Chapter 5

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When it became night time, Taesan went to the brothel again.

Gyeongwan, who appeared to be more relaxed during the day, followed him closely.

Of course, nobody knew if Gyeongwan’s face looked relaxed or not. We just believe so because Soso said it.

Somehow, Gyeongwan’s personality appeared to be stronger.

Now, he looked like a proper guard.

“Are you heading to the brothel again today?”

As Gyeongwan asked the question, Taesan nodded.

“Sure. I think I can challenge now…”

The word challenge made Gyeongwan’s eyes wander.

The two people arrived at the brothel.

Taesan went inside.

A lady found him and screamed excitedly.

“The prince is here!”

The ladies inside came out.

Also, there were some ladies who were serving other customers.

Ladies lined hallways. They were consistently expressing their excitement to Taesan by looking at him.

They were talking with their eyes: Please choose me today.

It was a phenomenon that Taesan made after 10 days.

Taesan thought it was a good phenomenon and looked at ladies.

But the lady he was looking for wasn’t there.

“Not here.”

Hwaryeong, who was serving him, commented, “Is there any lady you are looking for?”

Hwaryeong asked with a desperate look while wanting him to choose her again.

Taesan nodded without hesitating.

Hwaryeong laughed, “Most of the ladies in this brothel are here. If they are not here, they do not meet your standards…..”

Taesan laughed.

“Who dares to make a standard for me?”


At that moment, Hwaryeong made a noise due to the charisma that she couldn’t adjust to.

So far, she looked at Taesan lustfully at night time but what just happened shook her.

Taesan was good-looking, and it was hard to peel one’s eyes away.

However, he was pretty, thus making him look less manly. Still, it didn’t mean he was feminine.

He was a man with a mysterious beauty.

Still, Taesan’s manliness captured Hwaryeong’s eyes just now.

“Go and bring the rest.”

Hwaryeong unconsciously nodded and shot a look at the other ladies.

The ladies felt the same as Hwaryeong and scattered around to find the ladies who were not here.

So three additional ladies showed up.

Taesan cracked a smile.

‘Found her.”

It was a lady he’d seen on the first day.

The reason he didn’t choose her from the beginning was because he was accumulating his abilities.

He went to a girl who was standing on the left.

“What is your name?”


Taesan gave a satisfied smile as he looked at the lady named Danyoung.

The ladies who saw such a face had the same emotions.

It was strange.

Nobody thought Danyoung was pretty.

It wasn’t an issue of being pretty or not pretty. She had a dark facial expression, so no one ever wanted to come close to her.

The problem was that even that facial expression was a result of her trying to look bright.

‘The prince has a unique preference.’

That was the thought the ladies had constantly inside their heads.

“I think I will only need you today.”

It would be too much to even handle one.

Taesan viewed Danyoung as a lady who was full of darkness.

Darkness with an unclean spirit was in her body as if she experienced hardship from a young age.

Also, since the body follows the spirit, the person’s aura and appearance also were dark.

Perhaps, if he touched this girl’s spirit on the first day, it would’ve been risky even if Taesan had reached a high achievement in the Magical Spell in increasing Spirit.

First of all, he wasn’t feeling well.

Now, it was worth the try.

He was able to connect major heartbeats during the last ten days.

Now, it was time to fix the real major heartbeat.

By any means, it was an important challenge.

‘This one has more than 10 people combined.’

Taesan thought like that and gradually went up.

He went in by going through the power of the soundproof wall which subtly surrounded the room.

At that moment, he felt that something was off.

‘Huh, these guys.’

Even after losing his martial ability as Cheonma and being less sensible, he was still a Cheonma.

It wasn’t easy to secretly deceive Cheonma’s sensibility.

In order to do so, the person should be at least 100 in rank in the martial world for their talent.

Anyway, Taesan detected a sound that showed that someone was hiding without breathing.

The person’s hiding ability was quite good, but their martial ability was a bit lacking. Of course, the sense wasn’t perfect, so there was probably some margin of error.

The problem was that although his skill wasn’t too good, it was stronger than Taesan’s.

Even if Taesan used all of his energy, if the hidden sound stabbed him with a knife, everything would be over.

He thought about leaving the room with Danyoung, but he decided to postpone it as he thought it wouldn’t work.

Still, he didn’t plan on showing what happened in the room.

Taesan sat down.

Danyoung gently sat next to Taesan and poured the alcohol.

“I don’t need to drink. I don’t feel well, so if I drink it, I will faint. You can drink as much as you want.”

‘I’m fine.”

Danyoung also had a dark voice.

She seemed like she had submerged into darkness.

Perhaps, there were people who were attracted to Danyoung. Also, there was a high possibility that such people weren’t ordinary.

‘If you experience such a thing, you will become darker.’

Taesan told Danyoung, ‘Go out and tell my guard to come here.’

‘Yes, will do.’

Danyoung stood up quietly and went outside. After a while, Danyoung and Gyeongwan came together.

“Did you call me?”

Taesan nodded and put out a hand. 

“Let me borrow your sword.”


Gyeongwan just looked at Taesan. There was no change in facial expression but one could sense that he felt uncomfortable.

“You mean my sword?”

Taesan nodded while reaching out with his hand.

“Why? Are you still obsessed with the weapon?”

Gyeongwan’s face became grim.

It was Taesan’s third time seeing Gyeongwan’s face like that.

“So, are you going to lend me your sword or not?”

Gyeongwan sighed and gave him the sword.

Taesan took the sword out and took a few steps.

Then, he looked at the ceiling.

“I don’t know if this will work.”

He swung his arm once while holding the sword and threw it toward the ceiling.


The knife stabbed deep inside the ceiling.

At that moment, Gyeongwan’s eyes blinked. Then, his body disappeared all of a sudden.


In the matter of a moment, Gyeongwan’s hand went inside the ceiling, and he grabbed a black-clothed guy’s neck.

Taesan nodded while looking at the scene.

He was quite good. It was a bit stronger than expected as Taesan observed Gyeongwan’s real movements.

‘If today’s challenge is successful, such a mistake won’t happen again.’

The thing Taesan aimed to get today was one of the 7 important heartbeats which are considered to be important in the Magical Spell of increasing Spirit.

If one is connected properly, there is no worry of sudden death.

Also, the body and its senses will improve as well.

“Were you surprised? I don’t think we can stay here any longer.”

Danyoung looked at Gyeongwan in surprise and sighed after hearing Taesan speaking to her.

Until then, she was surprised that she didn’t know she was holding her breath.

“Ah, ah, I.. I……”

Danyoung looked at Taesan while feeling intimidated.

Taesan laughed and gently patted Danyoung’s shoulder.

“It’s not your fault. It’s brothel’s fault. We can talk about that later. Today, I want to focus on spending time with you.”

Taesan looked at Gyeongwan.

“Can I leave the rest to you?”


Gyeongwan’s eyes were a bit shaken.

Today’s events were full of mysteries. It wasn’t only today. Recently, Taesan was acting really weird.

It seemed like he had become a different person.

‘No, that’s not it. If you look at it… perhaps, he is going back to his normal state.’

Taesan wasn’t cynical and weak from the beginning. He wasn’t like that a long time ago.

If he didn’t get sick, he would grow up properly.

While thinking like that, Gyeongwan put more force into his hands.


The guy in black clothes held by Gyeongwan was wriggling his body.

Taesan grabbed Danyoung and left the brothel.

It was absurd to stay in the brothel after experiencing such things.

There were people who were blocking him while leaving the brothel but they couldn’t stop Taesan from leaving.

As Taesan just looked at them once, they couldn’t bother to block him as they were sweating.

Once Taesan left the brothel, he didn’t have a place to go.

It was a bit awkward to go back home.

There was a limit to not caring about how other people viewed him.

Today, there will be a louder voice than normal but he didn’t want to that in the Golden Wall Clan.

That could cause communication problems for Soso.

‘I don’t need to take such a risk.’

Still, Taesan was walking towards somewhere. Then, Danyoung was busy following Taesan while holding his clothes.

‘Wait, we are in Muhan?’

Taesan stopped in his steps as a flashback popped into his mind.

A part of his memory as Cheonma came to him.

Normally, he wouldn’t remember such a thing but at the right moment, the memory was recalled when he was desperate as if it had been pasted in.

It was a report from his soldier.

It was a report telling him that the soldier had prepared residents everywhere and the first resident was located in Muhan.

It must be quite detailed since it was the first report but Cheonma just let it go.

But this memory came up as if he was experiencing it again.

Taesan continued to walk again.

He needed to find the place he heard about but it wasn’t that hard.

The place he arrived at was a small residence quite afar from the brothel.

The fence was high and the door was closed.

But Taesan didn’t worry. That wasn’t the entrance.

“Where are you headed?”

The sudden voice made Taesan stop walking and he looked back.

Danyoung was looking at Taesan while being intimidated.

“So what?”

“This place has bad rumors that surround it.”

“Bad rumors?”

“The residence is known to have a rumor where you enter secretly and never will come out again.”

It was just a rumor. A rumor created by Cheonma’s group.

This was included in the report regarding the residence.

“Don’t worry. This place is mine.”


Danyoung’s eyes grew really big.

“This resident belongs to me. Why? Can’t you believe it?”

Taesan spoke with such confidence that Danyoung couldn’t shake her head.

Also, the Golden Wall Clan wouldn’t have any problems in owning a few residents like this secretly.

“Now, let me show you proof. Don’t let me go.”

Danyoung nodded her head while being scared and nervous.

Taesan had Danyoung following him and they walked along the fence before they turned all of sudden and headed back towards the fence.

Danyoung was surprised as she thought Taesan would bump into the fence. She almost screamed but she couldn’t.

That’s because the view in front of her eyes changed completely.

The two people were already inside the residence.

Danyoung was looking at the giant building standing in the middle when she heard Taesan’s voice.

“Now, let’s go. The night is about to end so we need to work harder. I will take your souls out so look forward to it.”

Danyoung blushed and put her head down while following Taesan.

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