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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 28

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After the training was done I returned to the academy to see that Remyl was waiting for me.

His right arm was wrapped in bandages.

Must be from what the Swordsman Gang’s member did to her yesterday.

Remyl reformed the troops and chased after Folt.

That’s what I inferred – But other swordsmen could have of course got into the fight as well.

It still ended in Remyl’s defeat.

“How’s your arm?”

“If I had taken one more step it might have been cut off. I’m now bound to work from a desk it seems”

“Must be hard on you captain. You never did like deskwork”

“Hahaha, yes. Very true”

Remyl shrugged.

It felt like nothing had changed, but we didn’t see each other since the report about the Blue Blade.

Seems like that was the reason for her to go into battle as well.

Remyl left out a small sigh and started talking.

“You might have guessed I was going to talk about this, but there are still two Swordsman Gang members on their way here. I clashed with one of them, but this was the result”

“Folt Masenta won’t come any longer? I fought with him and severed one of his arms. But I figured he would come back…”

“No, you won’t see him anymore. We found a body in an abandoned house this morning. Together with that arm you mentioned…”

“A… body?”

So he didn’t get saved by his fellow SG members – But the knights also didn’t capture him, he got killed before that.

But if you think about the fact that the SG is a group of assassins, he could have been eliminated by them for failing his job.

“One of them clashed with many of my knights, including myself. I’ve heard there’s a user of the “Unseen blade”, but that turned out to be the woman I faced. She held a sword with no blade”

“A single woman?”

“Yes. Her name is Fiss Mieden – She was once a Holy Woman in faraway place.

“A holy woman? That’s quite a title to have”

A holy woman – A title used in some places to people that really are a cut above the rest, but usually it’s never used in a bad way.

There are many of them, ones that use healing magic or ones that have been schooled by the church.

Aside from being called that, this person is now an SG member too.

An unseen blade user – It might be of the same type as my Invisible is, but the fact that it is able to cut down multiple opponents with a single strike must mean that there is some magic involved too.

“Did you see the form of the blade, captain?”

“For a moment, yes. I got information on her before the battle, so I was cautious, and with that caution was able to see it.

Fiss uses a blade named “Thread”.

“Thread… alright. That’s the blade that can’t be seen?”

The one Remyl fought with –  Fiss – carries a blade that can’t be seen and is as thin as a thread.

Is that just the tip of the blade? Or is it a fake maybe? It’s hard to pinpoint what their specialties are when we are talking about the SG members.

She has the range to cut multiple knights at once and then manipulate the blade during that too.

Seems like she’s quite a different opponent from Folt, who was just good at fighting at a range.

“And the other?”

“We haven’t clashed blades with him yet, but our information tells us his name is Adyl Gratts. He used to be a mercenary who took place at war fronts. He uses a massive blade, which is possibly the one that was used to kill Folt too”

“I see. That’s a more simple one then”

“Well, judging from the wounds the Blue Blade had suffered we have deducted that he has fought with these two. No doubt”

So the information about the remaining two was gathered.

Adyl Gratts and Fiss Mieden – The ones that are after Iris.

From the talk just now it really seemed like Fiss was the more dangerous one.

Aside from being able to fight like an assassin her ability goes beyond that of a Knighthood Captain.

Seems like that is the norm now, for people hunting Iris.

Might have to do with her title of Swordmaster Princess.

The only other person I know with the title of Swordmaster is Raul Izalf, and that is because he is close to me in name.

“The problem lies in when to assault them. If we wait they are bound to come”

“There is still a limit to how much my knights can do in the sense of defense. To be honest, no knights seem to be able to win against these guys”

“It’s a bit awkward to say, but in my order, the one that could win is you. I already consulted with the other orders, but they don’t seem to be able to arrive any time soon”

Every district has a knight fulfilling the role of escort.

Still, it takes quite a long time to select the knights that are capable of dealing with the SGs.

“Seems like we can only wait and ambush them when they come. However – “

I stopped talking right there and started looking outside via the window.

What I just saw was something that went far beyond people aiming for Iris.

“Alia, what are you doing over there?”

“Mr. Schweiss, wow. After I went through all this trouble of hiding myself”

Alia came walking in through the door opening. 

I actually realized she was there quite late.

Her hiding abilities are really the next level.

“What were you doing?”

“Well, Iris said you were talking with the Knighthood’s Captain, so that piqued my interest actually”

“You little! What did you just say?”

Iris too stepped through the door.

The two of them actually planned to eavesdrop onto me and Remyl.

Iris stared at Remyl, briefly.

“It has been a while, Princess Reinfell”

“It has been, Ein. That wound … You got it from the people that were after me, I assume?”

“I have truly lost face with this wound”

“Iris, the grown-ups are talking right now”

“Says Mr. Schweiss”

Quite the appropriate response.

“Excuse me. This conversation is only for those involved”

“Well, I feel like I am the one that should be most involved in this conversation”

“That’s true but..”

“Don’t try to win the argument by calling me a student”

“No, I am a child myself. Anyway, why are you here Iris?”

After I asked her again Iris answered with a most resolute face.

“If we are going to wait for the assassins here, many people will get hurt along the way, right?”

That was something I wanted to raise as a topic too.

If the point is to just protect Iris, I just need to keep her close.

What’s more, waiting for the assailers here might bring not only knights in danger but also the students of the academy as well.”

“You might be right. I too considered that risk”

“Well, then let’s do what we talked about before. Think of me as bait”


As Remyl heard that word she looked at me. She knew that I was the one that told her about using her as bait.

But the reason I came to this academy was to protect Iris. 

Iris had different plans though.

“You can’t just be around me forever for protection. Let’s lure out the SG members – Use me as bait” – Iris said, brimming with devotion.

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