Chapter 1

Translator: Darling | Editor: Darling

Authors Note:


After reading several novels I wanted to try writing one myself. I decided to write a simple story about a protagonist who lives his life transmigrating into another world.

I would be pleased if you could give it a read.

A slightly chilly wind is blowing and there is a man walking in the forest.

Even though we say forest, it is actually a hilly slope. There is clear visibility with a flat plain visible far ahead and the summit visible behind.

The man is wearing a long coat with a suit.

“Where am…I?”

Surprised, amazed, scared…even though he is simply standing he seems to be taking in the surroundings.

Let me think about my actions until now.

As usual, I left for work in the morning, I drew some drawings, responded to the inquiries of the customers, had a meeting with the boss and the employees, etc.

It was business as usual.

Then after doing some overtime work, I went for a few drinks with some colleagues. The first stop was a skewered chicken shop, then we went to a bar where we had to stand and drink.

There were still 4 trains till the last train and I remember falling asleep as I sat down on the seat.

Then I woke up here.

“I don’t know the reason, anyway, for now, let’s check the contents of my bag”

Inside my shoulder bag, there are some leftover tea, various snacks…? Snacks? Someone must have put those in…

My cellphone, business card, lighter, cigarettes…other than the snacks the contents are as usual.

My cellphone doesn’t have any signals so let’s switch it off.

Now, where should I go? Can I go to a town?

Upwards? Downwards?

As I was thinking, suddenly there was a sound from the bushes.


‘Gasaaa Gasaaa!’


My body was frozen, is it a boar? A monkey?

What should I do?

I have often seen this on television but I never imagined that I would face one in real life.

‘Gasaa Gasaa Gasa Gasaa!’

It’s coming!

I become pale any feet are fidgeting but I must see what’s going to come out.

I stared towards the direction of the sound.



A white-haired old man with a splendid beard and a tired face came out of the bushes.

Batan………….I fell down.


What’s going on?

Authors Note: Thank you for reading so far. I am still not sure about where I want to take this but I will clearly think about it. There are many novels with a transmigration theme and this may or may not resemble them. In case it does, please do understand that it is not my intention to imitate or copy. Thank you for your kind understanding.

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