Chapter 21

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Various people called out to Alice, while we were on our way to the store.

“Oh? Lady Alice, are you out on a walk? Oh my? With a man !? Oh dear.

“Umm! It’s not what you’re thinking Madam!

This person has started working with us, he is my subordinate, so I’m guiding him around town.”

“I’m Takeo Kitamizato.”

“Oh my. Surprisingly he is well versed with etiquette.  Be well Lady Alice.”

“Even though he is young, he seems prepared to assist Lady Alice.”

“Hmm, looks earnest. Lady Alice, do visit our store next time.”

“Yes, I’ll be pleased to.”

“Oh? Lady Alice, are you out on a walk? Do come to our store. Hn? Ohh! You’re with a man !!”

“Uncle! It’s a misunderstanding!

This person has started working with us, he is my subordinate, so I’m guiding him around town.”

“I’m Takeo Kitamizato.”

“Oh, he looks sincere. Hmm, hmm. Alright, I’ll give this to you.”

He handed out an apple from his storefront.

“Umm,  may I borrow a kitchen knife or a small knife?”

“Sure. Use it as you please.”

“Thank you.”

Takeo sliced the apples into 8 equal slices and sliced the skin of 1 of those pieces into a V shape.

“Here, Lady Alice. It’s a rabbit.”

Alice was surprised.

“Sir Takeo, can you cook?”

“……..Eh? But I only sliced it?”

“Ahh, well, that’s true but……”

She accepted the apple and started munching on it.

“You made my apple pretty cute.”

“Here boss, you take one too, it’s a rabbit.”

“Oh! Sorry for the trouble.”

He accepted the apple and started munching.

Suddenly I looked around to find children staring. 

“Will you eat as well?”

Takeo cut the remaining 6 pieces into a rabbit shape and handed them over.

“Wow, thank you.”

They took the apple slices.

One of the little girls from the group didn’t eat the slice and just gazed at it.

“Is it cute?”

“Yes. It’s my first time seeing it!”

The girl smiled and responded.

Takeo smiles and nods.

“Boss, sorry for handing out these apple slices selfishly even though the apple is for sale.”

Takeo lightly apologized.

“Hnn? I don’t mind. I handed that apple over to you so I don’t mind if you use it as you please.

Moreover, it made the children smile, that’s good enough for me.”

“Thank you for the apple.”

“Then, Uncle, see you next time.”

“Hmm, come again.”

“Oh Lady Alice, are you out on a walk?”

“Yes. This person has started working with us, he is my subordinate, so I’m guiding him around town.”

“I’m Takeo Kitamizato.”

“Yes, nice to meet you. I run a bar here

Lady Alice, I’ve received a newly released alcohol, I’ll bring it to the mansion at another time.”

“Thank you, I think grandfather will be very pleased.

Uncle, see you later.”

As Alice and Takeo were about to leave from there.

“Yes,…………….just a minute.”

He called Takeo.

“What is it?”

“Here I’ll share this with you.”

He handed over a small bottle.

“It’s quite energizing. Hohoho.”

“I’ll surely come again.”

Takeo and the man did a firm handshake.

About 6 to 7 people called out to us on our way to the magic goods store.

The two of them entered the store.

“Welcome, Lady Alice”

“Yes, we came here to get glasses made for this person here.”

“I’m Takeo Kitamizato.”

“Yes, welcome.

You’re still young but you still need glasses?”

“Yes. I came here because I cannot read letters.

I was able to read them when I borrowed Earl Elvis’s glasses that’s why I would also like to get one pair made for myself.”

“I see. Understood.

“Sir Kitamizato, do you know your magic system?”

“I’m sorry but can we investigate that?”

“Understood.  I will also find out the amount of magic power you hold and your aptitude for magic.”

“Yes. It will be great if you can investigate from my aptitude for magic to everything.”

“Everything. Then I’ll start the preparations so in the meantime please decide the frame for the glasses.”

The shopkeeper went bowed.

There were various types of frames placed on the table.

I chose one to wear and looked towards Alice.


Alice coughed.

“…………Lady Alice……………”

“Ah, sorry. It’s just that Sir Takeo looks kind of cute.”

Alice said while giggling.

“Since we are finally here, can I have you choose a pair for me, Lady Alice?”

“Fufu, understood. I’ll select one.”

I wore all the frames to let Alice check them out.

“This looks intellectual, ah, this looks cute.” 

Alice seemed like she was enjoying herself as she chose the frame.

If possible I don’t want it to be a cute one, Takeo thought.

“I’ve decided on this one.”

Alice chose one of them.

It was a square-shaped frame that Alice thought looked intellectual.

…………Thank God it wasn’t a cute one.

Takeo felt relieved after checking the frame.

The moment Alice finished choosing the frame, the shopkeeper returned from the back of the store.

“The preparations are complete. Please come this way.”

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