Chapter 35

Takeo and Alice were heading to the general goods store.

“Sir Takeo. You can now use magic, isn’t that great?”

“Yes. I can’t use it during war but it can be easily used during everyday activities.”

Takeo cheerfully replied.

“Is that so? Sir Takeo, you find this very interesting right?”

“Nn? Isn’t it interesting?

If you go out somewhere and you wish to drink tea, you can immediately produce hot water.

In case you want to create a bonfire, you don’t even need an ignition agent.

It might take some time but you can even create an outdoor bath.

See? You can experience an enjoyable trip, right?

It’s might be insignificant but I find this kind of convenient magic very interesting.”

“To think that magic could be used like that, it’s not something that we had thought about.

Because for us, magic is meant to be used for war.”

“I see.”

They reached the targeted store.

“Sir Takeo, this is the general store.”

Both of them entered the store and were greeted by the shop assistant.

“Lady Alice, welcome.”

“Yes. Today we would like to see various items.”

She greeted.

“Takeo and Alice went around looking at various things.

Takeo looked around the store and thought ‘hoo’.

From accessory cases to books, shovels, cages, bags, shelves, tableware, kitchenware………

Several kinds of items were lined up.

In the meantime, Alice seemed to be looking at accessories.

Takeo wanted to look for a wallet first.

Before he came to this world, he used currency notes and coins but coins were the main form of currency here.

Takeo was wondering if they had a coin purse…………….they didn’t.

When he thought about it deeply, a coin purse for the suit………..hanging low from the neck, he gave a wry laugh.

It was weird.

Therefore, he decided to look for a purse.

Very soon he found a leather purse.

Thinking that this would do, he decided to purchase it.

Next, he wanted to look for men’s underwear. He wondered where it was as he made his way inside.

When his eyes landed on something that looked like clothing, he started to move towards that but his arm was suddenly grabbed.

It was Alice.

“…………Sir Takeo, you can’t go that way.”

“Eh? Is that so?”

“………That way is……..that…..for women……..”

Takeo understood. That side was selling women’s underwear.

“Ahhh. I see, it’s a women’s section, isn’t it.”

“Yes. That’s why you cannot enter.”


He obediently replied and changed direction.

Alice just prevented people from saying that, ‘The person that Alice brought along is a pervert.’

“If I take my eyes off Sir Takeo, I don’t know where he will go.”

She lightly grumbled.

A shop assistant approached Alice to recommend a book.

Takeo asked a male shop assistant about the location of men’s underwear.

He was confused after seeing the underwear.

‘These are trunks aren’t they……….but they are kind of baggy………

It would be better if they had a better fit…………

The material is also not too good……….

But these are all they have so let’s purchase a few.’

Takeo was looking for something in particular so he looked around at the surroundings when he locked eyes with Alice.

Although she had an open book in her hands, she wasn’t looking at it. Instead, she was staring my way.

Takeo found Alice’s behavior to be very strange and therefore decided to ignore it.

Next, Takeo noticed some mugs.

He was looking for mugs that were convenient to carry along, ones that he could make tea in, when out on an outing just like what he mentioned to Alice earlier.

Alice might accompany him so he decided to get 2 teacups, tea strainer, cups, and small boxes.

After choosing the items, as Takeo looked to his surrounding, he found Alice staring at him.

The appearance was almost the same as before.

However, she was smiling compared to before.

“What exactly is that book about?” thought Takeo.

He suddenly had an idea. 

Don’t tell me…………

“Although Lady Alice is always beautiful, today she is especially beautiful.

Come to think of it, when I embraced her last time, her face turned really red. It was pretty cute.

She has a good body, so I felt good embracing her. It’s something that I would like to do again.”

And so on. His thoughts were slowly becoming more obscene. When he looked at Alice, he saw that her face was red.

‘It’s almost confirmed isn’t it’, Takeo thought.

Anyway, even if I say that…………….for now let’s find something to keep these cups in.

He quickly found a rucksack. 

The material seems to be fine. It even has side pockets. 

He decided to buy it.

He went to the place where Alice was waiting.

“Lady Alice, thank you for waiting.”

“No, I was also enjoying myself so it’s fine.”

………..What exactly was she enjoying…………..

“Is that so? By the way, what book are you reading?”

………..Alice’s body stiffened slightly.

“It’s just a random book.”

“Is that so? Can I also see it?”

“You can’t.”


Alice’s stubborn refusal surprised Takeo.


“You definitely can’t.”

Alice was stubborn about not showing it to him.

‘Well, if she wants to avoid showing it that badly, then there is no need to push’ Takeo thought as he decided to let it go.

On the shelf to his side, there was a ‘bestselling children’s book’.

Without thinking much, Takeo picked it up.


Alice was slightly surprised but she quickly pretended as if she didn’t know.

Takeo felt strange after seeing Alice’s change but he decided to ignore it and started glancing through the book.




He decided to purchase it.

“So, Lady Alice. Let’s leave.”

He took the book along with him for the billing.

“Eh? Are you going to buy that book?”

“Yes. It’s a good story.”

“Uh…… that so?”

Alice seemed embarrassed as she came along with me.

While getting the billing done, the shop clerk looked at the book, then at Alice. He seemed slightly surprised but finished the billing without saying anything.

Takeo put the purchased products in the rucksack that he bought and carried it.

Alice also purchased the book that she was holding.

The two of them left the shop after the billing.

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