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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 15

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

A black cat named Kuro.

Perhaps the voice I kept hearing is Yuki’s voice…

Was I acquainted with Yuki before…?

“Ms. Rachel? Is something the matter?”

I was a bit stiff when Makoto spoke to me. I shook my head in response.

“No, I was just remembering something that felt a bit nostalgic. I feel like I had a friend a long time ago who owned a black cat named Kuro, though I don’t remember when that was.

“That is a pretty amazing coincidence.”

Makoto charmingly laughed.

I certainly don’t doubt that there are a lot of people that named their cats Kuro if the cat is black.

A coincidence huh… I certainly hope that’s all it is.

Otherwise, it would mean that I used to be in the same dimension as Yuki.

“Ah, speaking of the devil, Kuro is here.”

Makoto points at the black cat elegantly walking towards us from the door that she left open.

The cat approaches us with its tail stretched upwards swaying back and forth. It approaches Shiro and rubs its nose against Shiro’s nose as a greeting. In response, Shiro started licking Kuro’s cheeks, and Kuro started purring.

“These two sure get along huh?”

“Yeah, they’re often together.”

Makoto laughs softly as she looks at Shiro and Kuro.

“As a present, we were given these two as soon as we arrived by the people in this dimension. It seems the Lecontini empire gives a cat to any wanderers from other dimensions.”

“Oh, I’ve heard about that. In the Lecontini empire, it is said that it is a good fortune to have a cat around you.”

I see.

So Makoto and Yuki received a cat as soon as they came over here. In that case, perhaps the voice I heard earlier was not Yuki’s voice.

It is said that if you were to try to harm a cat in the Lecontini empire, divine power will blast you away to another kingdom. Since cats are treated with so much respect in that country, it was also natural to respect those who owned cats as well. After all, it is also said that if harm comes to the person that a cat likes, then divine retribution will also come to the person harming them as well.

Though I’m not exactly sure if it’s true or not.

“These two are pretty cute and clever you know.”

Makoto blurted out while fondly looking at the two cats. It feels like Makoto was really fond of the cats.

“By the way, did you or Yuki own a cat in your original dimensions?”

I couldn’t help but think that Yuki was one of the voices in the conversations I kept hearing, and before I knew it, I asked her that question.

“No, both of us wanted to own a cat but our apartments… Or rather, the houses that we were borrowing didn’t allow for pets.

“Is that so?”


It’s supposed to be the first time I’ve heard of such a word, but for some reason, I can easily imagine what it is.

A very small square-shaped space with a bed, a kitchen, a bath, and a toilet. A place that’s much smaller than the room I’m living in right now, and a place where your daily livelihood was all compressed into one single place. Although up until now I have never lived in such a place, I wonder why I can paint such a clear picture of it?

“Apartment … Number 205. Ikaruga?”

I wonder what this is.

I unknowingly muttered those words as they unconsciously flowed into my head.

Hearing those words, Makoto widened her eyes.

“Isn’t that… Our room number? On top of that, our surnames…? Rachel… Just who are…”

“Ray! Is everything ok?”

As Makoto mutters to herself deep in thought, Lord Edward suddenly appeared.

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