Chapter 28

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“It’s about the reason for not accepting coats made by anyone other than this store as a trench coat.”

“You said that it’s to prevent the lining up of similar looking products with the same name right?”

“Yes. It might deviate in a direction that is different from the concept that I have planned.”

‘Ha?’ Alice thought.

“I don’t want to get the trench coat made in order to dress up but I want it to made so that it can protect the lives of the people who wear it.

The functionality is enhanced and the design is drastically reduced.

Soldiers sometimes venture into extremely cold places.

They often lose their lives due to accidents or war. However, I’m sure they certainly don’t desire to lose their life to illness.

I want to make this coat in order to mitigate the possibility, as far as possible, of illness developing due to cold.

Even if 1 more person is able to return alive from a war field and if they are able to think that ‘It was great to have this coat’ then I think that there is great value in creating this coat.”

Everyone responded with ‘hoo’.

“The clothes that are made for soldiers these days, emphasize on being lightweight easy to move in.

That is because there is a higher chance of survival if you can move more easily.

That point is different from Sir Kitamizato’s viewpoint on the trench coat.

Not during a war, but the main purpose is to maintain your physical strength during movement.”

The shop manager explained.

“Yes. However, there is no point if your ability to move easily is remarkably reduced in order to maintain physical strength.

Ease of movement and heat retention.

I would like everyone here to find an exquisite balance between these two conflicting philosophies.

I want you to understand that the trench coat equals to an equipment that will protect the soldiers.”

“I see. So you’re fixing down on the trench coat right?”

Alice looked convinced.

“By the way, the prototype that I’ve requested is not the one that will be commercially available.”

“Is that so?”

“This will be an exclusive trench coat that can only be word by me, the Elvis family, and the people authorized by both.”

“Huh? Didn’t you reduce the price?”

“The commercially available ones will only have 4 basic sizes. It’s completely for the soldiers’ use.

But isn’t it good if we can a coat of even finer quality for me and the Elvis family? Moreover, it is necessary to make the coat once with the best material and the best craftsmen, that has maximum mobility and heat retention.”

“Eh? Why is that?”

“By making the coat with the best quality first, we can quickly understand how much we can reduce the price and quality.”

The shop assistants nodded.

“For that reason Lady Alice, please collaborate with us.”

“For what?” Alice’s expression showed that she didn’t understand.

“Let’s make a trench coat that is exclusively for Lady Alice………….that’s what we’ll make.”

Takeo cheerfully said.

With that, the short break ended and the shop assistant came to either side of Alice.


“Lady Alice, it’s for measurements.”

She was loosely pulled along.

“Ah! On the chair, I’ve placed what I got from the shop earlier, please have a look.”

Alice called out as she was taken inside.

There was I paper box on the chair.

He opened to find a pair of glasses, one book, and a ring.


Anyway, let’s place the ring back in and wear the glasses.

Yes. I can see without a problem.

Next, he flipped a random page on the book.

“Ohh. I can read it. I can read it.”

Takeo was internally happy.

The shop manager came to him with a paper.

“This is the draft of the contract.”

Takeo checked the contents of the contract.

A little while later, Alice returned.

“Lady Alice, welcome back.”

“Yes. I’m……………back.

………..The glasses are good aren’t they?”

Alice was slightly trembling.

“It’s alright if you laugh.”

“No, no.”

She seemed to be enjoying this.

The shop manager came towards Takeo and Alice.

“The trench coat for Sir Kitamizato and Lady Alice will be ready in 3 days.”

“Understood. We’ll come to pick it up once my suit is also ready.”

“Yes. Also, is it alright to make a coat for the soldiers without the approval of Earl Elvis?”

“Ahh. We didn’t ask for Earl Elvis’s approval.

He might reject it.”


The shop manager was anxious.

“In that case, we’ll change the selling method then.”


“It will be fine to sell it privately for the soldiers’ exclusive use right?

Besides if it’s not allowed here then we can always sell it at another place.

There is no major issue.”

“Sir Takeo………..that is……”

“Well, that is if it isn’t approved. There is no point in thinking about it right now.

Let’s discuss it again at that time.”


“I would like to take the contract document back with me today.

If there are any corrections, I’ll drop by tomorrow or the day after to narrow it down.”

“Yes, understood.”

“Then Lady Alice lets go.”

Takeo said promptly and they got up from their seats.

Takeo slowly held his hand out to the store manager.

“Huh?” The store manager looked at Takeo’s hand.

“Where I come from, we lightly shake hands in order to express a greeting.

This is to suggest friendship.”

The shop manager held out his hand.

Takeo gave a firm handshake.

“Manager, it was nice to meet you.”

“Same here. Nice meeting you.”

The two of them exchanged greetings.

Takeo and Alice returned to the Elvis mansion.

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