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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 15

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

In a part of the Kingdom of Washir – In Fenkor, one can find the ruins of a church.

Many said that it would end up being demolished. Even back in the days, they said that the construction was outdated.

But there are also people that wanted to repair the church back to its former glory.

As it is often used by travelers without money, this time it’s used by four shady figures too.

“So Azuma died, huh?” – One of the men whispered while jamming the soil with his sheathed blade.

Though he is seated, you still can tell that he is quite large.

“Hoooo, that’s pretty bad, huh. He said he would just check out the Swordmaster Princess’s power. 

But then he died instead.”

In response to that, a young man let out a laugh.

He slapped his thigh as if he had the greatest of fun.

Next to him, a robed figure was shaking in place.

“What’s the deal with you anyway. You just fled the battlefield? Quite the assassin you are, hmm? 

How about you just die in this place?”


“Stop it already.”

The voice that stopped the young man was that of a young woman who’s clearly not fitting the place she was in.

She stood up and got in front of the robed figure as if to protect him.

“Avoid useless killing.”

“Pff- whatever. Like there is something like useless killing.”

“You know what was asked of you. Now go.”


As instructed by the woman, the robed man takes his leave – But the moment he steps out of the place, the sound of metal could be heard, and his head went flying.

Soon after the silver sword-like blade returned back to the man.

“What’s the matter? It’s not like he was going to be useful to us anymore. The most value he had was by killing him.

After all, I am one of the properly hired assassins, ye? So I don’t really need to listen to what you’ll have to say.”

“You little…”

The atmosphere seemed to have changed.

It wouldn’t be surprising that these two would start fighting soon.

They both hold on the sword in hand, but then –

“Alright, enough of this. We are going to fight as companions, ye?”

Zu—n – A very loud sound could be heard.

The man slammed the ground with his scabbard.

Aside from the rumbling, it also made the building they were in shaking.

With that, the young man and the woman with a kind voice abstained from their fight.

“Hmm? As companions? We are nowhere near those terms. We will kill each other when we come across each other – that is the kind of relationship this group has.”

“That’s exactly why we came here together. To fight on a battlefield. I too am one of the four that actually came here to actually do that job.”

“Well, it can’t be helped. We don’t even have the same mentality of going in together.”

“True… But then what? You wanna go in alone like Azuma?”

The boy answered the man’s question noddingly.

“What we need to do hadn’t changed. We all have the same responsibility, to kill the Swordmaster Princess. Who is the next to take the fight?”

“Our opponent isn’t the Princess, is it?”

“No, according to the report, the person who killed Azuma was a child. What’s more, he killed the other three too.”

“A kid? Azuma lost to a kid? Well, that’s just fan-fucking-tastic. Seems like that was the extent of his power then. Well, I will take the next battle then. I will kill this kiddo.”

“Sure, but before that, you ought to do something.”

The man said as he stood up.

The young boy and the woman too stood up and looked around.

“Seems like they’re onto us, eh?”

As they said so, a young man in armor showed himself in front of them.

He quickly pulled out his sword – it shone in blue, just like his hair.

Soon after, multiple knights showed themselves around the group of assassins as well.

It was the military formation that’s tracking down the Swordmaster Gang’s members.

“Bell Trusou, the Blue Blade, I assume?”

“Oh, you know of me? Well, that makes things much easier. But for you unlawful lads to gather in a place such as this…

You’re really not that hard to find you know. Don’t resist, and I won’t have to kill you.”

“Won’t kill us he said. HAHA. You’re funny, lad. Hey, can I get this guy?”

“Nonono, you just said you are going to kill the princess. This one.. this one is mine.”

“Having a talk like that, right in front of me? Don’t patronize me.”

“We’re not patronizing anyone. That’s just who we are.”

“Ah… right.”

The one that spoke to the male assassin was the nice-sounding woman.

But as soon as she spoke out, the sound of steel echoed. 

Bell came down behind them. 

No one seemed to notice, and soon everything started to collapse.


Bell was astonished.

The woman pulled  “The sword with no blade” from her scabbard.

Bell looked at the sword. He looked at it but he wasn’t able to evade it.

Blood came out from his leg and shoulder as if he was cut.

The wounds weren’t deep – The other knights did take significant damage from the woman though.

More than 10 knights accompanied Bell on his venture here, but none were left standing anymore.

As if she painted the church red, blood was scathed all over its walls.

“Hey! You said no useless killing!”

“Nono, this isn’t the same. This isn’t useless.”

“Pff. Well, then I’m off.”


Bell went after the young man that turned his back on him.

But the one who blocked his way was the large man.

“You’re in my way.”

As he looked at the man, Bell swung his sword.

His [Blue Flash] sword technique was both fast and beautiful.

With a sword technique like this, it was clear he stood far above normal knights of the Kingdom.


“Too slow.”

The man raised his voice.

And two flashes clashed.

On the next day, the old church was filled with 11 bodies.

One of them was an assassin whose head got chopped off. The others were that of knights – Including the one of Bell Trusou the Blue Blade.

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