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Terrarium Adventure – Chapter 8

This one was a bit different than the others. When the fruit on the pot touched the soil, it shook intensively. It was moving intensively as if there was an earthquake.

I think this time it was a Driard for sure. I was looking at the fruit while my heart was racing. The inside of the transparent fruit was filled with gold all of sudden and the top part divided into two. Two lovely circular shaped leaves appeared.

It was so cute that I had to close my mouth to prevent me from making a weird sound.

Wow! It’s really lovely! My first Driard! It’s really impressive! It felt like tearing up.

I looked at the stone plate. Unlike other ones that said ‘NO DATA’, the stone plate was filled with numerous letters.

Elder Flower

Title: Gift from God

Flower meaning: Focus

Habitat: Normal Field

Probability of finding on the field: middle-low

Value: Medicine, Food, Charm

Characteristics: Recovery, Support

Final Grade: Unique

Considered as the holy tree in many regions, it cannot be treated badly.

Receive battle bonus in June and July.

It has an umbrella shape and the concentrated cream-colored flower is really lovely and pretty with a strong, pleasant scent.

Crazy! Unique? It’s the rank people were cheering for when the rank came out. It’s really awesome!

I was jumping in the same spot. My first Driard is unique! Hello, everyone! Look at my first lucky drawing! The desk clerk gave a round of applause to congratulate me while I was excited without making any noise.

“It is rare to see a Driard with good recovery and support as its characteristics. Now, you will have very good compatibility with any Driard you obtain in the future. Just owning it will give you great help in the battle. Will you open it immediately?”


I did get a healer card. In any drawing game, a healer leads the party with good healing skills. Now, once I get a proper dealer, I will receive a deck that can lead the adventure from the first battle!

While I was enjoying my happy imagination, a desk clerk put his hand near me. What? Does it mean he wants more diamonds?

“Show me your Terrarium artifact. It’s time for you to connect with Driards.”

What’s that? I’d heard of it… Perhaps is there an automatic device when I enter the game? All I have is my phone which is called a wallet and an old coat…

“What’s that?… If I don’t have an artifact, I’m not a druid?”

Am I just an NPC passing by instead of a druid who can play the game? I can’t use Unique rank druid although I chose it?

Can’t I play the game? No wonder I’m in tears. My heart fell.

“No way. Now I see that you lack basic knowledge.”

At this point, I wish Daisy would show up and say bogus like, ‘Mr. Druid is from a rich family!’ It was really embarrassing for me to say it again with my own lips.

I was thinking about two excuses: ‘I appeared in this game all of sudden,’ and ‘Actually I was raised well in (Infinite Diamond)’ An excuse that was used already. It’s better to use the latter.

“First of all, the part you are worried about is confirmed to be false. You are Mr. Druid.”

“Then how do I find out?”

“Aren’t you talking with the Driards and communicating with them?”

I had a question mark above my head and looked at the desk clerk. When did I verify that? Perhaps, the condition for a druid is to have a lot of diamonds? I slightly shook the wallet. My behavior made the desk clerk shake his head.

“An ordinary person can’t talk to Driards. Driards can understand human language but it’s not vise versa. Driards do look similar to humans but the inner body is like a plant. It’s obvious that humans and plants can’t communicate with each other. Druids can communicate with nature so that’s why it is possible to talk and communicate with Driards.”

“Then, are you a Driard?”

“Nope. The girl who was here just now is a Driard.”


What is he talking about? The girl who stayed with me is Daisy. So, is Daisy a Driard? Her name is indeed Daisy… ‘daisy flower?’

Still, she seemed to get along with the lodge owner. Still, I haven’t seen the two people talk by themselves. The owner unilaterally spoke and Daisy just nodded her head.

“Was Daisy a Driard?”

“Yes. Such species are common and have lots of derivatives which can be seen commonly so I was wondering at first, but she is a Driard. When you came together, I thought it was a Driard that completed connecting the soul. However, it made me think again seeing her leaving without her master.”

Confusing. As soon as we got here, the child I was affectionate towards was a Driard which I was really curious about until now. I didn’t realize it although she was right next to me.

I want to meet Daisy again. But what should I say when I meet her again? ‘I heard that you are a Driard!’ That’s strange. Still, once everything is over, I do want to meet Daisy once again for sure.

‘The terrarium artifact is owned by you but you don’t sense it. Driards can’t live long if they are away from the tree. You need to provide an identical environment for the Driards. By doing so, you become a smaller tree. Ordinary people can’t do so but druids who are born with the tree’s blessing can do so.”

“Do you want me to become a tree?”

As I spoke, the desk clerk laughed. It reminded me of myself asking random questions during the lecture as I couldn’t understand the lecture. At that time, the professor looked at me pathetically. What brought you this class? I just applied based on my score. Sob.

“Allow one piece of the soul with the tree’s blessing to be the resting place for Driards. Focus on yourself and try to find a piece of the soul. Normally, this process is done by senior druids and they visit the orchard.”

In other words, my advanced training wasn’t sufficient enough. Is that the importance of tutoring? However, as I closed my eyes and tried to find the soul piece, I didn’t know what to do. As the desk clerk gave me a look to hurry up, I had no choice but to close my two eyes.

Dear blessing from the tree, reply to me. Where are you?

As I didn’t have a response for a long time with my eyes closed, the desk clerk began to explain. I tried to accept the feeling of this botanic with my all body. The botanic is made by emulating the tree.

With the fresh air, warm sunlight on the skin, and the smell of the lake although there is no water flowing, I could smell the soil inside the stone monument. Also, one part of my heart felt ticklish.

As I focused there, the tickling feeling gradually turned into a comfortable and warm feeling while it was flowing to my left hand like blood that flowed into the body.

“Good job.”

It felt somewhat strange, but that was it. I looked at the desk clerk with a doubtful face and he raised my arm to point at my left side. All of sudden, there was a bracelet shaped like a glass dome, similar to the one in the orchard building.

“That’s a terrarium artifact owned by you.”

Wow, amazing. I got a game item! I looked at the glass dome bracelet attached to my wrist. There was a small miniature botanic inside the glass dome like a snow globe divided into two pieces. However, it looked somewhat empty.

I tapped the glass dome. At that moment, I was reminded of an enlarged miniature botanic inside the glass dome in my head. It feels like I’m inside there.

“Wow, this is really amazing!”

“Driards can live inside the terrarium artifact. As it is connected directly to your soul, Driards feel comfortable when they are inside. If a Driard is injured due to a battle, you can make them rest inside there.”

It feels like my room feature. Does it mean I can collect Driards in here? I want to get as many Driards as possible and put them inside there. [???] As I’m obsessed with achievements, I had a strong desire to collect.

“Then, open up the fruit with the hand which has the terrarium artifact. The soul will be carved as soon as it is opened.”

While the left was shaking due to nervousness, I put my hand on a small golden leaf.

At that moment, everything turned bright. The warm feeling started from the left and went through the heart. All of sudden, the whole botanic was full of bright light.

A very sweet and pleasant fragrance started from the leaf. The leaf filled with light was lifted up in the air and it became bigger.

There was a small white floral leaf rain dropping above my head. Floral leaves were together while spinning and headed towards the light which was becoming bigger.

The light became dimmer as it created a human form.

There was a hood with a white flower and a golden tiara which surrounded the head and appeared soft. Light white cotton covered the shoulder like a cloth as well as a white robe where the flower is golden.

There were pretty and small flowers that were together like snowballs at the branch end of the tree held in two hands. There were two green leaves below the tree. It looked like a holy priest.

A male Driard came from the sky who was taller than the desk clerk. I couldn’t take my eyes away from such a beautiful phenomenon.

As my eyes were opened after a light nap… somehow, I encountered a very resistant emerald eye color.

Somehow, I had an intuition that the Driard had a picky personality. Damn it.

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