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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 11

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker


Iris was catching her breath and looked around her.

He’s not here… Though I’m sure that I was following him close by but he just disappeared without a trace halfway through.


Her face was rather flustered.

Though not that much time has passed yet, it seems like Alta got away rather quickly.

What’s more, it never really felt like I would be able to catch him.

(If a frontal attack isn’t going to cut it, I got to come up with a different strategy.)

Iris finally became calm, though she had lost Alta from her sight.

In reality, Alta might be stronger than that- And he has quite a lot of confidence that he can win from Iris too.

That’s probably the reason why he chose to be chased within a time limit.

Iris was cracking her brain about a strategy to beat him. If it’s simply just catching him, then there must be a way to do so.

(Let’s head back first-)

That’s when Iris finally realized what was going on.

As soon as she realized, she saw silver blades.

They came at her from two different sides, but she swiftly sidestepped them.

She kicked the ground to launch herself backward, but her reaction was a little too late.

This caused one of the blades to hit her shoulder.

Lucky for her, it wasn’t a deep wound.

She didn’t pay much attention to her shoulder afterward.

“It isn’t you, is it teach?”

“Haha, you can call me teach if you like.”

The trees rustled in front of her, and three shady figures came out of the shadows.

There seemed to be a form of unity between them since they all wore robes.

Just by looking at them, Iris quickly knew that they were assassins.

Flowing through her right hand, she was surging electrical power – This is required to use magic.

She kept concentrating her magical power to her right hand. But-

“What the-“

Iris lost all of her strength and fell to her knees.

The world around her seemed to be shaking, and she couldn’t channel her power any longer.

Her magical surge seemed to have disappeared completely.

(Paralyzing poison…!)

“You’re already too late. For someone that uses mainly magic, you really ought to remember that “Magic nullifiers” exist, girl.”

“Our very expertise is paralyzing poison, you know. It works so quickly, and so effectively.” 

“The moment you stop moving, and then I’ll kill you. Rather simple, isn’t it. Works even on someone like you, Swordmaster Princess.”

Iris tried putting all she had to get back on her feet.

But alas, to no avail.

She couldn’t even stand up, let alone run away from this creep.

Detoxing from something like paralyzing poison is near to impossible when you’re on your own.

Which is exactly what the assassin was going for.

Quickly, Iris realized why she was being hunted by the assassins, though.

She could somehow judge so simply by estimating where she was at that point in time.

(So that’s why…~!)


The assassin sounded surprised, their voice sounding rather young.

Though the poison had taken effect already, Iris was able to stand on her feet once more.

She completely loses her senses too. This was when she had to act.

“Well well well. That’s quite impressive. You seem like someone that could hold and stand their ground against most monsters.

Is this what makes you the ‘Swordmaster Princess’, I wonder.”

The assassin talked to his two companions but got no reaction back.

The assassin with the young voice laughed at Iris and pulled a blade from his bosom.

“But alas, you’re just all too easy to kill right now, even though you can stand on your two feet.”

(I can’t die, not here, not now…)

Though she felt this way, Iris took a fighting stance.

The assassin too prepared to go in for the kill.

If Iris were to fight right now, she wouldn’t stand a chance.

Though this is the case, she had no intention of dying.

“Hahaha, don’t bother. It won’t make a difference.”

“My, oh my. A guy advancing to a girl, all alone in the woods. That doesn’t really look that promising, huh.”


A single boy swooped down to the scene.

He followed Iris here. He was a tad bit younger than Iris though, but he’s very strong.

“Mr. Schweiss…?!”

“Yes, it’s me.”

Alta answered Iris’s cry of despair.

As always, he was just smiling like the little boy he was, completely not reading the situation.

“Ha- hahaha- hahaha. You’re the teacher? That’s quite funny, ain’t it?”

“I don’t mind students judging others based on their appearances. But for an assassin to do so…”

“Haha, I laughed because you’re a child. But how did you get here? What are those other two doi-“

As soon as they said that they stopped moving.

As if they noticed something, they looked over at Alta.

Alta quickly looked over at Iris.

Even from Iris’ perspective, he was nothing more than a child.

Though she does think that, she felt rather relieved to see him arrive here.

Whatever the case, she really did not seem to be willing to admit that fact either.

“Iris, what I am about to do might be a little bit too much for a student like yourself. 

If you want to, close your eyes.”

As Alta uttered these words, he looked back at the assassin.

However, Iris didn’t avert her gaze and looked straight at where Alta was.

She was ready to see whatever Alta had in store.

“Well well, confident, aren’t we? Just because you have killed the other two doesn’t mean you should get cocky, kid.”

“No, it’s more like I already killed three of you and that’s what makes me so cocky.”


The voice of the young assassin echoed.

First a cut to the arm that he held his blade with, followed by his head falling off his body.

Even Iris could barely witness the second strike.

(This speed… How the hell is he that fast!? What’s more, he doesn’t even use a weapon~!)

“Well then, only two left, right?”

Iris finally understood what Alta meant. 

By asking her whether she was prepared to see it, Alta was hinting to Iris who wanted to battle Alta with full power.

The preparation she should have taken was in regards to Alta’s sheer speed.

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