Chapter 11

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

“Sorry, I made you wait.”

Grandpa Elvis walked towards us unsteadily.

The clothes he was wearing were certainly medieval.

Suddenly Takeo had a thought and he decided to ask Grandpa Elvis.

“By the way, there is a guest who came to meet Mr. Elvis, is it alright for me to come in as well?”

“He probably also wanted to express his gratitude so Takeo doesn’t need to worry about it, I’ll allow it.”


He resigned to himself and replied.

“Then shall we enter?”

With that, Fredrick knocked on the door to the guest room.  After hearing ‘come in’ from inside, he opened the door.

The room’s surface was cluttered with half-eaten food…….


Ahh………What is this? Why is it so dirty?

This room was even dirtier than the room of a man living alone.

…….I don’t want to enter this kind of room.

…….The moment I enter I feel like I’ll step on something that was once food.

“Sir Goodwin, the Lord has returned with a guest.”

Once Fredrick did the introductions, Grandpa  Elvis and I entered the room.

“Old man, how glad I am to see you alive.”

“………….Fred, your eating style is  as messy as always.”

Takeo, this man is Goodwin.

Fred, this is Takeo. The man who saved me.”

“I’m Fred Jerry Goodwin.

Thank you for saving Earl Elvis.”

Takeo thought ‘Eh?’ Earl ????

“I am Kitamizato Takeo.

I haven’t really done anything but Mr. Elvis invited me home with him so I came.”

‘I smoothly finished my greeting. My experience as a working individual turned out to be useful’, thought Takeo.

“Hmm, so Fred, what are you here for?”

“The month after next, I want to do a joint recruit training for the soldiers from the 3 frontiers and I wanted to know your opinion.”

“So that’s what it is. I don’t have a problem. Speak with Robert and decide the schedule.”

Fredrick came forward.

“A correspondence has come from Sir Temple.”

He handed over the correspondence to Mr. Elvis.


After accepting the correspondence he started searching for something restlessly.

It seems like he found the thing he was searching for.

“Sorry, Takeo. Can you pass me those spectacles?”

He pointed to the spectacles placed in front of Takeo.

Takeo picked up the glasses and noticed that the lens was a little dirty.

He wiped off the dirt and checked the glasses for any other dirty spots !!!?

Takeo made a very surprised expression.

“Takeo, what happened?”

“Ah, no, nothing in particular…..”

With that, he handed over the glasses to Grandpa Elvis.

Grandpa Elvis seemed curious but accepted the glasses and started reading the correspondence.

“Robert is also asking the same thing as you.

‘The autumn harvest is over, what should we do the month after next?’”

“Understood. Then after consulting with the Earl we’ll decide the schedule.”

“Hnn, that would be good.

Since your work is done will you be returning now?”

“Oi Oi, you made me so worried, how uncaring……..

Maa, it’s true that I have nothing more to talk to you about.”

He looked towards Takeo.

“Who are you?”

That’s a very direct question, isn’t it?

Now I wonder how I should answer that.

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