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Auto Assigned Villainess Chapter 45

Ⅵ Villainess Young Lady (Tokoroten-type)

Our beloved Villainess Young Lady

“Ah! Senpai, Good morning.”

It has been three days since I returned from that world.

And today, I went to school for just one lecture.

――But neither students nor professors entered the classroom. When I went to see the bulletin board, I discover an A4 paper that stated, “Classes cancelled”

My Kouhai coincidentally passed by, seeing me glaring as if I’m bearing a grudge.

She then looked at the notice board, which I kept glaring at, like I’ve met my partent’s killers, and said, “Oh Dear! My condolences,” as if to make fun of me. 

I guess, about 90% of her comments are so?

“In that case, shall we play a game at the club room again?”

“No, I’m going to a game center in Shinjuku. I felt a bit… Fed up, playing portable games these days.”

“Hee, how unusual.”

I’m fed up, or rather, is this a trauma?

Three days have passed since then, yet Eileen’s crying face is still burning on the back of my eyelids, and everytime I hold the game console, I will be filled with guilt.

I will eventually forget that face and that world― But still.

It will be in my mind for a good while, I thought to myself.

It will last for, at the very least, until this lingering feeling cools down. One year…? Six months…? Three months? No…

“Three more days.”

“Isn’t that too short?”

Next week, 『Patronize』 a new work from my favourite title will be released.

“Ah, umm, if you’re up to it,”


“If you’d like, please play this.”

As soon as she said that, she put her hand in her bag and rummaged through it. After a while, she seems to have found what she is looking for.

My Kouhai thrust her hand out toward me, and I reflexively stretched my palm out to receive it. A small card dropped from her hand.

Game software?

“It’s a sequel to 『Promised Fortune』”


Is it out in series?

She struggled a bit before she answered my question, a asked with a wry smile,

“Wasn’t it interesting?”

“Eh… umm”

I crossed my arms and groaned when she asked if it was interesting… Well, it definitely wasn’t boring.

She seems to have taken my ambiguous response as an affirmation.

“I know, right!?” She said with shining eyes, and continued,

“The second work has more mystery solving elements than the first one, and the number of capture targets have also increased. Of course, the capture targets from the previous one are still there. But the designs and facial expressions of the characters, facilities and items have been greatly improved. And then――”

I guess she really likes this series. She starts crazily talking about it.

Honestly, I’m not very interested, but I want to at least listen to her since I’m her Senpai.

She suddenly started the presentation of 『Promised Fortune Ⅱ ~The Secret of the School and the Mystery of Love~”』 which I have no choice but to listen to, and nod every now and then.

……When I felt I was getting bored, something in her story finally caught my interest.

“And, that’s right. I think this is because of the popularity of the previous work,”


“How do I say it!? Depending on the route, the previous Villainess, Eileen Aldington, will become the Heroine’s partner.”


I stare at the little software in my hands.

Eileen Aldington. ――She never stopped calling me her servant till the end.

If she lives happily in that world, even after the story ends,

I might like to see it.

“That’s pretty interesting. I’ll play it.”


I grip my right hand lightly.

“Thank you,” My Kouhai said with a joyful laugh.

“Then, I’ll be borrowing it.”

“Yes. I hope you have a good Otome Game life.”

Me and my Kouhai shook hands and broke up.

I can go to the game centre anytime.

I came to school today on a train, but I ended up doing nothing.

I started the game in a clubroom where there is no one else――

……What, no, well.

I thought it was possible.

It would be a lie if I said I didn’t expect it.

“Yeah, uh, well…… Yeah.”

But, no way, ‘it’ really happened!

The place in front of me is the familiar school gate. I am on my butt on the ground, and a black car is parked behind me.

Golden hair is flowing down on my chest, and what I’m wearing is a little too over-decorated uniform.

……My appearance is slightly reflected on the car door that has been polished till there isn’t a speck of dirt on it.

“Did something happen, Young Lady?”

A right hand, wrapped in white gloves, is presented in front of me.

Looking up, following the hand, I once again saw the face of someone I’m familiar with.

Just for an instant, he looked at me suspiciously, but he seems to have noticed me too.



But there is a voice calling me before he does.

Looking over, a girl who sits on the ground like me is staring over―― The main character, Charlotte Oliver……


The Villainess Young Lady, Eileen Aldington.

She jumped up and ran at full speed to stand in front me.

Out of breath, she looks down at me with a stunned face.

“Konomi… Is that you……?”

Her eyes are teary.

I returned a smile.

“Do pardon me, but I’ve come again.”


She sat down in front of me, with a teary face, and a sobbing voice.

She seems to have been doing fine above all―― Faster than I could say my greetings.


She grabbed my shoulders, and shook me back and forth while complaining,

“You once again popped me out of my body―― No, I’ll close my eyes on that this time. But the other day, you returned home without my permission.”

“Oh, no, um, sorry, this, shaking.”

“We have met at last, today, I will not forgive you! Be prepared for that!”

“Aah, I apologize, but, Eile, stop, shaking, I’m getting drunk.”

“She was crying for three days and three nights after that, the Young Lady.”

“You, be quiet, Win!”

She moved away from me, and the shaking finally stopped. I take a deep breath――

It feels strangely sweet.

“Konomi!? It’s Konomi!! You’re back, Konomi! Is this the power of our love!?”

“Oh, my sweet little sister, Gokigen’ You―― Do-Dominique-sama!?”

(TN: This is Isabella, in case you’re confused)

“Konomi, how have you been? There’s something I really wanted to ask of you once again, I’ll send you an invitation to the meeting――”

“Oi, d*mn you! Shut up!”

The officials began to hear the noise me and Eileen makes, and they began to gather around.

Regardless of whether they’re new faces to me or not, they did all the same.

Good grief, it won’t calm down so easily at all. When I felt like holding my head in frustration,

“Everyone seems to have something to say to you.”

A girl shook off all the noise.

-gyu- And she grabbed my arm.

“But first of all, you’ll listen to my orders, Konomi! No matter what I say, because――”

She has a self-satisfied and triumphant look. Even if I don’t hear her words that followed, I can tell.

But I still listen to her nonetheless.

Our beloved “Villainess Young Lady” ― Eileen Aldington.

We’ve already built great trust towards each other―― And she makes a very selfish declaration.

“―――You are my servant!”

And thus, the story (game) begins anew.


AN: Osomatsusamadeshita

TN: ⇈ Thanks for the meal ⇈ ― a very humble way of saying it.

And so, the main story has ended. There is an extra arc though, the Christmas event for the game. Please read that too.

Honesty, I won’t mind there being more chapters to this novel. I really like Eileen.

Stay safe everyone.

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