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Terrarium Adventure – Chapter 1

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke


Master! The diamond wagon is full! Empty the wagon!

During the lecture, there was a notification message and sound.

Thanks to the professor’s loud voice and me sitting all the way at the back, everyone could have heard the notification sound. I forgot to set my phone into silent mode before the lecture began.

My classmate who sat next to me turned to me due to the notification sound. He clicked his tongue as I was pushing the message while turning my phone to silent mode.

“Do you still use that? Aren’t you tired of it? You are really into it.”

He was scolding me while whispering at me but I ignored it. Today, I had already heard it 3 times.

It’s none of your business if I play games or not. The phone screen was currently displaying the game <Infinite Diamond> along with dwarfs who were constantly pickaxing the diamond mines. 

After a short loading screen, I entered into the game and the wagon was full of diamonds which were bigger than the mine.

The diamonds would not accumulate until you emptied the wagon.

With a red alarming message, dwarfs who had no work procrastinated and rolled under the cart. 

As I touched the cart, the dwarfs stood up and divided themselves into two groups: one group carried the diamonds to my inventory and the other group continued pickax the mine.

My possessed number of diamonds, 9,8xx,xxx,xxx,xxx… constantly increased and if I fill and empty the cart twice, I will reach the limit for the number of diamonds in this game.

In order to unlock the last achievement, I needed to obtain ‘999,999,999,999,999’ diamonds.

Achieved Work [???], Compensation Rate [???]

On the official fan page of this game, perhaps the developer wanted to prepare for the next update and emptied the space or made it temporarily to be treated as a gimmick (Feature to attract attention). The reason I’m playing this game for more than a year is to unlock such an achievement.

I can’t stay curious and once I start, I should stick it out until the end!

<Infinite Diamond> was one of numerous idle games released in the mobile game market as the ‘Infinite xx’ series, which was a hit.

The object of the game was to revive the village by using and producing the diamonds by becoming the master of dwarfs in the village.

If you tapped rigorously, a number of diamonds could be obtained based on the number of taps. However, you ultimately had to have the game run automatically even if you turned the game off by increasing the additional option to produce diamonds.

I had to hire more dwarfs at mines, increase their levels, level up their pickaxes and increase storage space…

By doing so, I can increase the automatic productivity per second and when I turn off the game, an alarm will appear so I can log in sometimes just to move the cart full of diamonds into my inventory.

<Infinite Diamond> had been out for 1 year and the developer didn’t have high expectations. Instead, the developer rather copied the popular trend so there were no update after 3 months since launching the game while the official fan page didn’t bother to erase spam posts.

It was to the extent where the server just simply existed. As the company abandoned the game, most of the users left the game and people who remained to play the game were like me who had to achieve every goal until the end.

As users including myself waited patiently for 1 year, it was possible to empty the diamond cart every day. Besides, there were no content updates as users had already conquered all the quests.

By using the diamonds, the desolate and abandoned dwarf village became a large empire as the dwarfs had been enhanced to their maximum level.

Since we didn’t have any use for diamonds anymore, we acted like rich men abundant with cash by purchasing useless items until we reached the max or changed hair colors and clothing for the dwarfs which had nothing to do with diamond production.

At this point, users who wondered ‘What should I do next?’ had left the game and people who didn’t leave the game only looked toward one goal.

[???] Achievement.

Now, even the spam posts which were irrelevant to the game were rare, and writing a message on the official fan page led to lots of comments.

An achievement which no user has ever achieved before was possessing 999,999,999,999,999 diamonds.

At first, nobody knew such an achievement existed from the beginning — that’s because the compensation for possessing a certain amount of diamonds was more diamonds. So, people who had plenty of diamonds didn’t bother to achieve such a goal.

Also, due to game’s characteristics, the diamond production increased exponentially after a certain point so the achievement increased by a dozen every time. Thus, most of the users didn’t bother to tap every single time to receive compensation.

Users who abandoned the game weren’t interested in such hassles… 

One day, one user managed to unlock all the achievements despite their laziness and at last there was an achievement that popped up [???].

At the time, the user with the most diamonds had ‘millions’ and as the user looked at the achievement requirement of ‘trillions’, they thought it was a bug, gimmick, or once the achievement is unlocked, the game will reset.

The objective for the users who unlocked all the other achievements were determined. They could become heroes by unlocking the [???] achievement before anybody.

Of course, that hero was going to be me.

“Hey, stop playing that game and play ‘Terrarium Adventure’ with me. It’s currently in closed beta and it will be officially released next month. Friends in our class have already chosen their nicknames and are waiting for the game. Have a look at this.”

A classmate avoided eye contact with the professor and handed his phone to me. The screen was showing a bright and fancy game introduction that the illustrators had poured their souls into.

All the characters were pretty and handsome. It was way better than <Infinite Diamond> which was a conventional dotted graphic game.

“It’s from the same developer…”

There was something that attracted me other than hundreds of character cards, featuring famous novelists on the game scenario and an extensive amount of investment.

Other than fancy advertisement slogan, what got me was that this game was produced by a studio which developed <Infinite Diamond>. I thought all of sudden that <Infinite Diamond> would close in the near future.

“I’m going to make a guild and you should join me. We need people like you who put effort into playing games.”

He doesn’t know how I feel. What if the server closes before I unlock the [???] achievement?

My classmate continued to share his expectation towards <Terrarium Adventure> and made me enter my mobile number for beta access.

It was possible only because from the beginning — I hated such random card drawing games and I was into unlocking achievements. I was also aware of the professor looking at us.

As I became anxious, I tapped before the diamond was full inside the cart and sent it to my inventory. Since I thought I couldn’t focus on the lecture anyway, I skipped the rest of class.

I took a bus home in the middle of the day and went to the official fan page after a long time. Users who were playing the game had the same concerns.

Nobody thought that the server might close because we were just focused on unlocking the [???] achievement.

Perhaps the company was taking a loss because they have to maintain the server while users don’t make any payments while playing with the content. There is no point in keeping something that’s unprofitable.

Since the company fulfilled 1 year of service, all that was left for them to do was to notify users that they were closing the server.

I left a few comments and went back to the game screen. I went to a cash shop which I hadn’t clicked for the last few months.

‘Buff increased productivity speed.’ I have to send a full cart twice to my inventory.

It’s pointless to spend money on a dead game… I didn’t have to think long. I paid for 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, and 20x buff items in a row. 

My phone vibrated for a long time due to a text message telling me that the payment was made successfully. Dwarfs began rigorously pickaxing like the speed of a bus wheel heading home. Once I get home, I will stare at my phone all day.

As I was taking my shoes off, I heard an alarm notification. I quickly looked at the phone thinking that it was a notification sound to tell me that the cart was full. It was a notification with a text message saying that I had successfully signed up for beta access for <Terrarium Adventure>.

Thank you for booking in advance for <Terrarium Adventure>, a beautiful RPG which I developed with my own hands. Welcome Druid. Blabla…

Anyway, I was wondering when I deactivated silent mode, and at that moment there was a message telling me that my cart was full.

I consistently tapped the bus on the screen to fill the cart so if my prediction is correct, this is the last load. Adore me, users. I shall unlock the [???] achievement first!

I was ready to take a screenshot so I left my bag on the ground and sat in front of the house. My heart was racing and I didn’t know that the loading took this long. 80%, 90%, 100%… it was done!

The Diamond Cart was full and there was a red alarm message: ‘The diamonds will not be accumulated unless you empty the cart.’ I thought it seemed right by looking at the number of diamonds I owned.

As I touched the cart, the dwarfs swiftly moved the diamonds to my inventory. Diamonds started filling the underground safe. I managed to fulfill 999, 999, 999, 999, 999 diamonds!

In fact, the game’s ‘maximum statistic’ predicted by some users was perhaps correct. The screen was filled with 9’s. Now, there was a blue light on the [???] achievement completion button which I had been waiting for a long time!

Ah, how long have I been looking forward to this moment?! I took a screenshot so that the number of diamonds was shown clearly and I took a screen capture of the activated screen before closing the game.

I managed well to play a mediocre game without a world or scenario and only diamond production existed! (That was the charm of abandoned games.)

If this was a game disc, there would be an ending where I press the complete button! With a trembling hand, I pressed the button. And…

Congratulations. You have completed the [???] achievement.

As a reward, you have obtained ???!

What? That’s it? Previously when I unlocked achievements, the dwarfs would clap for me for a few moments and they resume pickaxing.

It’s futile. Unlike someone’s concern, the game didn’t reset. Still, because it’s a gimmick, I couldn’t see the completed game or the hidden story. What is ‘???’ When I looked out the window for the possessed item, there was a black cube and it was my first time seeing it.

Unexpectedly, there was a command called ‘use’. It seemed like a buggy item which didn’t have an image. Is this game really outdated?

I took a screen capture and pressed use. One side of the cube opened and a golden key appeared. The item name was ‘Mystery Key’. It was so huge that it would cover the whole game screen.

What is this? The game really started acting up and it affected the phone so I wasn’t able to screenshot it. The game can blow up but my phone can’t blow up. 

This cost a lot! I urgently tapped the screen and pressed the power button and volume buttons, but my phone froze and wouldn’t move or turn off after the key screen.

I played this game so much! How could this game manage to break my phone? I even paid for it! It’s getting on my nerves as I have to pay to repair my phone since the warranty has expired.

At that moment… My phone’s brightness turned greater by itself although I set it to the lowest to conserve the battery. I glared at the screen while worrying if the phone really broke.

Then… It was too suspicious to say it was a screen brightness problem…It flashed… shocking my eyes…?

How the heck is this crazy phone is making the house so bright..! I wasn’t even inside my house.

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