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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 86

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 86

Participated in the signing ceremony

It’s the second kiss since that snowy night. As his lips left mine, his magic power had seeped into all the corners of my body. My eyes gaze right at Ghilane’s. With such a serious and straightforward action, there is no way I would keep having misunderstandings about his feelings.

“Do you still want to be engaged with me?”

“…Ever since I met you, the only one I want is you.”

He threw a straight-ball, unlike how he did before.

“Although, there is one correction I want to make. I don’t want to be engaged with you, I want to marry you and live together. If you would be with me for the rest of my life, I won’t care about any other person.”

“The rest of your life?”

“You don’t believe me? But that’s not a problem, I’ll never let you part from me.”

As if to show that he truly meant what he said, he held me tight in his embrace.

There is no sense of discomfort, maybe I’ve gotten used to being wrapped in Ghilane’s magic?

“…I was late this time. But I won’t ever let you feel something painful like that again. I couldn’t keep my promise. I’m sorry.”

I can hear Ghilane making his clumsy apology from above my head. His voice made it sound like he was on the brink of death for a moment. Ghilane seems to truly feel apologetic. But what am I supposed to do about this? There is nothing he should apologize for…

“Ghilane sent Ash back then, and that’s how I can be here right now. There is no reason for you to apologize. Rather, thank you very much, Ghilane.”

As I had done with Lu and Ash, I say my thanks instead of an apology.


Ghilane’s arms hold me even tighter.


The door suddenly opened. I looked up from Ghilane’s chest in surprise, and saw Sasaki-san in a military uniform.

“Your Majesty! You’re here after all! Eh? Hey, Fio…? Your Majesty! Do you have no patience at all!!!!?????”

“You’re noisy! Shut up!”

Ghilane and Sasaki-san knew each other? But that aside……

“Sasaki-san, why are you in Galle’s military uniform?”

Sasaki-san and Ghilane look around for a while, and Ghilane nods.

“Haa… Serafiona-sama, I am from Galle. I’ve infiltrated Marshe as… well, a spy.”

“I have sent spies to all the nations. Such is my ironclad rule.”

Ghilane says so in a smooth manner. An ironclad rule, huh?

“At first, I was simply a spy to the kingdom of Marshe. But the kingdom got hit hard by the tide of times, the Royal Family were captured, and I met Serafiona-sama by chance, then my role changed from one thing to another, and now, I’m responsible for the coordination between Galle and Tabuchi, and also the liaison of Serafiona-sama.”

What’s with that? Sasaki-san, didn’t you advance to the position of the commander of Marshe? You also spied on the King as a friend of Tabuchi-san. This is completely messed up… Or rather, he is that excellent? He helped and successfully led to the downfall of the monarchy after all? Or did he just get lucky and he actually got swept up by the tide too?

“Did you know I personally am acquainted with Ghilane?”

“It was well known that His Majesty’s one and only Princess was from Judor, relentlessly rejecting the advances of the women who tried to get close to him by saying that they were nowhere close to beating her. I found out that it was Serafiona-sama after the incident with Princess Tomoe. I am really glad that I didn’t raise my hands at Serafiona-sama back then, I would’ve surely died a miserable death otherwise.”

“And you kept staying in contact with me here as per Ghilane’s command?”

“Well… It was an order after all…?”

“You may stop from now on…”

Sasaki-san scratches his head after hearing Ghilane’s words.

“Well, putting that aside, Your Majesty, are you done with your touching reunion? Please go to the signing ceremony.”

“Let’s get to it then. Sera, you come too.”

Ghilane swiftly held me up in his arms.

“W-wait? Why? The signing ceremony? I don’t care about that!”

“I heard from Sasaki-san that there had been some pests trying to get close to Sera. I’ll let them know that she is mine as well.”

“Huh? Stop that! I’m getting embarrassed! And I absolutely won’t go.”

「Sera, just give up. Don’t be rebellious now.」


And before I knew it,

「That’s right.」



“Ghilane! Put me down!”

Even though I struggled with all my might, it seems like a breeze trying to move a rock, and we go down the stairs following Sasaki-san. And I’m supposed to be an A-ranker. -sniffle-



Seeing me suddenly appear in the arms of a strong man, the people in the guild’s restaurant raise an uproar.

And Ghilane lightly kisses my cheek as if to show off.


I can hear the sounds of surprise and shock coming from around me.

…… Ah …… My hit point is at zero……

While still holding me in his arms, Ghilane jumps on the black horse that had been waiting for him, and he covers me with a cloak as he seated me on his lap. I was moved to the old castle, with my soul coming out of mouth.

“I never thought I would get to see His Majesty the Emperor, Serafiona-sama, a-and, two Sacred Beast-samas all at once…”

Tabuchi-san is drooping his head down in front of Lu and Ash while sweating profusely.

“It’s the first time we’re seeing each other in person. Prime Minister, I’m short on time, so let’s get started right away.”


I forced myself away from Ghilane, who was trying to take me to the centre of the room, and managed to settle myself down on a corner of the venue. Though, Ghilane would scowl if I am not in his line of sight.

Also, Lu and Ash are standing on both sides. These guys are so pompously releasing their haki! And they were usually always so demure!

There is an impossibly grandiose aura coming from me (Lu and Ash), meanwhile, the host of the signing ceremony is kneeling down. The gazes coming from the gallery hurts.

……Ah, I see. The number may be small, but there are hostile forces here as well. But this is the historic signing ceremony between Galle and Marshe, so power holders from various countries are gathering, so there is no way I can avoid getting attention now. What should I do next!?

“Lu, Ash, thank you.”

The signing ceremony proceeded quietly. Marshe will now completely be a territory of Galle. They will receive billions of gold coins in aid, with unlimited time and interest-free loans, tariffs between the two are eliminated, resource development in Marshe will be started, and… freedom of movements between the two?

“No way… Did he do all these to come and pick me up…?”

「Well, Marshe is now a state of Galle, so it is simply movements between states.」

That’s overdoing it! You’re overly overdoing it!

「Ghilane doesn’t have to buy a country for Sera you know.」

「Well, It requires much efforts this time, but in the end, it’s a very Ghilane way of doing things.」

「Sera, you are really loved!」

「Sera, don’t bother me too much. This deal will also result in a tremendous profit for Galle.」

Another country was subordinated for my sake… Somehow… I may really be loved?

Applause suddenly fills the hall. When I raised my head, Ghilane and Tabuchi-san were shaking hands.

If the deal is a win-win, then it’s all good, I think?

But both of you, please don’t come straight at me!

Ghilane stopped in front of me, took my hand, and kissed the back. Hya!

I quickly make a smile, mobilizing my skills as the daughter of an Earl after a long time. It’s passable right? Right?

“Prime Minister Tabuchi, thank you very much for protecting my beloved fiancée all this time.”

“No need for that, I had a very good time interacting with Serafiona-sama.”

Hearing their remarks, somehow… I feel like a play is suddenly started out of nowhere. I mean, Tabuchi-san, the name you called me changed!

Ghilane then holds my shoulder and kisses my temple.

“Let me do an introduction since it is such a good opportunity. This young lady here is my beloved fiancée, Countess Serafiona Granzeus. Serafiona has been attacked in her home country of Judor because of her unrivaled abilities, and the threat aiming for her life still remains. She went into hiding under the asylum of Prime Minister Tabuchi. When I became aware of that, I started to act to reunite with her once again. So everyone, won’t you celebrate my reunion with my fiancée and bless our eternal love?”

Ghilane glares at the attendees in the venue to intimidate them.

“C-congratulations to His Majesty Emperor Gillen, and Serafiona-sama on their engagement!”


“May your engagement lead to a lifetime of bliss!!”


A smile forms on Ghilane’s lips, and he raises his hand not holding me towards the gallery.

“Ash… I didn’t know about this before at all. Why is that?”

「The promised duration is over today. Sera, the time has come. You both should go out through the front.」

………I wished you had told me the details in advance…

「Sera――! This is no time for your soul to fly off――! Come back――!」

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