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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 85

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 85

Marshe is reborn

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The guilds’ staff were inefficient when they just stood back up, everything was pretty much in chaos, but after 2 months, it began to really take off. From here on, whether or not they will be accepted by the Adventurers Guilds of other countries will depend on their hard work and sincerity.

I was reassured by the guild staff that they will strictly conform to confidentiality, so I showed my plates to the staff of Tokyun’s third guild in the dining hall of the boarding house I am in.

“It’s not just any gold, but T-Trundle???”

Yashiro, a new guild staff member, who was a regular visitor to the dining room and former C-ranked adventurer, proclaimed in shock.

“My love… Just when I thought I’m a step closer, I finally realised that the hurdles are way way higher…”

“So you have such great skille… I didn’t have to worry at all in that case.”

Yoko-san has a bitter smile on her face. It seems that Yoko-san, who is very familiar with this line of business, knew well just what Trundle signifies.

“What’s that―!? You were actually so great―!?”

Junko-san, a sexy beauty with a flashy look but actually having a serious personality, exclaimed. She seems to have been fired when she wanted to do the guild’s business seriously. She, if possible, wanted to take down the ○Qaeda-like organisation around the bar here!

The three of them are the main staff working in the guild here.

This concluded my activity as the lead reformist on this topic, so I am now allowed to openly accept requests through the guild, which would then be reflected in the career record of Serafiona・G. Unless one has great records of experience, achievements, and 100% completion rate of requests, one will not be able to go for the next promotion. Next rank is S. There is no way I would keep having my gold plate, and the platinum plate from Ghilane, on the platinum chain that Papa had given me!

My aim is to become an S-ranked adventurer!

I kept working on Lu and the guilds’ requests, trying to attain <hot sand>, and spending my days making cakes. The days gradually warmed up and flowers blossomed, and then, the trees turned green once again. Early summer has arrived.

An invitation letter arrived from Tabuchi-san on a morning with a refreshing breeze.

『The new government will finally be launched this weekend. The country will be receiving the aid of some great power, making the country be under it while still be maintaining some autonomy. Please come to the signing ceremony and the follow-up party.』

「What I don’t get is, what benefit is there for the ‘great power’?」

“Maybe, after accepting a lot of aid from the great power, the great power will deal with the political matters, and if the economy here stabilizes, they will be paid back with interest for the aid? Or maybe like, a military alliance? ‘You should join us in battles!’? Or, ‘send soldiers!’? “

In this world, excluding irregularities like me, numbers are power.

「Which country are they receiving aid from in the first place?」

“It seems that they would only be revealing it at the last minute. Or maybe they feared that a riot would occur. Well, they are stripping off the position of Tabuchi-san as per the amendment after all. Also, Marshe is lacking iron ore right now… So I guess they would be from around the western part of the continent, Denbre, or Gunsrail?”

「Hmm. So, the party, does Sera want to go there?」

“You can’t be serious? I am the one who brought Marshe to ruin in the first place! Or rather, I’m not interested!”

And it is other people’s problems after all.

「Would you like to go see the results of Miyu’s training this weekend when it will be getting noisy here?」


I contacted Tabuchi-san via the guild, and was making strawberry tart for Miyu, when a red-faced Sasaki-san jumped into the kitchen.

“Fio! I beg you! Please attend the signing ceremony!”

“Eh, why? It may be a milestone for the people of Marshe, but it has nothing to do with me.”

“How can you say that!? This day came only because of you! You’ve given advice to the Prime Minister many times, destroyed a bandit group before they could start a cabal, and magically transported 10 carts worth of luggage so many times, and it was you who spearheaded the reformation of the Adventurers Guild! You!”

「…Sera, did you really do all those works? Sera is still as good a person as ever…」

“It’s only Tabuchi-san, Yamada-kun, and Sasaki-san who knew of those, right? But is there any need to tell everyone about it? Also, I’m in hiding right now! I can’t go to such a place where I would be standing out. The signing ceremony and the follow-up party, such places where high-ranking people from different countries will be gathering is a definite no!”

“I don’t know anymore… I’m in a pinch… Fio, please don’t leave Tokyun for the few days the celebration will be held, and pray that the new administration will have a great start from here on!”

“Should I call the Saintess in that case?”

“You’re going to kill me―――!”

“Misplaced anger???”

「Se-Sera, I can’t be sure but, let’s stay here for a few more days. The shadow of death was looming over Sasaki for a moment. Dangerous.」


It would be enough to cool down everyone’s temper if I stayed until the signing is done, right?

I delayed the visit to Miyu until later and decided to quietly spend the weekend in the boarding room.

On the day of the signing ceremony, the city is in a festive mood.

Their pride may be hurt by going under a greater power, but the people are already exhausted by the barely-holding-on position they were in all this time. Most people are relieved that the country can finally start anew and become a more stable country overall.

For a while now, everyone has been working hard just to barely avoid hunger.

Loud cheers can be heard outside the window! It seems the delegates have finally arrived.

Lu and I both put our faces out of the window. I recalled the parade from two years ago. Sasaki-san’s surprised face when my <magic needle> hit his neck was very funny.

The sounds of dozens of horses’ hooves thumping can be heard from beyond. Is this their way of showing the difference in military might they possessed?

And finally, their vanguards are in sight.

The military flag is―

“No way…”

A red background with golden thread and Ash on it… Which I thought was an eagle at first… and a crest with two lions facing each other.

It was the emblem I worked under in the previous life. There is no mistaking it.



I unconsciously grabbed the plate from over my clothes.

Galle’s platoons rushed down the boulevard without slowing down. The well-commanded movements are cheered on by citizens from both sides.

And behind them is an arrogant man on a huge black horse, wearing a differently designed black military uniform, a haughty-looking man.

「The Emperor himself is here……」

Lu glanced at me every now and then, but I can’t afford to be bothered by him.

No way… Do our eyes meet from so far away?

Aah, I am locked on.

Ghilane, who was in my sight a moment ago… is already right in front of me.

In this tiny room. Just a step in front of me, and his hands are touching both my cheeks.

His fingers traced my cheeks, touching the small scar on my left cheek.

“What’s with this scar?”

His voice sounded calm, soothing, and low.

“…I was a bit careless.”

He combed my hair down to my shoulder with his fingers.

“What’s with this hair?”

“I cut it myself. I wasn’t hurt.”

Outside, the emperor suddenly jumped out of nowhere and disappeared, causing a great uproar. But forgetting about the noise outside, I kept staring at Ghilane in front of me, who now looks like a different person altogether.

We met for the first time in two years, and Ghilane’s face is more similar to the one I knew in the previous life. His silver hair covered the entirety of the back of his neck, and his cheeks are a little sunken, and he seems to have lost some weight. His blue eyes look more tired than they are cold. Ghilane is almost of the same age as he was in the previous life. He seemed to have pushed himself too hard at the prime of his life. This emperor was like a black company in a sense even then. And there is one more thing we have in common.

“Ghilane, you look very tired. Are you doing well? Do you have enough sleep?”

I gently trace the scars on his face that I healed last time.

“Ah… I’ve been worried about Sera for quite the long time. And yes, I’m tired. But I hurried as much as I could to come over.”

“You hurried?”

“I am in a hurry. In a hurry to come and see you, Sera.”

Ghilane’s arm moved down on my back. The distance between us shrunken.


My face hits his chest. And I look up at him.

“Sera, it’s been 10 years, the promised time has come.”

His lips are getting closer.

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