Chapter 8

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“We’ll be reaching the mansion soon.”

The coachman informed the people inside the carriage.

“Hmm….already……..soon is it……..”

He droops his head.

How depressed is this old man due to his relative?

In Takeo’s mind, the old man’s level falls to a regular grandpa.

As the atmosphere inside the carriage became similar to a funeral, Fredrick straightened his back and closed his eyes.

… Is he meditating?  Is there an aspect like Zen over here as well?

“Fredrick……. let’s get down here.”

“Lord, I think that will be difficult.

There is a possibility that we may be seen from the mansion and if we are seen walking back to the mansion it will seem very suspicious.”


The carriage continues to smoothly move forward …

As we pass through a rather large gate, Fredrick begins to explain.

“So for now, I’ll get down first, then Sir Takeo and then the Lord.”

“Is that really alright?”

“Yes. During such a situation, I would usually get down first. Then the Lord and then Sir Takeo. In other words, the guest would get down last but since this is a special case………..”

He looked towards his Lord.

“I cannot predict the behavior of Lady Alice once she sees the Lord. 

There is a possibility that Sir Takeo may not even be able to get off the carriage.”

“Is there a possibility of her charging  at us?”

“Most definitely.”

“I understand. Anyway, I’m not sure about the etiquette so I may make a mistake.

So kindly excuse me.”

I bowed lightly to Fredrick.

“No, there has been no problem with your behavior so far so please continue being yourself.”

“…… Takeo…… why don’t you tell me?”

“Right now, it’s not the time for that right?”

“Hmm……Sorry, right now I can’t bother about Takeo.”

…… Grandpa ……

He’s trembling like a pitiful person …… and sighing ……

In the meantime, the carriage stops in front of a big building.

“Shall we go?”

“I understand.”


Grandpa is unable to speak.

“Now then it’s time to pay your dues.”

Takeo turned towards the Grandpa and grinned.

“I cannot bear it.”

The door of the carriage opened and Fredrick stepped out, followed by Takeo. The building now became visible to Takeo.


He said without thinking.

There was a spectacular white marble mansion that looked almost like a museum.

“I’m sorry.”

Thinking that I did something rude, I lightly bowed to Fredrick and moved towards the door near him. Fredrick returned the bow with a smile.

……….Grandpa can come out now.

Grandpa doesn’t come out immediately.

“Hnn”. Fredrick clears his throat.

Did he finally resign to the fact? The old man got down slowly.

His legs trembling noticeably as he alighted.

“You’ve ………. You’ve worked hard.”

Grandpa said this with a slightly high-pitched voice.

Fredrick bowed lightly.

“Let’s go?”

Slowly, we walked towards the entrance.

The order is – Old man Elvis. Takeo. Fredrick.

Beside the door of the building, there’s a woman who immediately turns to face us.

That is ………

Somehow she looks powerful.

Is she about 160cm?

Although she is relatively slender, she seems to be beautiful.

Once we approach the woman, she holds the ends of her skirt with both hands and does a curtsy. Stepping back diagonally with one leg and bending one knee slightly, with her spine extended.

“Grandfather, welcome back.”

“Hmm, Alice, I made you worry.”

“I’ll go with you.”

“Alice. I have a lot to tell you but I heard from Fredrick.

Sir Goodwin is visiting, right?

Let me take care of that first.

Can you wait a while?”

“………Yes. I understand. Lord Goodwin is waiting in the guest room. I’ll be waiting in my room so please call me later.”

She did a curtsy once more and walked past old man Elvis.

Grandpa Elvis also responded with a slight nod.

“Fredrick, I am tired from the journey but please get the tea ready. 

I’ll go change my clothes and return.”


Fredrick conveys this as he walks away from old man Elvis and Takeo to the opposite side of the place the young lady is standing in and opens the door.

After the old man passed by the lady, Takeo was about to pass by her too.

I thought it may be rude to pass by without saying anything. So I called out.

“Are you Lady Alice?”

“Yes, I am Alice Henry Elvis.

Dear guest, thank you for saving my grandfather this time.”

Fredrick is a little surprised to hear Takeo speak.

“I am Kitamizato Takeo. I haven’t done anything special but Mr. Elvis decided to invite me home with him. I thought it may be bothersome for all of you so please excuse me.”

This is when Takeo noticed.

His eyes were fixed at Lady Alice’s face.


Immediately Lady Alice’s facial expression became dark.

“Those eyes are beautiful.”


The lady made a weird sound.

When Takeo looked at her, he realized that Lady Alice had Heterochromia (both pupils are of a different color).

Her right pupil is red and the left is blue.

The red pupil is like ruby and the blue pupil is like a sapphire, both are of beautiful color.

“Are you a person with Heterochromia?  I am seeing it for the first time but both the eyes are a clear beautiful color.

I don’t really know you well but your eyes really suit you.”


Lady Alice’s face turns red.

“Dear guest, I-I’ll be returning to my room, pl-please excuse me! Please make yourself comfortable.”

She quickly went inside after saying this.

Ahh……thought Takeo.

He seemed to have angered her.

Normally, telling a Lady you met for the first time that she is beautiful is not very polite.

I was getting stressed out by thinking that I angered her.

In the meantime, Grandpa Elvis and Fredrick stood still while looking completely astonished.

Takeo gathered himself and looked towards them.

Old man Elvis gave him a thumbs-up as if saying [GOOD].

Fredrick smiled and nodded.

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