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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 17

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

“Hey, won’t you play a game with me?”

A girl wearing clothes I have never seen before reaches out to me.

She seems quite similar to Yuki. Her clothes, although unfamiliar, displayed so much of her skin. You could see her bare skin starting from the upper part of her knees all the way down to the feet. It’s a bit immodest in my opinion.

“Sure, Yuki. Is that a new release?”

I called that young girl “Yuki.” She didn’t correct me.

“It is! Doesn’t this character in the cover look kind of hot? His name is apparently Edward. But yeah, the illustration for the game looked so cool that I just had to buy it.”

As she said that, she showed me a square object that’s 15cm at each side.

I understand that even within games, this is a kind of game that is called an otome game. The scene suddenly changes from there, and I suddenly found myself in a small room. An image of Lord Edward was reflected in a square box. Through that square box, we talked with Lord Edward.

“Geh… What is this? Lord Edward’s pretty hot, but he’s just the worst.”

“He’s certainly pretty twisted.”

“Yeah, for them to make the main hero like this it’s just so… you know. Anyway, since I’ve already bought this, let’s just see it all the way to the end.”

Yuki and I advanced to the end of the game. But we were gradually losing our motivation to continue. No matter what happened, the main hero, Lord Edward, had such a rotten personality, and it gradually just got worse over time.

“I mean, sure, the villainess Rachel was up to no good either, but did he really have to execute his own fiancé?”

“Right? Breaking up the engagement is cruel enough as it is.”

“Seriously. For him to go around cheating on Rachel even though he’s already engaged to her, it’s really all his fault. Just because you don’t get along with who you’re engaged with and you want to break off the engagement, you don’t have to kill her.”

Yuki was seriously upset over how the plot was developing in the game.

The entire reason why the protagonist was getting bullied in the first place was that the fiancé, Edward, was getting too close with the protagonist. Though I say bullying, all she was doing was just doing some trivial stuff like hiding some textbooks from the protagonist or just gossip behind the protagonist’s back.

And for just that, he’s just going to have her executed? That’s just too cruel. There should have been other ways for him to just break off the engagement.

“It feels like he’s just executing her because he simply didn’t like Rachel.”

“It sure seems that way.”

“Like he could have just found ways to get along better with his fiancé, but instead he just looks for a way to kill her. It’s just so messed up. Also, doesn’t it just seems like he’s just using the heroine as a tool to kill Rachel? I’m sure after he’s done with Rachel, he’s going to get rid of the heroine too!”

I agree. The Lord Edward that’s in the game is very scary. He’s willing to use anyone as a tool and discard them just as easily as well. Yuki and I somehow managed to finish the game, but it left a bad taste in our mouth.

“Sigh… “

I was sweating to the point where it was almost abnormal.

The dream I saw this time was so vivid, and Lord Edward’s nature in it was so cruel. It was so much that I thought that the Lord Edward that I saw… Wasn’t Lord Edward.

A room I have never seen before… The clothes that Yuki and I were wearing I have never seen before… And on top of that, I was talking so casually to Yuki.

I wonder if that was the dimension that Yuki was from. I decided to invite Yuki so I could confirm with her. I would like to talk with Makoto as well, but since Makoto is busy with work, I decided to first have a talk with Yuki.

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