Chapter 10

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Alice stared at the ceiling and started to calm down.

“I made a blunder….”

The person who saved my grandfather suddenly complimented my eyes.

Nobody has ever complimented me till now.

The moment he complimented my eyes, my face went really red and my anger towards grandfather also diffused.

I’m not sure. Was it because I was complimented or because I felt embarrassed….. what is the reason for this?

I left the room to go and check out the situation a bit.

Takeo and Fredrick were still waiting for Grandpa Elvis.

“…….Um, I would like to use the toilet.”

“That’s fine. Go straight then turn right at the end.”

“Understood. I’ll be going then.”

Takeo left after saying this.

‘That’s great’ thought Takeo.

He was relieved that Fredrick understood the word ‘toilet’.

Takeo had partially given up. ‘This is not Japan’ he thought.

But the immediate problem is the kind of toilet……

Is it a Japanese style toilet or a western-style toilet? Does it have mechanisms like flushing or pumping…….?

He continued walking and thinking until he reached the described place.

The feeling is a little weak right now but if it became strong……’s worrisome.

After he strengthened his resolve, he entered the toilet.

…………….Thank God.

It’s a western-style flushing mechanism.

Water flows out once you turn on the faucet.

I twist it several times to check.

………By the way, how did you wipe after yourself?

……..What if you need to use an Oak leaf-like plant……..

Try and imagine it……….it’s too horrible….

He investigates worriedly.

Suddenly he looks towards his foot and sees paper piled up on the floor.

A wave of relief washes over him.

“That’s great. That’s really great.”

He keeps muttering with tears in his eyes.

Once he’s done with his job…..he walks towards the garden visible from the front of the toilet with the intention to smoke and take a short break.

There is a lady (maid uniform?) in the garden. Let’s ask her.

“Excuse me. I want to smoke but since it’s a little dirty may I smoke in the garden?”

The lady seems to think for a bit.

“It’s alright if you don’t dirty the place.”

After receiving some permission, he lit the cigarette and inhaled deeply.

The break seemed to calm him down as he started organizing the information in his mind.

Now then, what was it…….

The man the Grandpa Elvis calls Fredrick, the lady known as Alice.

Clothes from medieval Europe…….this really isn’t Japan……..

But they speak Japanese. Ahhh………..I don’t want to believe it but this is definitely another world right?

Now he had given up completely and a feeling of gloom set over him when a voice called out.

As soon as Alice came out, she saw the guest coming out of the toilet.

For some reason, he seems to be going towards the backyard.

Let’s follow him and see.

Once he’s at the courtyard, he spoke to the maid about something, stopped near a wall, removed a small box from his bag, held a thin white rod in his mouth, and lit the end of the rod and absent-mindedly exhaled smoke from this mouth.

Somehow a feeling of sadness hung in the air, is it my imagination?

She strengthened her resolve and called out to him.

“Umm, dear guest?”

“Um, dear guest, what might you be doing here?”

Takeo turned around to face Lady Alice once he heard the voice.

“Ah, nothing, just recollecting my thoughts a little. Mr. Elvis might be back soon so I’ll return now.”

“…?…Um…Do you call Grandfather ‘Mr. Elvis’?”

“Yes. I called him ‘Mr’ since the time I met him and later when I realized that he is a person of high status I started calling him ‘Sir’ but I was told that it’s alright for me to continue calling him ’Mr’.”

“I see. I understand.”

With that, she seemed convinced.

At this moment Takeo remembered.

“Ah, Lady Alice, I was extremely rude to you earlier.”

 Takeo lowered his head.

Alice also remembered the matter and blushed.

“No, I too went inside suddenly, I apologize for that.”

“No, it was rude of me to point out specific features, especially of a Lady I had just met and call them beautiful.”

“That’s alright. It’s just that I was surprised since it was the first time someone told me that.”

“It was the first time…….was it? Is it not rare for people to have odd eyes here?

Even if that’s the case your eyes are really beautiful.”

Takeo said while nodding.

“Is it that rare at the place where you come from?”

“Yes. Approximately 1 person in 10000 people may have odd eyes or so it’s said but I have never met one before.

It’s my first time meeting someone with beautiful eyes such as yours.

But it’s also possible for a sick person’s eyes to have this……….don’t tell me…….Lady is…..”

“I’m healthy.”

“That’s great. I was thinking that I might have said something rude once again, a chill went through my body.”

In actuality, Takeo was experiencing cold sweat.

“Ah, I apologize for taking up so much of your time.

Most likely Mr. Elvis will be coming soon so I’ll take my leave now.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Then I’ll excuse myself.”

With that Takeo returned to where Fredrick was waiting.

While sending Takeo off, Alice thought.

“He doesn’t seem like a bad person.”

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