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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 17

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

The outer sect of Yuqing was built on one of five mountain peaks of Chaoyang Peak. From top-down to the foot of the mountain, houses and courtyards were built according to the mountain features, and huge stepping stones were placed from top to the foot of the mountain with it.

At the foot of the mountain, there is a huge courtyard with hundreds of houses where the outer disciples stay. People keep coming at blue stones pavement outside the courtyard wearing different clothing. Some wearing shabby clothes, some dress elegantly, some came by themselves, some were accompanied by their servants. They are ordinary people, but they could have a chance to be an outer disciple as long as they pass the test.

No matter how difficult the situation of Yuqing sect was, yet it’s still the sect for cultivating to be immortals. Those who are planning to enter the sect may not be thinking of becoming immortals. As long as they learn some basic skills, it is enough for them to get wealthy and powerful. Aside from that, even if someone who merely came from Lianqi realm, could be recognized as a master, so it’s just easy to get wealth and power. 

But the activity today was not held on the foot of the mountain, but on the top of Chaoyang Peak. Chaoyang Peak was not really high, the peak of the mountain seemed to be especially flattened and became a huge flat peak. Today, the outer disciple’s exam was held above this flat peak.

Ye Zan followed Elder Mo to Yuquan peak to Headmaster Wu Changsheng, as well as two Jindan masters Jin Dasheng and Luo Jinniang. After greeting and chatting with each other, they went to Chaoyang Peak with flying swords. Ye Zan stepped on it, it was actually a flying board shaped into a sword.

On the flat top of Chaoyang Peak, there are already ten platforms set up outside the Chaoyang Palace. Hundreds of outer disciples came early today to Yuqing sect and were already waiting. At their Golden age that year, Yuqing sect once held a test outside the sect and it lasted for more than a month, and the first day was about to end now. 

It was supposed to be a grand event, and honestly, it really didn’t deserve the word “grand event”.

When Ye Zan and others arrived at the flat peak, Headmaster Wu Changsheng went to the platform to show up, after saying some encouragement, Jin Dasheng announced the start of completion. Some people entered the palace just to watch but they don’t feel like watching this so they just wait until the competition ends and they may leave. They didn’t even bother to look at it at all. They just waited for the result of the competition.

However, a few people just entered Chaoyang Palace and just sat down. Ye Zan was planning to go out alone to watch the lively scene, but a disciple came running to report something.

“Reporting to the headmaster, Master Luo Miao of Jin Guang sect came to watch the competition with his disciples, and is now waiting at the foot of the mountain.” The disciple said after greeting him. 

Then, another disciple came in, after greeting Wu Changsheng and the rest, he said, “Reporting to the headmaster, Master Wang Lianshan of Wuzhu sect came to watch the competition with his disciples, he was already at the foot of the mountain now.”

People came to watch the competition is a good thing, it means that people have a good relationship with everyone and that others have given themselves a face. However, upon hearing the reports of the two disciples, Wu Changsheng and others looked alarmed all of a sudden.

 “Sister Luo, please come down and meet them.” Wu Changsheng’s tone was a bit serious and helpless at the same time. As if he was displeased to welcome those two people who came to watch the competition. 

“As you wish.” although she obeyed him, yet Luo Jinniang had a grim look as well. she got up and went out after that.

Luo Jinniang went out to greet the guests, and when she came back with them, the atmosphere in the palace got a little strange, much different from before.

Ye Zan glanced curiously at the person next to him, he couldn’t help poking elder Mo who was sitting next to him with his elbow, he asked, “Old Mo, what’s the matter, why are you still not happy? they came to watch and support this competition.”

“Humph!” Elder Mo Da snorted coldly, and said, “Watch and support? No one would come without any purpose, they are here to ruin the event.”

“Jinguang sect and Wuzhu sect were originally a branch sect of Yuqing, but the two factions became independent thousands of years ago. Since then, they have been opposing my sect. They said, they just want to watch but in reality, they just want to see what new talents we have. Any new talents deserve their attention, even…” Wu Changsheng suddenly spoke and didn’t realize how angry and helpless he was.

Ye Zan understood it after hearing about Wu Changsheng’s explanation, no wonder they have the same look. The two sects said they came to observe the competition, but in fact, they looked at who was worth digging into. If they couldn’t dig into them, they could find a way to kill them, just like their encounter with Qi Qianjun. They must don’t underestimate those outer disciples, they’re the foundation of a sect. The two sect practices are just like digging into the roots of Yuqing sect.

But what could Yuqing sect say in such a situation? what could they do?

Not to mention the Jinguang and Wuzhu sect backgrounds, no one knows which of them was the greater sect. Yuqing sect cannot actually suppress these two sects only with their current strength. Jinguang and Wuzhu sect also have Grandmaster Yuanying who was taking care of them, it would be better if they would have no deter against Yuqing sect.

Besides, regardless of what tricks they have behind, they’re making Yuqing sect look unreasonable. People following the right way are always good at doing this kind of thing. If Yuqing directly refused them today for coming there, they would look unreasonable for not giving them a face, and they might reveal something if Yuqing refused them. So no matter how displeased Elder Mo was, he had to send someone to greet them, he had to smile at them even if he hates them.

In the end, the saddest part was you may not give face to anyone if you have power, but you have to behave yourself if you don’t have power.

Soon, Luo Jinniang entered with two people.

Unreasonable. After Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan came in, they smiled and greeted Wu Changsheng and others so that their filthy schemes behind can’t be seen. On the part of Yuqing sect, of course, they can’t let those two ridicule them, so Wu Changsheng smiled at them.

“Brother Mo, who is this friend?” After greeting him, Luo Miao saw Ye Zan, the young man sitting beside Mo Rushi. He got curious about him especially when he learned that this young man had actually cultivated in the Lianqi realm.

Since he’s just a cultivator in Lianqi Realm, he won’t likely be someone that Yuqing would attract from outside. But if he’s Mo Rushi’s disciple or nephew, he shouldn’t be sitting beside him, but standing behind him.

“That’s right brother Mo, I have never seen him before, could you introduce him to us?” Wang Lianshan asked too, it’s obvious that he was curious about Ye Zan as well.

Jinguang and Wuzhu sect were once branches of Yuqing Sect. Although they are independent now, they still have the same master. People learning about the right path were particular about who was in the higher and lower position, no matter what Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan still have to call Mo Rushi “brother”.

“Haha,” Mo Rushi laughed hypocritically, then he pointed to Ye Zan beside him and said, “He is Ye Zan, the disciple who took master’s place just lately, he’s my disciple, you can call him brother.”

Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan were surprised for a moment when they heard that as if they thought they’re hearing things. They might believe Mo Rushi saying he took him as a disciple, after all, there was Qi Qianjun who was taken as a disciple more than two decades ago, so it is not surprising for him to accept another disciple now. But, it is often a master’s last will that a disciple takes Master’s place, but Mo Rushi’s master was dead a hundred years already, so how could it be possible that he still took a disciple to replace his place?

Is it to embarrass us, so he let us call that disciple from Lianqi realm “brother”?  Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan thought that it was really possible, after all, Yuqing sect could only use him against them.

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