Chapter 0

*The comments stated below are from related persons to the character.

Let’s talk about domestic affairs.
Butler: “Excuse me, could you please think of a budget?”
“Yes, of course, it’s important to. That’s why let’s talk about it and then discuss it with everyone.”
“Let’s persuade the townspeople to start producing something.”
A shop owner:” I don’t hate this, if possible, let’s come up with an idea in half a year.” “Please come anytime.”
“Please feel free to negotiate freely.”
An administrator: “Doesn’t this seem overkill?”
“Let’s take care of it if it’s requested”
From the administrator: “Trivial stuff is… no, I’m the one who requested it, I don’t have any complaints.”
“Let’s look for excellent subordinates.”
From an employee: “Thank you for saving me. I will work for you for 25 years.”
‘Let’s give a meal to a cute child.”
From an aristocratic lady: “Everyone eats very well. I really look forward to the new dishes.”
From an employee: “A delicious scent is wafting in from the kitchen.”

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