Chapter 29

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Takeo and Alice were almost reaching the Elvis mansion.

“Lady Alice, we’ll be home soon.”

“That’s right.

Come to think of it, the spectacles seem to be good right?” “Yes. I can now recognize various characters.

But more importantly, I’m exhausted.”

“Oh my, it’s still just the second day though?”

“That’s true, isn’t it.

I’m so tired…just by getting glasses and clothes made.”

Takeo gave Alice a wry smile.

“………….Sir Takeo, can you ride a horse?”

“No………I’ve never ridden…………or touched a horse before.” Takeo honestly replied.

“Then you must learn to ride one.”

“I guess that’s how it is, isn’t it.”

To be honest, Takeo wasn’t confident that he would be able to ride a horse well.

“Shall we try it out after 3 or 4 days?”

Alice asked.

“That’s right. Tomorrow we have a tea outing planned.

The day after and the day after that, I have to go and pick up the suit and coat.”

“That’s right. Let’s eat delicious food tomorrow.”

Alice seemed to be looking forward to tomorrow’s tea outing.

They reached the Elvis house.

As the entered the entry hall, Fredrick was there.

“Welcome back, Lady Alice, Sir Takeo.”

“We’re back Fredrick.”

“Mr. Fredrick. Thank you for your hard work. We’ve returned.”

“Soon the evening bell will ring, the dinner is being prepared right now.

Please wait for a little while.”

Fredrick said.

“Sir Takeo, what will you do?”

Alice asked.

“I’ll rest for a little while.

After that, I’m planning to read the book that I bought in the living room.”

“Is that so? Understood. I’ll go and greet grandfather.”

“Understood,” Takeo replied and nodded to Fredrick.

And then he quickly left to go to his place of rest for the second day – the backyard.

Alice and Fredrick saw Takeo off.

“Lady Alice, how was it?”

“Yes, it was fun.

To think it can be this interesting if the values and points of view are different.”

“Hoo. Then please tell us about it after dinner, during tea time.”

“Yes. By the way, where is grandfather?”

“He’s in the living room. He has been waiting for both of you to return.”

“Then I’ll go to greet him. I’ll be there until dinner time.”


With that, Alice went towards the living room.

Once Takeo’s rest was over, he knocked the door to the living room.

“Come in” was called out from the living room. Once he ensured that he received permission, he opened the door to the living room and entered inside.

“Mr. Elvis, we’ve returned.”

“Takeo, welcome back.”

“Oh, Lady Alice is also here.”

“Yes. I just gave Grandfather a light report.”

“I’m curious about the kind of report you gave to Mr. Elvis.”

“I told him about how we got the glasses made and then went to the clothing store?”

Alice said.

“No, because you were staring at me changing clothes so.”

Takeo told Alice while laughing.

“Sir Takeo !!!”

Alice blushed hard and protested.

“Sorry. Sorry. It was a joke.”

“What is it? It seems interesting.

I also wanted to come.”

Fredrick came in as they were chattering.

“Everyone, the preparations for dinner are complete.”

Everyone got up from their seats and went towards the dining hall.

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