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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 14

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

Nighttime- I was in a bar not far from the academy.

The one who invited me here was none other than the Knight Captain, Remyl.

For our meeting, we were sitting in a small room, with just the two of us.

“Captain, you do realize I am minor, right?”

“Hahaha, yes I know. I am not planning to let you drink anything though.”

“So, you just wanted to drink yourself?”

“That too. But this place is run by someone who’s formerly affiliated with the knighthood. So it’s quite convenient to rent a room in this place.”

“It’s run by a former knight? I mean, if you just want me to listen to a story like that…”

“I didn’t come here to talk about your future. I came here to talk about the girl.”

As he said that, Remyl was taking a sip of his wine.

I wanted to tell him not to drink while talking about work – But I used to be the same, so I don’t really have the right to do so.

“Well, first of all, I managed to get close to her.”

“Yea, I heard that. But you entered that school as her escort, yet you became her master(teacher). What’s the meaning of that?”

“It’s the easiest way to protect her. I am an escort dispatched by the knight’s order – If I were to say that, then she would turn me down. Then what?”

“Well, she seems to be attracted by the power you possess, right? I don’t think it would make her hate you, but are you-“

At that moment Remyl seemed to have noticed something, and he squinted his eyes at me.

“It’s not like you are going to train her so that you can just stop protecting her in the end right?”

“A-hahaha-haha. Noooo, who? Me? I am a knight, remember?”

But yes, that is 100% what is going on.

Would Iris get stronger, then I have fewer responsibilities to live up to. 

Iris is already strong, so she would definitely be able to become strong enough to protect herself in the end.

“What’s more, captain, assassins came for her yesterday. What’s the deal with that?”

“Yes, sorry, the notice was a tad bit delayed it seems. Anyway, that’s why we dispatch you there. How did you do with the situation?”

“Well, they assaulted within the borders of the academy. Even when I was considerably far away, there seems to be plenty of time to catch up to the situation.

What’s more, since I will be training Iris, I also placed an amulet on her”

“An amulet?”

“Yes, more like a charm, so I’ll always know where she is. It’s one of the most hated ones, but I won’t lose sight of her like this.”

“Oooh, detection magic, hmm? Wouldn’t casting direct magic on the person at hand prove more effective?”

“Well, then she would know immediately, no?

It was necessary for me to know where Iris was at any given time.

A normal bodyguard would always be beside the one they protect. But in my case, this can’t always be done.

So for me, it would be necessary to always know where she was hanging out. 

And right now, she was in the girl’s dormitory.

“Well… The next time we get in contact, can’t you just send a substitute? You always come and see me yourself..”

“It’s of great importance. So I still choose whether I come directly or not.”

Remyl said, whilst taking a sip of his drink again.

It seems like he really seems to pity the fact that he can only see me when I am off duty.

“I will leave that to you, captain. What about the assassins though?”

“Aah, yes. The four you ended, right? Well, three of them were from the same organization. They were all rather popular, you know. They were all being searched for.

The man I deployed to take care of them had come back with little effort though.”

“You can leave the flattery. I want to know about the fourth one.”

“It wasn’t really flattery though, but whatever. Swordman gang member Azuma Kurai – In the east, they call him the unbeatable swordsman. He killed so many on the battlefield, that I can’t even put a number to them.”

Rather than an assassin, he is more like a verified hitman. His bounty was pretty high too. 


“Not in this country though. Don’t fall for the money, lad.”


Bounties sound pretty good to me, but it’s not something a knight should be allured by.

Yet it did allure me.

For a straight-up hitman – He has quite a strange but proper expression.

Fighting strong opponents, and then killing them. That was Azuma’s way.

The me of the past would definitely have understood that way of thinking.

(Well, there is no real need to understand what a hitman is thinking, right?) 

“I got Azuma out of the way, but how are the chances of more of that clan coming to this country?”

“Well, about that. There is definitely a chance. That’s why I should tell you – We have reports of more Swordsman clan members entering the kingdom.”

“You could’ve started with that, you know…”

“Well, if we are talking about the chances, there are quite a bit more enemies – and we were assaulted whilst gathering the information”

“So, have you searched for them with infiltration tactics?”

“Well, that would be quite a challenge. Furthermore, the knights had already put their lives on the line plenty of times. But I can’t just let my men die for nothing.

That’s why I will create an elite force.”

“An elite force?”

Remyl’s words worried me a little.

He clearly is just hinting at just me, which is nothing of a force, but just a single person

“AAaaaa. The search has already started. Next time I won’t be late to tell you.”

As he said that he drank more of his liquor.

He won’t fight when he doesn’t see a chance of victory.

While I, on the other hand, will protect Iris and have to fight with the members of the Swordsman gang for her.

“Don’t worry. You’re my knight of choice, right? But for the next mission, the Blue Blade will take over. 

They’re still young, and full of power, so that’d be good, right?”

“The Blue Blade… Is he now the youngest of the knighthood?”

“Ohohoh. He took your spot, hmm? He has plenty of skill though. That way you can go on protecting Princess Iris.

“Understood. I will do my best as always.”

“Yes, please do your best.”

Remyl reminded me again – My duty was to protect Iris. That wasn’t going to change.

“So, now that we are done talking- How about a drink?”

“I really shouldn’t drink today though. I have work tomorrow.”

“Yea, so do I!”

“Well, then go home and rest.”

“Ahaahah, no, I can’t do that either… ahahaha.”

It seems like work has found its break.

“Well, we can also talk about your future if you’d like.”

“Not the whole knight, but I suppose we could do it for a little while.”

“As expected from the knight I chose. Good work.”

“It’s not even work…”

I left out a small sigh and ordered hot milk to at least drink something together with Remyl.

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