Chapter 1

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Weak, trashy body.

Cheonma looked at the terrible scene which he made himself.

There were only blood and dead bodies around him.

The place suited the end of his life.

He only lived a series of lives involving blood and death. So, where else would be a better place to die other than here?

“It’s time for me to go.”

Cheonma knew that he would be dead in a few moments.

It was a side effect of the Magical Spell which increased his soul which he had to learn by himself.

It was a Magical Spell that Cheonma learned. He could get a stronger body compared to anyone else, but the body would explode as Cheonma couldn’t handle the power that is absorbed by the Magical Spell and he’d die.

Every Cheonma believed they could overcome such obstacles.

He felt the same as well.

However, nobody managed to successfully overcome it and that was the same as the current him.


An enormous power boiled up from the lower abdomen. That power was going through the body and gave a strong force to the body by extracting its power.

The consciousness became unclear.

It was a power that humans couldn’t handle.

It felt like it was ripping one’s spirit apart. It was a power accumulated by absorbing other people’s souls so it was obvious that one’s soul would become devastated. 

At the moment of death, a black chain appeared from the ground which looked like it was made out of shadow.

Hundreds of chains tied Cheonma’s body.

“Are you dragging me into hell?”

Cheonma could go to hell with his own feet, but it was Cheonma.

“Who dares to force me into hell!”

With forceful energy all over the body, Cheonma ripped the shadow chain which was tightening his body.



As Cheonma pulled the shadow chain, the chain was pushed away with a loud noise.

What was at the end of the chain was a black shadow.

If a death angel existed, it probably looked like that.

“Hahaha! I will go to hell with my own feet! I don’t care if it is sulphur flame or hell!”

Strength busted out of Cheonma’s body. Then, he destroyed the death angels which surrounded him.

Afterwards, Cheonma’s soul shattered into pieces and was separated. At that moment, enormous pain dominated Cheonma’s body.

At the last moment of the pain, Cheonma realized a glimpse of enlightenment.

‘Ah… that wasn’t it. The Magical Spell of increasing the soul wasn’t a mere Magical Spell to take away someone’s soul!’

He found a clue to properly acquire the Magical Spell of increasing the Soul but it was too late.

Cheonma’s consciousness became unclear.

‘In next life, I want to live a different life. Peaceful and quiet…..’

After much thought, Cheonma’s soul disappeared.

“Prince! You are here again. The meal is ready.”

Cheonma was staring at his reflection in the water while sitting on a pond.

He had been doing this for 10 days already.

It didn’t take too long to accept reality. It didn’t even take a day to do so.

He was the person who made the world full of blood and fear.

Also, perhaps he had to go through endless violent and cruel scenes until he made such chaos.

That’s why he was fed up with analyzing, adapting and overcoming the situation.

However, Cheonma couldn’t stand such a case.

Cheonma paid attention to his reflection on the water.

Was he even twenty years old? There was a face that didn’t even look masculine at all.

‘Is that me?’

I thought I died for sure but when I woke up, my face turned out like this.

‘My Prince, your food is getting cold. You must hurry.’

Also, the servant who is walking with small steps woke me up while staying next to me.

I wanted to kill the servant who dares to talk to their master in such a tone but I couldn’t.

“I do have a crappy weak body.”

As Cheonma whispered, the servant spoke quickly.

“My Prince! Don’t say that! Now you will get better. The best doctor will come here shortly. Have you heard of the Doctor from God? He will be coming here this time.”

Cheonma gave a laugh.

“An unknown doctor will treat me where?”

“My Prince. You can’t talk like that. I have told you many times. You have to think positively and say nice things to have a good experience.”

Cheonma laughed and left the spot.

“I hope you speak such words again in 20 years.”

“Gosh, are you going to continue to act like that?”

Cheonma didn’t reply and started walking.

For the last ten days, what Cheonma did was analyze the owner of this body.

The owner’s name was Taesan Byeok. He lived in the top Golden Clan which was a well-known trading clan in Muhan.

He was an orphan who had an older brother as the owner of the Top Golden Clan.

Also, Taesan’s body was really fragile.

He had an irregular heartbeat and it appeared that no doctor had ever found a cure to such a disease.

However, Cheonma was able to know accurately what this body was like.

Since it had an irregular heartbeat, it was impossible to learn Magical Skills.

The only possibility was a Magical Skill that increased the Soul.

As Cheonma was walking, he was saying his name Taesan Byeok repeatedly.

Ever since he heard the name for the first time, he thought it really suited him well.

It was as if it were his real name from the beginning.

That’s why he tried to think of his real name and oddly enough, he couldn’t think of it.

He remembered everything from the past but the only thing he couldn’t remember was his name.

‘It has been a while where nobody had to call my name……’

There was really no case of him having to hear his name. Subordinates called him Lord or Master while enemies called him Cheonma and called himself as the Almighty.

Still, how was it possible for him to forget his own name?

Anyway, something that seemed impossible happened for real this time. That’s why he thought his original name was Taesan Byeok. 

‘At this point, is my name really important.’

What’s important is that I’m alive and if I stay like this, I will die again.

‘That’s why I should recover for now.’

In order to do so, the Magical Spell of increasing the Soul was an answer.

He could obtain Magical Spells by temporarily connecting irregular heartbeats with Spiritual Power.

When repeated, the heartbeat will connect naturally. 

‘To do so, there should be a spirit….’

The best spirit is from someone who is alive.

In the past, he used a spirit by taking it out from a person who just got killed but the enlightenment while dying allowed him to know that he shouldn’t do that.

‘Let’s take an easy path.’

If Cheonma’s body was stronger, he would take a more efficient method but he couldn’t choose for the time being.

“Soso, I want to go out for a walk today.”

“Really? Where to?”

“You don’t need to know. Bring me a servant who will guide me instead of yourself.”

Soso gave a bright smile and replied.

“I know a lot. Where will you be going? You can assume that there is no place I don’t know in Muhan. Now, where shall I take you? Would you like to eat out today? I know a nice restaurant which I discovered recently.”

Soso didn’t bother to add that I wanted to eat and check out the flavors.

Soso gave a happy smile and looked at Taesan Byeok.

Taesan Byeok replied with a laugh.

“What? You don’t seem to care. Then get ready as we will be heading to a fine brothel.”

Soso’s eyes enlarged like glass.

“What? A brothel?”

Now she knew why Taesan Byeok asked her to bring a servant to guide him.

“Ah, if so instead of me… Ah! When you go outside there is a guard who will follow you so you two can go.”

Soso pouted as she replied to him.

“Prince, you have never been there…..”

“If you don’t like it, you can join me.”

“I’m not going to! Gosh! I’m going to tell your fiancé Yeon!”

“Sure, whatever.”

Fiancé Yeon whom Soso mentioned was Taesan Byeon’s fiancé: Harin Yeon.

It was said that they were engaged at the beginning of the year, but in Cheonma’s perspective, he was lukewarm. Since, he hadn’t seen her face yet, the only thing he knew was that the owner of this body was also cold and cynical to the fiancée.

According to the information from Soso, she was the most beautiful lady from Muhan but Cheonma couldn’t rely on such information.

In fact, it was rare to find proof when a woman said another woman was beautiful.

Soso looked at Taesan Byeok with pitiful eyes.

“My Prince. Don’t be harsh to yourself. Can you at least have hope until the Doctor from God properly examines your body?”

Cheonma or Taesan Byeok looked at Soso with an amazing look.

It was certain that Soso’s words and actions were genuine.

He’d met lots of enemies who treated him with two-sided behavior. That’s why he was fed up with finding whether someone was genuine with their words and actions.

It was impossible to deceive Cheonma’s intuition.

‘This thing is blessed. It’s annoying.’

Taesan Byeok laughed and hurried his steps.

When the sun was going down, Taesan Byeok was ready to go outside.

Soso fixed Taesan Byeok’s clothing. Her face had many emotions.

“Aren’t my clothes too much for going to a brothel?”

“Not at all. When you go to such places, you will get treated well only if you show that you have lots of money.”

“You say it as if you have been there.”

“Do I need to go there to know this? I’ve heard lots of stories about the place.”

“Anyway, where is the guard who will be showing up?”

“He will be here on time. He is the person who only trains himself other than being your guard.”

Gyeongwan Cheon, who was in charge of guarding Taesan Byeok, was a warrior who belonged to the Black Dragon Group.

The Black Dragon Group was an organization that developed only when the Top Golden Clan was in danger.

All they did was train.

Only Gyeongwan Cheon from the Black Dragon Group was in charge of guarding Taesan Byeok.

There were other warrior groups similar to the Black Dragon Group in the Top Golden Clan.

Of course, they had fewer skills than other warriors from strong households but their strength was superior compared to others.

“He must be here.”

As Taesan Byeok commented, Soso gave a mysterious face. However, as she heard the horse sound she was surprised.

“My Prince, you may go out now.”

Soso looked at Taesan Byeok with a surprised eye.

“How did you find out?”

Instead of answering Soso, Taesan Byeok laughed and went outside by opening the door.

‘How can you not know it if there is a strong spirit?’

Taesan Byeok glanced at Gyeongwan Cheon who was standing outside.

He was a guy who was sharp like a sword.

He had such a spirit. He gave off a vibe where he would chop off anything as he appeared so sharp.

‘It’s quite good.’

Curiosity creeped up into Taesan Byeok’s mind.

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