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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 14

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker


As I am oppressed with these thoughts as to what Makoto, Yuki, and Lord Edward are talking about right this moment, I hear the cries of a cat from somewhere.

I slowly look around my surroundings.

it seemed like a cat had entered from a window that was just slightly open. The gap was just about 5 centimeters.

By the window, a white cat was just sitting there looking at me.

“What an adorable one. Did you get lost?”

As I tried talking with the cat, the cat responds with a “meow” as if it understood my words. The cat walked towards me elegantly. It was a white cat with a long tail that was stretched upwards.

“Come over here.”

As I said that, the cat swiftly hops over to the sofa I was sitting in. The cat was staring fixedly at me with its round blue eyes. They were very pretty.

As I look back into the cat’s eyes, I unconsciously reach out with my hands and gently rub its cheek.

The soft sensation of its fur felt very comforting.

Perhaps the cat was feeling good too, the cat squints its eyes and rubs its head against my hand. I felt like I could just forget every unpleasant feeling from just the touch of the cat’s soft fur and warm body.

It would be nice if I could just stay like this and completely forget everything.


The cat cries out as if saying that I shouldn’t do that.

“What’s your name?”


Even though it’s not like I can have a conversation with a cat, I unconsciously asked for its name. The cat’s fur was well-kept, and it seemed like its overall health was good as well, which led me to think that it had an owner. The cat’s white fur did not even have a spot of dirt on it which was proof that the cat was being taken care of properly.

I have no idea how much time passed, but we stayed like this for a little while. The cat had fallen asleep while it curled up with its head on my lap.

That peaceful and tranquil moment was interrupted by a knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

The royal guard that was in front of the door didn’t stop them, so it probably wasn’t a dangerous person. I waited for a response as I thought of that.

“It’s Makoto. I wanted to apologize to you for what happened earlier…”

“Oh, Makoto. Please come in.”

Makoto had said in an apologetic tone. I wasn’t particularly mad about what happened earlier. If anything, I was just confused about whether I could continue trusting Lord Edward or not. I encouraged Makoto to enter.

“Excuse me,” Makoto says as she enters the room.

“Sorry for not getting up and greeting you personally, right now I have a cute little guest with me. Please, sit down over there.”

I said to Makoto, urging her to sit down on the sofa that’s right in front of me as to not wake up the cat that’s sleeping on my lap.

Makoto whispers something to the knights and then started walking over.

I wonder what she told him, whatever it was, it wasn’t to tell them to close the doors. As she faced towards me, she had a surprised face.

“What’s the matter?”

“Oh uh… That white cat. That’s my cat.”

It seems like this cute cat was Makoto’s cat. She was probably surprised seeing her cat here out of nowhere.

“Oh I see, it’s a very cute one. What is its name?”

I asked Makoto as I gently stroked the cat’s head as to wake it up.

“Its name is Shiro.”

“That’s cute! Named exactly after its looks. Hehe.”

The name of this cute cat was Shiro. Makoto may not really have a good sense of naming things after all. I mean, the name Shiro is very cute but… It feels more like a dog’s name.

Somehow, that absolute lack of a naming sense feels a bit nostalgic for some reason… I wonder why…

“This cat is black, so it’s called Kuro!”

“Really? Kuro…?”

“I mean, the cat is black after all.”

Suddenly, I heard the same voices as before.

It was a conversation with someone familiar. But I still can’t remember exactly who was having that conversation.

“Yuki has a cat too. Yuki’s cat is black, so she named it Kuro.”

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