Chapter 34

The shop assistant looked happy.

Since he would no longer have useless stock, he would even remodel it.

‘It’s not something to be that happy about right’, thought Takeo.

“By the way, I received the glasses yesterday but there was also a ring inside the paper box………….what is that for?”

“Eh? Um……..I handed over the guidebook to Lady Alice though……..”

Takeo turned towards Alice from the shop assistant.

“……..I forgot to hand it over.”

Alice made a guilty face and looked down.

“Well, even if I had received the guidebook, knowing me, I would have ended up coming here to ask anyway. There is no need to anxious.”

Takeo told Alice.

“Sir Takeo, I’m sorry.

I’m feeling better after hearing that.”

Alice expressed gratitude.

“So, what is this?”

Takeo asked the shop manager.”

“This is a medium that is triggered by the same magic as the staff yesterday.”


“Wear this ring, and recite the magic.”

“I see.

…….Anyway, so its: Magic name > consecutive times > a broad target > if you think of triggering it, it will trigger…………can that be done?”

“There is no chant………….it can be done.

Anyway, I’ll adjust it according to the process you just mentioned.”

He took the ring and started to do something to it with a chisel-like instrument.

“By the way, can you activate 2 or 3 types of magic with the ring?”

“You can.

However, the ring isn’t a very strong object.

It will impact the amount of magical power of the user.

If you want to use strong magic, then you have to use a rod-like object with a large jewel on it.”

“You mentioned this in regards to the rifle as well, what is the relationship between magic and jewels?”

“Most jewels can accumulate certain amounts of magic.

The larger the jewel, the more magic it accumulates and it becomes more powerful.

You can also use powerful magic by combining different jewels.

However, you can accumulate magic very fast by stocking jewels that match your system magic and it also increases the power of your magic.  Therefore, there aren’t many people who combine different jewels.”

“I see.”

“Did you think of something?”

Alice asked.

“No, I was just wondering if you would produce if you activate water and fire together?

That’s all I was thinking.”

Takeo said while laughing.

“Does that have any meaning?”

Alice’s expression seemed to be asking ‘why would you use magic for something like that.’

“……….Lady Alice. Please close your eyes and imagine.

We’re atop a small hill. It’s just us and no one else.

You can see the whole town that we live in, the mountains and plains create a wonderful harmony, a beautiful scene and your view is expanding. A relaxing breeze is drifting around us, surrounding us.

And you’re enjoying some warm water as you do.”

Alice abruptly opened her eyes and looked at Takeo.

“Sir Takeo!”

“What is it?”

“I’ll pay for it, so please get multiple rings that can simultaneously use different magic made !!”

Takeo and the shop assistant gave a wry laugh.

After a little while, the shop assistant came with the estimation of the lapels, the remaining pair of glasses, and 2 rings.

“This is the pair of glasses you ordered.

Next is the estimation of rank badge, affiliation badge.”

“Thank you.

The order for the lapels will come from the Elvis house.”

“Understood. I’ll prepare the samples by the time you come tomorrow.

These are the rings.

You can wear it on any finger.”

Takeo wore it on the left index and middle finger.

“Then shall we make the final modification…….

Focus on your left hand and say ‘Lux’ once, be aware of your palm, and think of triggering the magic.”

Takeo did as he was told and thought of activating the magic.

His left palm started to glow.


Takeo admired it.

The shop assistant nodded and brought an empty tub.

“Next, let’s use simultaneous magic.

Say ‘Aqua’ once and ‘Flare’ once to your palm.”

Takeo placed his left palm on top of the tub and activated the magic as he was told.

Hot water poured out from his palm.


Takeo let out a louder sound.

It stopped filling 2 mugs.

“This also seems to be working well.”

The shop assistant nodded as he said that.

“Yes. I don’t feel any discomfort either.”

Takeo said.

“Is there any other use?”

“That’s right……….if you have a small knife or sword.

It’s easy to use and convenient to carry around right?”

The shop assistant brought out 3 types.

The first one is a double-edged sword, the sword length is 20cm.

The second one is a single-edged blade that is kind of like a survival knife. The sword length is 20 cm.

The third one is a foldable single-edged knife. The length is 15 cm.

………..I don’t understand……..Takeo was worried.

“Lady Alice, which one is good?”

“What do you think, Sir Takeo?”

“No……I don’t understand at all.”

“Is that so…..all of them are similar isn’t it.”

“………..Then, by intuition, I’ll go with this.”

Takeo chose the single-edged survival knife.

“Does this have a case?”

“I’ll add it.”

“How much is it?”

“The remodeling of the ring and knife set will be 3 silver coins.”

Takeo paid the shop assistant.

“For today, this is………..ah. Can you deliver 1 rifle and 50 bullets to the Elvis House?”


“Then, that’s all for today.”

Takeo and Alice rose from their seats and left the shop.

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