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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 6 Chapter 96

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 6 Chapter 96

Writing the letter

That night, Older Brother and Ghilane returned with their magical powers exhausted, though nothing changed outwardly. Ghilane and Ash returned to the Imperial Palace, and Older Brother decided to stay overnight.

I filled the lapis lazuli that hung on Older Brother’s neck with my magic power. During the last two years, the magic powers of Miyu, Ash, and Ghilane had been mixed with mine many times, and the quality of my magic powers have probably improved. After the <peace of mind> and <good luck> I had enchanted already, I added <well-being, peace and prosperity in the household> once more. Older Brother had spent all his energy and time just so that me and Lu may live in peace. I want him to have a happy family in the wonderful land of Granzeus someday.
(T/N: <Unwavering Will> changed to <Peace Of Mind>. It was the charm Sera used on the lapis lazuli in chapter 46)

That said, I think I somehow feel like I’m in a better position in that regard since I’m already engaged. Anyway, I’m sure Older Brother can work things out for himself somehow. Right?

This isn’t where I should stick my nose into, right?

“With this necklace by my side, I always feel like Serafiona was right next to me. It has helped me to always be sane in the mind.”

The <peace of mind> charm seems to be working well. That’s good.

“Ah! I almost forgot!”

Older Brother takes out a pair of green earrings from his <magic room>. They have clear emeralds, just like Papa and Older Brother eyes.

“I dug these out in the territory. I thought a blue one like His Majesty’s eyes would please you more, but then I recalled Serafiona being sad because your eyes are of different colours from mine and Father. Consider this my congratulatory gift for your engagement.”

It’s so beautiful… My eyes are getting teary.

“Brother… Can you help me do the piercings?”

I lift my hair up.

“It’s tingling… Yes, next… Yes, it’s done! Whoa! It looks great.”

Lu came and licked the little amount of blood flowing out.

“Serafiona is the daughter of Granzeus. If you have a hard time, you can always come back home.”

The earrings have Older Brother’s defensive magic, which will protect me when I’m in danger. It harmonises with the similar Ghilane’s defensive magic on the plate. In light of the failure I experienced at the battle against His Highness Schneider, I made sure to never remove it, even when I’m not in combat.

I lightly touch my ears. The proof that I am a Granzeus no matter where I might end up going is here.

“Older Brother… I love you. Thank you very much.”

I wrapped my arms around Older Brother’s neck and kissed both his eyelids with love. I will treasure this beautiful emerald I received today.

May Older Brother’s eyes shine forever, and reflect only the truth.

“If you don’t mind Lu-sama, please accept this. With father, me, and Serafiona, the four of us will always be a family, like we had always been.”

Older Brother gives an oversized emerald necklace to Lu. A show of his oversized reverence for Lu.

Anyway, this big size definitely is the work of the <good luck> charm. That’s good!

「Not a collar that binds me down, but rather, proof that we are moving forward together as one…… That’s good. I have always loved the Granzeus.」

Lu lowers his head and lets Older Brother help him wear the necklace. But, who was the one that binds Lu back to home…… It’s Matsuki isn’t it?! I want to tsukkomi, but stopped after I read the mood we are currently in.

The emerald dangles with my little lapis lazuli, sparkling from underneath Lu beautiful silvery fur.

The three people check each other’s green emeralds, and laugh. Just like when we were children, when we were successful in creating new magic.

I wrote a letter to Papa and Grandmother next to Lu and Older Brother who can finally relax.

“Serafiona, will His Majesty be kind to you?”

Ghilane’s kindness is a bit difficult to understand.

“Older Brother is much gentler, but I trust Ghilane.”

“Really so…”

Older Brother makes a small smile.

It turns out that Granzeus is in a situation where the military are constantly putting pressure on it, so it was decided that it would be better for Older Brother to enter and leave Galle in a grandiose rather than sneakily. I haven’t had the title just yet, but he is the elder brother of the next Queen after all. Older Brother is given a handwritten visa from Ghilane himself. He would not have to smuggle himself across anymore.

Then, I asked my parent guild, Trundle Guild, as an adventurer, to allow me to sign up with Galle’s capital’s Galea Guild. Guilds all worked independently on the surface, but there is not much censorship between guilds. This time, Ghilane guarantees that there would not be anyone stupid enough to raise a hand against a member from Trundle Guild… as it should be even without his intervention.

“The Princess is a Gold ranker from Trundle…… Those black eyes…”

The guild leader of the Galea Guild is an arafō (a woman of around 40). Her name is Olivia-san. She was boasting about her magic power, but her attitude changed as soon as she saw my plate. As I had already known from the case with Arthur, Galle really is a place where strength is absolute. In a way, it is similar to Trundle. Though, Trundle doesn’t use sneaky means, unlike with Richard.

“Creating a hotline with Trundle was a bit of a hassle. Will there be any benefits for me?”

“Well, I think you should be having great expectations?”

Or, it would be a personal connection with Ghilane?

“Then, how about we do it now?”

It’s here! Another muscle-brained fellow!

Looking towards Sasaki-san, he just shrugged and nodded.

“I’m fine with that. But please keep things confidential.”

Olivia-san shot out a 1m diameter flamethrower. It’s very hot! Immediately, Miyu-tan’s water magic forms on the dome’s ceiling. And drops. And that’s it.

The Guild Master is completely soaked and is crawling to the ground from the water pressure.

“S-sorry. I should have adjusted it a little more!”

Olivia-san shakes her head.

“It is as expected of the 『Evil Princess Elsa』’s granddaughter…… This much is nothing…… I wouldn’t have minded even if it was stronger…… Princess…… You’re the best… -guho-!”

A pervert that is pleased with getting hit…… The second person in my life already. Aren’t the chances of meeting one too high?

Right then and there, I received Galea Guild’s platinum plate. I wanted Trundle Guild’s platinum plate, so I thought I would turn it down, but that would hurt the Galea Guild’s pride. So, I just accept it. I sandwiched the plate next to Ghilane’s platinum plate and my gold plate. There are 4 plates now. It’s quite heavy. My shoulders will be getting stiff real quick at this rate.

I infuse my magic on one of the platinum plates.



Strong magic power can be felt from it, and I gave it to the already overprotected Ghilane.
(T/N: So the 4 plates Sera have are 1 from Ghilane, 2 of Trundle’s golden plates, and 1 of Galea’s platinum plate)

Ghilane paired my plate with his own. His chest is then adorned with two platinum plates, as it should be, and the lapis lazuli.


Guild Master Olivia-san is down with a nosebleed. Just why?

Anyway, with this, Granzeus, Trundle, and Eris-onee-san will be able to get in touch three-ways.

『Dear Serafiona,

I have heard from Lalouza that you are doing well, and I am relieved. I have also heard about how beautiful you have become. I really want to see you soon.

And congratulations. As your father, I was not able to give you any advice, and had no time to state my thoughts about it, and I wasn’t there to give you support on any of the big events in your life, I’m really really sorry.

But I respect all of Serafiona’s choices and only wish for Serafiona’s happiness.

That said, Serafi, where does your happiness lie?

Will you be safe if you simply stay quietly next to His Majesty in Galle till you turn 17 next year?

Or do you wish to attack Maribelle, considering that she will eventually get in your way anyway?

You will also have to fight Prince Schneider now too.

On the other hand, will you relocate to a place where Maribelle’s power won’t reach? But based on what criteria will you judge to have escaped from her?

What are your plans? How do you wish to deal with it? No matter what choice you made, be prepared for every possible outcome. Depending on how you plan to go about it, you may not have the time to delay things any longer.

Please consult with Lu-sama on everything and make plans carefully.

I’ll be waiting for your reply. Your father』

I hand the letter to Lu.

Lu, who is currently helping himself to Matsuki’s latest fondant chocolate cake that came along with the letter, has no thoughts of receiving it.

「Wooooww―! The inside looks amazing―! I have to make up for the lost time I could have spend with Matsuki―!!!」

It’s no use. I give up, and look at the letter once again.

Being passive, I think that’s no longer possible…

But if I would not be convicted, betrayed, or killed, I wish to live quietly in this world.

But what if, if I don’t fight, that won’t be possible?

Can’t I live safely without dirtying my hands?

Can I allow Father and Ghilane’s hands to be dirty for my sake?

「Sera, what does Isaac say?」

“Lu, I don’t feel like talking to a guy whose face is covered in chocolate.”



「Sera, what does Isaac say?」

Lu, who just used <cleansing magic> on his entire body, and is now sparkling clean, repeated his question. I hand him the letter.

「Sera… I want to be with you until you have spent the entirety of your life. Any and all unreasonable attacks will be crushed.」

“But at the moment, I have not been attacked yet.”

「Have you forgotten about nearly being killed!」

“That is……”

「Sera, war is never the right answer, but one doesn’t need any justification to start one. And it will inevitably result in the existence of a winning and losing side. It will do you no good to look for the cause the war broke out in the first place, and to try to avoid getting involved in it as much as possible.」

“I… I’m not trying to be a good girl in the first place.”

「It’s not about whether you are good or not. But Sera is a very kind person nonetheless…… Yet Sera has suffered so much pain in the previous life. But even if my hands will be dyed with blood, it will be different from the last time.」

“What are―?”

「The last time, you carried the blood, burden, and sins, all alone. This time, I will carry it with you.」


「We are one body. And we have shared our blood Sera. We will go against that unreasonable power together.」

“But, what about the <taboo>?”

「If I choose to refrain, and Sera disappears because of that, my despair will have no end. This will surely be better than that.」

I hug Lu, and bury my face in his fur. Just touching Lu’s fur is enough to calm my turbulent heart. A faint smell of chocolate mixed with the refreshing scent, which makes me want to laugh and have me relaxed at the same time.

「First if all, let’s brainstorm the most effective strategy. The two of us.」

“The two of us……”

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