Chapter 7

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

After being gently swayed by the movement of the carriage, the old man and Takeo were starting to get comfortable.

“Ah, that’s right Sir.”

“What is it?”

“Sir Goodwin is at the mansion.”

“Hmm, he has too much time. Around what time did he come?”

“Around 6 o’clock bell.”

“…….Was he angry?”

“He was impatient rather than angry.”

“At first he was patiently waiting, gradually he started feeling restless and in the end, he started ordering around the soldiers in quick succession.”

“………..and what happened once he heard of my survival?”

“Anyway he seemed to calm down and later…….”

“ What’s the hesitation?”

“While eating he mentioned……….”

“…….About how much provision do we have?”

“About 2 days it seems….?

“That’s bad….”

“For now should we be running around to each store….”

Old man Elvis and Fredrick continue talking with a pained look on their face.

Takeo seemed to have fallen asleep.

Feeling very good, he was starting to doze off. 

“By the way…”

“You still have more?”

“Young Miss Alice heard the news that you have survived…..”

“…….Hmm………I don’t want to hear it but……..”

“Till you return she plans to wait at the entrance…..while standing….”


Gata gata gata gata gata gata gata

Takeo was slipping into slumber, dreaming due to the gentle swaying of the carriage.

Ahh feels so good. 

“Ta, Takeo !!”

“Hm…OH !!!? Wha, What is it !?”

“Are you okay !? We’ll be reaching the town, no, the mansion very soon. Are you okay?”

“I’m sorry I’ll throw it, I absolutely hate it.”

“Wha, What are you saying !? You, have you been sleeping till now !?”

“Yes, it feels very nice doesn’t it.”

“Did you hear me !?”

“I’m sorry but I didn’t hear anything, what have the both of you been talking about?”

“The content doesn’t really matter! Takeo, get ready.”

“I absolutely hate it.”

“Why aren’t you listening to anything?”

“Even if I heard everything I don’t have anything to say other than [Yes].”

“Lord. How about having Sir Takeo help us out………?”

Fredrick muttered while glancing at Takeo.

Both of you have a very small voice!

“Fredrick even you, what are you saying?

You think that I cannot settle this on my own !?

That Alice is standing up waiting !?”

“Lord, let us be prepared !”

“ I hate it !”

Just how scary is this Lady Alice?

I really don’t want to go to old man Elvis’s home.

“Takeo, don’t you have some good method?”

“Honestly apologize.”

“If I do something like that at the meeting then I may not be able to greet the morning sun tomorrow !?”

“Isn’t there something else? It’s……..okay even if we have to use some grand strategy !”

“…….I think I have a faint recollection, but isn’t there some guest who has come?”

“That’s Lord Goodwin.”

Fredrick puts his hand together.

“Then, first tell the lady, ‘I’m sorry’ and then quickly inform Fredrick ‘prepare for the meeting with the guest’. Then quickly return to your room to change your clothes.”

Once you’re done changing immediately have a meeting. That should be fine right?

“What do I do if I’m stopped?”

“If you say ‘I’ll take the scolding later, the meeting is top priority right now’ and quickly leave from there ?”

“If we use Sir Takeo’s idea it might actually work especially because tending to a guest is more important.”

“Afterwards the only thing to do is wait for her to calm down due to the passage of time isn’t it?”

“That’s true……..then let’s go with that…….”

We were almost at the entrance to the town but there was a negative aura surrounding the carriage. This is what the trailing soldier informed us of later.

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