Chapter 32

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Alice and Takeo entered the tailor shop from yesterday.

“Lady Alice, Sir Kitamizato. Welcome.”

The shop manager greeted.


We’ll be intruding.”

Alice and Takeo responded.

“I finished reporting yesterday. 

I got permission from Earl Elvis for everything, including the contract.”

Takeo told the shop manager.

“That’s great.”

The shop manager looked relieved.

“The total number of orders would be a maximum of 900.”

“…………….Eh?…………..All of them at once?”

“Yes. However, although it’s an order from the Elvis household,  paying for the full amount is over the budget of the Elvis household so it’s been decided that they will subsidize it by 20 percent per piece.

The rest is the soldier’s responsibility.”

“I see.”

“Moreover, due to the budgetary constraints, they intend to pay the amount over a period of 3 years.”

“Yes. I don’t have a problem with that.”

“Also, I’m planning to request the magic goods store to produce the rank badge and the affiliation badge.”

“Eh? Why is that?”

The shop manager had an expression that asked ‘why’.

“I don’t know if this can be done but I want to try and combine identity authentication as well.

That is if that can be done with magic.

In the worst case, it can become something left behind by a deceased person……..”

“That’s right.”

The shop manager nodded.

“Sir Kitamizato suit and both your trench coats will be ready by the day after tomorrow’s afternoon.”

“Understood. That’s fine.

When I come to pick it up, we’ll have a meeting about the provisional price and the appointed day of payment.

I’ll be back the day after tomorrow.”

With that Takeo and Alice left the store.

Once the shop manager saw the two of them off, he told the waiting shop assistants.

“……………..Even so, we managed to do an amazing negotiation all of a sudden.”

“Yes. Even if it’s only a new kind of clothing, it’s amazing.

All at once we received an order for 900 pieces.

Let’s think about our expansion properly from here on.

Sir Kitamizato is a capable merchant isn’t he?

Although he didn’t really give much thought to his personal gains.

Is it due to humanity? Or does he just not desire anything………?”

“Perhaps. Looks like we’ll be really busy over the month.”

“………..If we go against him, we’ll be crushed right?”

The shop assistant gave a wry laugh.

“No. That person won’t bother with crushing us or not crushing us……..he’ll just give up.

He won’t use this store anymore…….”

The shop manager made a bitter face.

“That’s…………scary isn’t it.”

The shop assistant made a bitter face.

While on the way to the magic goods store, Alice asked.

“Um, Sir Takeo? Why are you asking another store to make the collar lapel?”

“Nn? Did my explanation earlier not convince you?”


“What I said about the identity authentication is true but………… give everything to the same store is a little………”


Alice’s face expressed that she didn’t understand.

“No. I might be overthinking but it’ll be bad if this is used to commit a crime………… what I was thinking.”

“Crime? Why is that?”

“I don’t really understand the point of giving everything to one store.

If something is handed over to a person that is against the Elvis household, and if a crime is committed through that, it will seem as if the Elvis household is involved since these coats are made specifically for the Earl Elvis’s soldiers.”

That’s why, I want a structure where unless we use two stores, it will remain incomplete.

I don’t know whether it will go well but if we don’t take the possible measures then it won’t be good.”

“Haa. Is that how it is?”
Alice seemed to vaguely agree.

The magic goods store was just a little away.

“Umm. Sir Takeo?”

“Yes. What is it?”

“It’s about the café.”


“After what happened yesterday, I would like to make a reservation. Is that alright?”

Alice stopped in front of the store.

“I don’t mind.

I’ll wait at the storefront, please reserve the seat and the food that Lady Alice would like to eat.”

“Understood. By the way, Sir Takeo, what would you like?”

“Fufufu. Lady Alice…….I don’t know anything though?

I’ll leave it up to you.”

“Ah. Understood. I’ll make reservations for some delicious food.”

Alice went inside the store.

Takeo wanted to smoke a little till Alice returned so he started to search for a cigarette in his pocket.

“Excuse me.”

Suddenly a soldier started speaking to him.

“Yes. What is it?

Ah, is it not alright to smoke?”

“No. As long as you don’t dirty the place its not a problem.”

“Understood. Then?”

“Yes. I’m the Platoon Captain of this town, Thomas Noose.

Actually, I wanted to inquire about your relationship with Lady Alice.”

Certainly there is an unknown man with an important person of this town.

Looks like he wants to hear about the circumstances, Takeo thought.

“I don’t mind, Lady Alice will be returning anytime now.

Is it alright if Lady Alice is also with us?”

“No, it isn’t that urgent.

Can I have some of your time on another day?”

“If you’re alright with tomorrow, then I can make some time.”

“Yes. That would be good.”

“Where should I go to?”

“Can you come to the soldier station at the side of the castle gate, tomorrow afternoon?”


By the way, it’s better if Lady Alice is not with me right?”

“Yes. Please come alone if possible.”


I must inform the people at the Elvis house that have employed me about my whereabouts so please give your approval.”

“Yes. That’s alright.

Then I’ll be waiting at the soldier station tomorrow afternoon.”

The soldier bowed and left.

As I took out a cigarette in order to smoke.

 “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Alice had returned.

There was no way I could smoke in front of Alice.

Alice and I went towards the magic goods store with Alice.

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