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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 13

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

After some flickering, Ye Zan got the alchemy hall, not for power, but for his own convenience. However, he was not that diligent of a person as he would not really bow down for such a thing. 

    It was very clear to Ye Zan that in order to truly gain a foothold in this world, what was more important was actually to have strength. If the foundation of the Yu Qing Sect was strong, but Ye Zan didn’t have enough strength, even if his seniority was high, no one would really take him seriously.

    When leaving the alchemy hall, Ye Zan took a lot of herbs mainly used to prepare the alchemy pills. Although there was a method of preparation, but it was a local method that was more convenient for Ye Zan to prepare by himself. In addition to the herbs used to prepare Qiqidan, there were several other types of herbs, each for the purpose of studying genetic modification.

    Yes, genetic modification.

    Ye Zan was not a spiritual planter, and he naturally did not use the methods of a spiritual planter, he just wanted to make the herbs grow better. Transgenic technology was very mature in the world of science and technology. Not to mention plant genetic modification, gene medicines used by people are all over the streets, and even some underground illegal places have gene synthesis orcs.

    Therefore, using genetically modified technology to optimize the genes of these herbs was not difficult. Of course, this work did not include simple calculations, and may also require some cultivation experiments. After all, the plants in this world were different from the technology world.

    However, genetically modified things were completely handled by the brain. With so many devices and so many robots in the laboratory, Ye Zan didn’t have to operate everything by himself.

    For more than ten days, Ye Zan relied on the ultimate pill and reached level two, but he was still a beginner in Qi practicing.

“How long will it take for me to be successful?” After the practice, Ye Zan, who was not very satisfied with the results, came to ask Mo Rushi.

“Well…” Mo Rushi hesitated for a while, and said: ” It should be about five years.”

   That was actually not very long. It was quite normal for teenagers to spend five years or so to reach the highest level. Unless they were geniuses, it took one year to reach the highest level of Qi practicing, two years of foundation building, three years…

    But Ye Zan didn’t have that patience.

    In the world of technology, even in the interstellar age, people lived fast-paced lives. It took five years to cultivate Qi, just like playing online games for five years before leaving Novice Village. People from any technological world couldn’t possibly accept such a slow pace.

    However, there are not many ways to think about it. The Yu Qing Sect also did not have magic elixirs, and the ultimate pills were already the best. Ye Zan thought about it, licked his lower lip, and asked, “Old Mo, do we have geniuses?”

    “Oh, with the current situation of the Yu Qing Sect, even the genius disciples won’t stay here.” Mo Rushi looked a little embarrassed.

  “Even the talent…” Ye Zan was not too disappointed, because when he asked, he didn’t have any hope, but then he asked again: “Then, do you know the geniuses in other Sects? I mean those who spend one or two years and reach the highest level of Qi practicing?”

    Elder Mo didn’t know what Ye Zan wanted to do, but since he asked about it, he still had to answer it seriously. So he thought for a while and said: “Well, there are still some famous geniuses in our Sect actually. Although they are not as exaggerated as you said, they can be regarded as the dragon and the phoenix among the people.”

    “Forget it, I don’t care about who they are anymore. I will ask you something else, can you get one for me?” Ye Zan asked impatiently.

    “Ah?” Elder Mo suddenly turned dumb, staring blankly at Ye Zan, his face puzzled.

    “I mean, can you catch me a genius? ” Ye Zan had to repeat it and emphasized his own requirements.

    Elder Mo Da smiled bitterly, and at the same time asked with some reluctance: “Uncle, don’t say what you want to do first. As for those geniuses, they are the treasure of the Sect. It’s really hard for me to catch one for you.”

    “It’s really not easy to handle.” Ye Zan frowned, holding his chin in his hand, looking very distressed.

    Indeed, Ye Zan’s original plan was to ask Elder Mo to catch a genius, study it carefully, and make a genetic medicine out of his own technological strength. This was what he thought of when he was doing plant genetic modification. 

    This was not a delusion. The optimization of human genes in the technological world was no longer new technology. It was just that in the world of science and technology, genetic optimization ignored the consideration of cultivation. After all, the meridian and acupuncture points in the technology world were called pseudo-science.

  In this world, Ye Zan already knew that the meridian and acupuncture points and the body actually had two sides. Like a piece of paper, the front was drawn with a physical body that can be detected by conventional techniques, and the reverse side of the paper had a real meridian hole that cannot be detected. 

    The meridian and acupuncture points do not exist independently, but are attached to the flesh and grow together with the flesh. 

    “Grand Uncle, I wonder if you can tell me, do you have any plans?” Elder Mo asked cautiously, with some worry in his eyes.

    “Nothing, just want to study and see what kind of genius it is,” Ye Zan said indifferently.

    Ye Zan spoke very casually, but Elder Mo, who heard the words, suddenly became very frightened, and almost begged, saying: “Uncle, don’t do anything, how can we do this evil thing? Please think twice before your leap. Or my Sect will surely be destroyed!”

    “Okay, I’m scaring you like that, but you can just catch a genius, and I can get some blood from him without hurting his life.” Ye Zan was helpless. It seemed that Mo Rushi could not help him with that so he had to think of a way.

    After speaking, Ye Zan waved his hand and stood up very angrily and went outside.

    However, when Ye Zan walked to the door, Elder Mo suddenly said again: “Grand Uncle, please wait a moment.”

    “Yes?” Ye Zan stopped in his tracks.

    “If this matter is really important to you, and as you said, it just needs a little blood and will not harm their lives, then you don’t need to catch these geniuses,” Elder Mo Da hesitantly said as he carefully watched Ye Zan’s expression.

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