once. And when I came back here, things were already like this.”

“At home…? You went back to Japan?”

“Yes. Right now, I’m somehow moving Charlotte from Japan, using remote operation.”

“Remote operation…?”

“Well, you don’t have to think too hard. Since I forcibly returned to this world this time, things turned out this way.”

It doesn’t matter who I am inside at this time. But there is something else important. So―

“I’m glad you helped me.”

She doesn’t seem to like saying that all that much. Her cheeks blushed, and she looked down with a -hmph-.

She looks sullen, but doesn’t seem to be angry this time.

“Well, it’s okay. I’ll complain a lot to you until I’m satisfied. Konomi, bring Win here. Take me home――”

She stopped midway, and gasped.

Her words continued without having to ask what happened.

“You, your body…”

“Hmm…? Ah!”

White light is seeping out from my skin. I don’t know what it is, but I can understand what’s going to happen.

“It’s the end.”

The end of the scenario.

Or rather, this game.

“Konomi, you”

Eileen’s face is distorted sadly.

There’s no one here but me that will make her look like that.

“I have a limited time to stay here. I have to go home once again――”


She squeezed my arms without waiting for me to finish my words.

She used so much strength it even felt painful.

But such a thing like making the player remain in this world, I can’t do anything about that.

“……You’re my servant. Do you think you’re allowed to leave without my permission?”

“I’m very sorry. But I’ve borrowed this body for far too long.”

I understand what Eileen wants to say. However, this is the natural course of events.

So I don’t give a reply to her question. I just apologize with a wry smile.

“Everything was just a bad dream, Eileen. I hope you’ll do well in future.”

“Can you not understand what I’m saying? I hate you!”

She never listened to others. She tried to bring about whatever she wanted.

She is definitely the Villainess Young Lady, Eileen.

“Because, I, I want to be with you for a little longer.”

A little longer ― she said.

Large tears dropped from her beautiful eyes.

I wanted her, if possible, to smile at the end.

It seems that is too much a luxury to hope for.

She takes my hand and says,

“Okay? Konomi, Konomi… Please――”

And Eileen says her last words to the player.


-pachi- -pachi- -pachi-

My Kouhai gave me an applause as the credits began to roll on the blacked-out screen.

“Congratulations, you are the first player to reach the true end on Eileen’s Route. As expected of Senpai.”

“I’m tired…”

I threw the gun―― The game console I am holding, and flopped down on the floor.

Each and every part of this game is a production that touches my heart.

More than half of the characters that lived in that world have emotions… So I’m deeply moved.

And above all,

“Is this really the true end…?”


My Kouhai humming to the ending theme turned to me.

“Did you say something?”


I shook my head, saying that it was nothing.

My neck still felt a bit sore.

The end credits keep rolling.

And at the end, there is a Special Thanks that reads,

「And YOU! ――Thanks For Playing」

What a pretentious complement.

‘Terrible bastards,’ I cursed in my heart.

“I’m going home. Thank you for the equipment and software.”


The old automatic clock on the wall makes a -koron- sound.

I’ve heard that a Senpai in a certain circle won it at a game tournament, but I’m not sure what game it was.

There are six classes today. I can still attend some classes, but I don’t have the energy for that today.

I return the software to my Kouhai and put the game console in my bag.

“I’m leaving.”

“Thank you for your time today―”

I opened the clubroom door after exchanging the default greetings with her.

This heavy, painted door never changed.

The 「OPEN」 board, that informs the state of occupancy of the room, is swaying in the wind.

The warm wind, peculiar to spring, is blowing through the old corridor. We have entered a new season. But then again, nothing is that different from yesterday.

Let’s go to class tomorrow.

I will forget everything tomorrow, I go home with such determination in my heart.

But I can’t help thinking about it again――

Eileen’s last words.

――”Don’t go.”


 Route NO. 0??? [Eileen Aldington / t?kor??e?-ty?p] END

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