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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Chapter 3 Part 50

Received a screening for promotion

I knew that I would be able to breathe a little easier if I entered the Knights School. And since the story started from Maribelle’s side, things seemed irrelevant and unrelated to me for now.

So, for the moment, I can only get stronger and save money.

I went to the guild during breaks from studies and received requests to earn money.

Using my savings, I will then purchase tents, raincoats, armor and other goods to prepare for my adventures in the future, and store them in my <magic room> in preparation for a “solitary life”. Things that are more convenient to use are quite expensive, and my savings quickly bottomed out.

Papa will help me if I speak to him. However, since we do not know if the house too will fall in the future, he will have to save money. If the events are <forced compelled> to follow the novel… The family who shelters a condemned daughter would not be safe.

Therefore, I went to receive requests again and again.

I occasionally rode on Lu and moved far away, collecting rare materials which may come handy in the future, and looking for the whereabouts of <Genbu>. The whole country has been explored already.

To search abroad, I need to cross borders. But I’m a chicken unlike Older Brother, so it’s absolutely impossible to smuggle myself over. Legally crossing national borders requires a lot of troublesome procedures, and the fact that an aristocratic daughter is often leaving the country can be deemed suspicious. For now, I don’t want to be conspicuous and tell everyone, “I’m here.”

This is the limit of what I can do for now.

If I am an A-rank adventurer however, I can cross borders just by showing the gold plate and enter any country without prying eyes on me. At A-rank, the guild’s rewards will increase even more than it is now, and when I’m shopping, I can purchase at a preferential price that exists for A-rank adventurers. I can also purchase dangerous chemicals.

Although the introduction is quite long, yes, I’m at the familiar Trundle guild.

I, Serafiona G, came to be evaluated for a promotion to A-rank!

“Pardon me―!”

“You’re here, Serafiona.”

Sieg-old-man greeted me with a smile.

“The preparation is done. Show your strength.”

On entering the dojo, I saw Grandmother, who is an examiner, sitting gracefully in a silver-gray dress. Sieg-old-man moves next to her. Lu swiftly jumped from my shoulder and landed on Grandmother’s lap.

Basically, neither judging nor the opponents for the tests can be relatives or teammates. However, there are currently only a few S-rank and A-rank adventurers in Trundle because of the severe requirements, and nobody thinks she would be biased to me, so the guild’s executive committee seems to have accepted it. She wants me to be truly strong. Otherwise, she won’t poison me, who is her granddaughter.

My opponent is S-rank, Gilbert-san. Gil-san is one of Trundle’s top-ranked adventurers.

He looks at me with gentle eyes as usual.

“Serafi, come at me with all your strength!”

I nodded and held a dagger in both hands.

“Young Lady―! Do your best―!”

“Serafi―! Go―!”

“Serafi―chan―! Fight―!”

“Young Lady―! End it in one shot―!”

At the corner of my eyes, I can see Matt-san, Nick, Lara-san, and Kodak-sensei at the gallery. It is a celebration-worthy event for the guild to be screening B-ranks or higher. Therefore, guild members can watch the match. A high ranker shouldn’t be distracted by things going on at the gallery.


Gil-san drew a long one-handed sword, and when he gripped it hard, -burun- the blade shook. Magic power is coated on the sword. See that, Your Excellency Avenger!? There is a magic swordsman here too!

Gil-san takes two steps towards me and swings his right hand. I jump back and dodge. I misjudge the length of the sword’s reach, and a stream of blood flows from my cheek and froze instantly. Snow dances on his blade.

It’s too cool! Snow is cool, not ice! I will definitely learn this technique.

If the other party is snow… Then I should respond by…

I coated my daggers with magic and use a technique of my own.

I dashed in a zigzag, turned around when I was on Gil-san’s left side, and kicked his throat. I did not break through the guard from both his arms, but I struck his sword with the dagger on my right.

-gachin-! -jushin-!

My dagger is coated with fire magic and is hot. Gil-san’s snow sword emits steam immediately. A thick fog floated around. I swing my right hand, this time locking his sword with both daggers, and knocking the blade from both sides.


The snow sword broke, unable to withstand the sudden temperature change and strain caused by the two hot daggers.


Gil-san doesn’t see me amidst the fog, while I use <infrared scope> magic and can see. I can sew whether it’s in the dark or through this fog.

I silently jumped and sat on his shoulder. The so-called shoulder-ride.

“Se-Serafi! From where?”

I wrap my feet around his neck and tightened. If I were to compare it with my previous life, it is a triangle-choke from behind, and a standing version at that.

Why do I know of such a technique? My younger brother, who used to be crying and chasing after me in my previous life, became an unrefined juvenile judo-kid a dozen years later.

I change the angle of my right leg and knees to tighten further.

“Gil-san, give up?”

“That’s not it! This move is crazy! Stop it!”

He can still talk. But his face is so red that it surprised me. I also use my right arm to strangle him.

“How about now?”

“How you asked? Your chest is hitting me this time! Stop it! I’ll be killed!”

How rude! I won’t kill Gil-san! But the match doesn’t seem to have been decided yet.

I wrapped my left arm over his face, obstructed his vision, and dropped my neck to the left to make him fall down.

His face hits my chest.

“Serafi―!!!! No more clinging―!!!!”

Gil-san, why the scream? The viewers in the gallery finally make a fuss.

“Hey Gilbert, what’s going on!”

“Sh*t! I can’t see anything in the fog!”

“Serafiona-chan! Serafiona-chan!”

“Se-Serafi! Pull yourself together――!”

No, Nick, I’m still pretty sane, okay?

“The Devil, this time, for sure, will, kill, me…”

Gil-san suddenly fell backwards.


My butt hurts!

“Serafiona! Clear the fog now!!!”

Grandmother’s shout echoes out loud. How unusual. What is it already…?

I cast thunder magic like static electricity into the air.

The fog disappeared.

I look up at Grandmother and Sieg-old-man, while still squeezing Gil-san’s neck, with my hands and legs strangling him. Since I want to be promoted, I need to keep holding it.

Grandmother and Sieg-old-man have a pale blue face.

“What’s wrong with you?”

The two examiners alternately looked at me and Gil-san… And they suddenly release killing intent with a demon-like face.

“Serafiona, get away from Gilbert”

“Huh? Grandmother, the match is still…”

“It’s fine already!!”

I reluctantly released Gil-san because Grandmother said that much. I thought I would have to win in a one-on-one.

As soon as I moved away, Kodak-san, who was in the gallery, jumped and ran at an impossible speed to deliver a kick to the fainted Gil-san. Wow! Raw Rider-Kick!

(TN: From Kamen rider I guess)


Gil-san hits a wall.


“Gilbert! What do you think you are doing to the Young Lady !!”

No… Did he not just faint?

Unexpectedly, Matt-san, Nick, and Lara-san joined along. Everyone looks so scary when they get angry. They look like the local bullies of this area!

“Gilbert! I’ve misjudged you! To have the Young Lady’s leg tightened around you!”

“Gilbert-san! Even though I respected you, on Serafi’s chest, on her chest…”

“No―! Serafiona-chan’s fairy-like face has been, m-m-marred!”

“……Step aside.”

Kya―! The Great Devil Sieg-old-man descends!!! He has a dark whirlwind on his back!

The Great Devil, Sieg-old-man, grabbed the stunned Gil-san’s neck and dragged him out.

“………Grandmother, Lu, what was that?”

“Haa… Serafi-chan. We will forbid the strangling technique in the future.”


「It’s not… Suitable for Sera. And it’s for everyone’s peace.」

I don’t understand at all.

And thus, I became my long-cherished A-rank, Gold Plate holder.

……But why? Why can’t I honestly feel glad about it?

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