The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 13

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

Lord Edward was laughing heartedly. However, the look on his eyes seemed like he wasn’t laughing at all.

“And just who told you this?”

“I just know! I saw what you were doing in the game, and I just knew what you were up to!”

“Yuki! Just stop already! You’re going too far!”

“Makoto!… Uuhmmhfmhff…”

Yuki was about to say something else, but Makoto covered her mouth with both of her hands.

“Crown Prince, your majesty, I truly apologize for what just happened.”

Makoto gave a respectful bow while restraining Yuki. As Makoto bowed, Yuki struggled, trying to escape from Makoto’s grasp.

Lord Edward… Are you not going to deny anything she just said? 

Lord Edward tried to confirm with Yuki from whom she heard those things, but he never once denied what she said. Did he really gets engaged with me just to deceive me? Were all those moments where he told me that he loved me are all just for the sake of tormenting me?

“Makoto, let her go. Yuki is saying some interesting things here, so let’s listen to what she has to say in a different room. Makoto, you come too.”

Lord Edward declares, leaving Makoto without any choice. He does so without giving me a single glance.


Makoto says while nodding. She drags Yuki and accompanies Lord Edward.

While having an angry expression on her face, Yuki walks as Makoto drags her along with her. The only ones left were just me and the maid.

The room went quiet all of a sudden, and I suddenly felt a strange sense of loneliness.

If Lord Edward didn’t so much as to glance at my direction during all of that, perhaps Yuki was right on the mark with what she said. Was this all just to make me and this child suffer…?

I rub my hand against my still flat stomach.

Just a while ago, he was embracing me and telling me that he loved me, was that all just an act…?

But still… I want to believe in Lord Edward.

If only he had even looked at me just once before he left the room, I’m sure I wouldn’t even have any of these doubts.

But now… I just don’t know whether it’s even ok for me to trust him.

After all… The things that Yuki was saying closely resembled what I heard in my dreams.

Is it really ok for me to be here…?

Perhaps… It might be better for me to run away from this place before my child and I fall deeper into the trenches of despair.

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