Chapter 9

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

Kitamizato Takeo was waiting with Fredrick at the door of the guest room for the old man.

“Was I extremely rude to Lady Alice earlier?”

Takeo asked Fredrick worriedly.

“Hmm…….from a third-person point of view, it was a little rude.

Common sense says that a person that hasn’t yet been introduced by the Lord, should not speak out, especially to a lady. 

But, it was also the Lord’s fault. It was your first time meeting and yet he didn’t give any introductions.

However, as a result, Lady Alice’s aura dissipated, you could say that it was a merit worthy performance.”

“Lady Alice’s face turned red. Do you think I made her really angry?”

“……..Tell me Takeo, when exactly do you think you ‘made Lady Alice really angry’ ?”

“Was it when I called her beautiful? Maybe  I should have said something different. Or maybe it would be better to just greet her and left.”

“Takeo, what impressions do you have of  ‘odd eyes’ (Heterochromia)?”

“I don’t really have any feelings other than thinking it’s beautiful though?”

“Fufu…….I heard something good.” 

Takeo simply gave his impressions without understanding a thing.

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