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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 6 Chapter 97

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 6 Chapter 97

Recalling my love from the previous life

「Sera, your <lava> is good enough already.」

I don’t know when it would be coming, but a head-on confrontation becomes more and more likely, so I asked Ash to train my <fire magic> even more thoroughly.

“But why? I want them to flow like Ash’s.”

「That would be fine if it was in a desert like last time. If you use it elsewhere though, like this forest, the forest will be gone. Also, lava flows from top to bottom, and it’s not very safe to use unless you fly like me.」

“So, I shouldn’t train my <fire magic> anymore?”

“That’s right, for now at least.”

I shoot flames from the palm of the hands. So, when there are <ice spears> numerous enough to cover the sky, I would not be able to deal with them even if I use both of my hands. Should I try to shoot flames from my entire body like Guild Master Olivia? But then, that would expose a gap, and most of all, my visuals would be hampered… And most of all, Grandmother, who taught me to always be elegant even when I am attacking, will definitely be harsh about it.

I want to be able to instantly melt the ice covering a wide area… Is it possible to think of a way using my previous life’s memories? But even then, this is a project that must be studied with Miyu-tan.

“Ash, I want to contact Miyu. How should I go about with it?”

「Hmm. Feel the magic power within your body. Then, close my eyes, and feel Miyu’s magic inside you…」

That’s when I felt someone’s presence from beyond the barrier. Me and Ash look over. This presence is… We let our tensions loose.

“Ash-sama, Princess, His Majesty is calling you.”

It is unusual for Arthur to come here himself. By the way, why does Arthur keep calling me Princess? Because of the defeat at arm wrestling? I don’t think that’s it! Also, the people of Galle, including Arthur, called Ash the Sacred Bird-sama, but after observing my interaction with Ash, people are beginning to call it Ash-sama.

“What happened? For you yourself to come pick me up, Arthur.”

“It’s nothing… I came on my own volition. If I could just see even a bit of the Princess’ training… then…”


“Do I have to change my clothes?”

「Sera, change your clothes! You definitely must!!」

Ah, I am wearing the gray shinobi costume after all.

“Then, I’ll return home real quick and we’ll meet at the Imperial Palace. Scatter.”

Saying that, I jumped towards 『The Palace of the Festival Eve Vigil』, while Ash flew directly to Ghilane.

“I can’t do things like that―! Wait for me―!”

Arthur’s shout echoes from far behind…

Arthur guided me to Ghilane’s office with Lu and Sasaki-san.

Inside the room are Ghilane, Ash who arrived before us, and Richard.

“Serafiona-sama, what’s that…?”

Richard looks unusually puzzled. That’s such a rare sight.

“Arthur’s hand-me-downs. I’m done with the engagement and I don’t need a dress anymore since I won’t be making public appearances anyway. Also, I used to wear the cotton dresses I have on hand at the villa, but I feel way more comfortable this way since I was already wearing pants when I was a student and at Marshe. Also, I don’t know of any tailor in Galle. That’s when I thought Arthur’s clothes from when he was younger would be perfect! It’s very saving as well! Saving!”

I’m also battle-ready! I also would not trouble others!

I wear Arthur’s old clothes with boots. And, should I say, as expected of a Marquis, even though they are used clothes, the silky white shirt and black pants are good as new. Arthur probably only wears them a few times? And I braided my hair as well.


“I tried to stop her! But I was simply requested to hand over some clothes for training purposes! Also, just think about it, there is no way I will be living in the Imperial Palace with my clothes from when I was 10 years old!”


“I’m actually more used to seeing her like this since back at Marshe.”

Sasaki-san simply shrugs.

“Isn’t it okay? I’m very familiar with them after all. But anyway, they are not Arthur’s clothes from when he was 10-years-old? I feel cheated! But anyway, being in these clothes, it would also be easier to deal with sudden attacks, like the one from last time!”

I still remember Arthur’s show back at the engagement ceremony. I have a feeling more of those may come up in future. But I can’t really blame him. Galle is a place where strength rules after all.

When I stare at Richard and raise my right eyebrow, he grins for some reason.

“Princess, I’ll be introducing you to Galle’s tailor tomorrow, so be prepared. Well then, Your Majesty, what have you summoned us for?”

“Well……… Sera, the second Prince of Judor, Gardner, had asked for a meeting with me and Sera.”


“……For what purpose?”

“To foster good relationships between the two countries, it seems.”

“Why not just Ghilane, but also me?”

“To give a souvenir to the girl from Judor who will be marrying off to another country… or so he said.”

Quite the forceful approach… Is Prince Gardner that desperate?

“How do you see this, Prime Minister?”

“Well, it’s a request for support. It looked like the gap with the first prince had widened, but the competition isn’t over yet after all. He probably wants Galle and Princess to have his back.”

The outline of the situation is… I had fled to Marshe after being nearly killed because I didn’t want to join Schneider in his fight for the succession of Judor’s throne… A fact that is known among the higher-classed nobles…

“By the way, Princess, does Prince Gardner know of the contract between you and the Divine Beast-sama of the West?”

“I’m not sure.”

“If he knew and came here even after you fled abroad, then he is a fool. But if he doesn’t even know, then he is a fool beyond help. Hahaha.”

This is still a member of Judor’s royal family. Don’t simply make fun of him like that!

But back at Judor, Ghilane saw through me and Lu after just one look.

Meanwhile, Prince Gardner missed me and Lu who had been in his own country due to negligence. It is definitely negligence on their part. Anyway, I ran away in the end.

But at the same time, His Highness Schneider found me…

His Highness Gardner…

In the previous life, His Highness was my sun. When I was young, he held my hands and played with me. He adorned me with a flower crown and kissed me. I was in love with him.

『My dear Serafiona, let’s stay together forever.』

When we entered the school together, we made time for each other, we went to the magicians to train our magic, we disguised ourselves to see how the common people lived, and seriously discussed about the future of Judor.

『Serafiona, I love you. With you by my side, I can do my best.』

I loved him from the bottom of my heart.


But with the arrival of Maribelle, His Highness Gardner and I no longer act together. I practised magic alone, and I go to the streets and hear the grievances of the people all alone. Even when I wrote letters about the management of Judor, they were torn without even being read.

And after the war comes… condemnation.

『You are not worthy of the royal family.』

『Serafiona, I am disappointed in you. Our engagement is annulled!』

『I don’t think I can run the nation right with someone like you who has so much blood in her hands. I will create a country where Maribelle and everyone will be happy.』

No excuses were allowed.

I was betrayed without second thoughts, and my heart was crushed.

『I am disappointed in you to no end. Send your magical power to our country until you die, and make up for your sins.』

My magic power was absorbed until it dried up and I passed away. It was His Highness Gardner who passed down the judgement.

I slowly died at the hands of His Highness Gardner.


I return to reality. Lu is staring right at me.


「That’s not the point. You are always hiding your emotions. To Richard and the others, it only looks like you were pondering about something. However, you can never fool me.」

As I lifted my face, I saw Ghilane staring at me with his brows slightly creased, while Ash inclines its head with a wry smile.

“Your Excellency Prime Minister, what are your thoughts?”

“The Princess should go see him. We may be able to receive information about the first prince as well. However, Your Majesty, there is too little information to make any concrete judgements about the second prince. Is he playing a fool, or is he really a fool?”

So he’s a fool either way!

I don’t really want to meet His Highness Gardner, but I also think it would be better to follow the opinion of a third party, especially so if said opinion is coming from Prime Minister Richard.

Also, this time, I won’t be alone.

“Your Majesty”

I gave a nod to Ghilane.

“Arthur, I’ll send you as an envoy. ‘I’ll be meeting His Highness Gardner.’ Tell him that, and nothing more.”


“By the way, Sera.”


“Should I be impressed at you for wearing another man’s clothes in front of me for the second time?”


A few years ago, I received a similar rebuking…

“Hiii! Your Majesty! Please forgive me!”

Arthur falls down flat on the floor after receiving Ghilane’s killing intent.

“Hoho. This is it. It’s wonderful!”

Richard on the other hand…

I was sent off by Ghilane. Until the tailor arrives, I’ll be staying in the emperor’s private room, my clothes taken off, and rolled up in ONLY a blanket……

My Sacred Beast repeatedly hit the floor with his front legs, making banging sounds. I have no choice but to oblige.


“Fue― yes.”

「I’m going to summon my magic power all around you, and protect you from everything. Fret not.」

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