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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 20

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

Ye Zan wasn’t really being arrogant by fighting him with his bare hands. The truth was… he never learned how to use a sword.

In the science and technology world, these weapons like swords, spears, double-edged swords and halberds had long been gone. Although there were still various fighting competitions in the interstellar era, most of them were fistfights. Compared with the impressive dagger and swords, people in the world of science and technology still preferred fistfighting. Even a bystander or someone in the iron cage could be a participant.

Although Ye Zan had not yet learned the martial arts of this world, through his observations, he believed that with the fighting skills from the science and technology world, he could easily deal with his opponent. Strictly speaking, it was because the cultivators of the Qi Refining Realm had not yet separated from the mortals. Although his extraordinary power only acted under the essential Qi, he was strengthened. It’s just that he was somewhat limited. 

Although Ye Zan’s cultivation was not as good as that of the disciple, under this sword robe, he was still wearing a nano-combat suit from the science and technology world. Despite the fact that it was just a nano-combat suit, it didn’t have the alloy exoskeleton and obvious artificial muscles, but it increased physical fitness by several folds.

The nano-suit made up for the gap in cultivation, coupled with the supercomputing power of the intelligence-assisted chip. But Ye Zan would look like a bully if he fought a kid with no experience in fighting. 

Ye Zan went up the platform. The nano-suit’s fighting mode had already been set, the intelligence assisted chip in his brain had also been programmed in fight assistance. Immediately, his opponent’s sword was coming to him and it flickered faintly — this was the power of essential Qi. However, it was still useless if he could not hit his target, no matter how fast his movement. Ye Zan moved slightly sideways, and the longsword almost touched his body.

He didn’t give the other party time to react just like lightning striking a stone. Ye Zan then stretched out his hand and grabbed his opponent’s hand that was holding the sword as his other hand held the other party’s elbow. Then, Ye Zan twisted his opponent’s arm with both hands by the simple freehand naked sword technique. He immediately twisted his opponent’s arm from behind, and his opponent’s sword fell to the ground.

If the exchange of attacks was just normal, Ye Zan would’ve given up at this point. But Ye Zan had already taken the Yuqing sect as his own territory, so he really detested these people who came just to cause trouble. As he said earlier, the disciple shouldn’t cry even if he was beaten badly. Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan also said those beautiful words, so how could Ye Zan not give their disciples an unforgettable lesson? 

So, Ye Zan started to attack. 

Everyone in the audience including Wu Changsheng was so surprised when they saw Ye Zan attack his opponent. Suddenly, Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan’s smiles were also gone, and their expressions became horrible instead. However, no one expected that the next thing would surprise them even more.

Ye Zan didn’t stop there. He waved his arms like phantoms, and his hands moved quickly on the disciple. At the same time, a miserable scream rang out on the platform. It sounded like a crying ghost, making people’s hair stand on end. 

In less than a minute, Ye Zan stopped and stepped back a few steps to the corner of the platform. However, the disciple didn’t stop screaming. He stayed on the ground, with his arms twisted abnormally.

Luo Miao got scared all of a sudden. This disciple placed first in the Jinguang sect competition for outer disciples this time. Although he was not a great talent, it would be worthless if he suffered such a loss here. Luo Miao got impatient just thinking about it, so he hopped onto the platform in a flash to see what happened to his disciple.

Wu Changsheng was afraid that Luo Miao would do something to Ye Zan every time he moved, so he immediately followed him with a swish. Of course, they were so curious about what method Ye Zan actually used that made this disciple scream painfully.

Actually, Ye Zan didn’t use any kind of trick. He just plucked the disciple’s joints. He doesn’t have many injuries aside from the pain. At the very least, it was easier to dislocate the joint.

Once Luo Miao saw the situation his disciple was in, he immediately knew what the problem was. This man understood the human body, but his understanding was no less than that of the science and technology world. However, because the martial arts of this world leaned on the use of essential Qi, they neglected the fighting skills that focused on the human body structure.

Luo Miao stepped forward and grabbed the disciple by his nape and dragged him with one hand. The disciple shook slightly, then he suddenly stopped screaming. Now, he didn’t kill the disciple who made him lose his face, but the disciple’s joints recovered just through the shaking.

It still hurt, but it was not as painful as before. The disciple knelt down suddenly, feeling ashamed. He asked Luo Miao for punishment and then glared at Ye Zan.

It seems like he hadn’t learned yet! Ye Zan knew that the disciple hated him, seeing as he glared at him, but he didn’t care. Instead of saving this kid, it should have been a real life-and-death match so he won’t have to waste energy.

“What? Do you regret it?” Ye Zan asked him with a smile.

Luo Miao recalled his conversation with him a while ago and looked at his disciples next to him. He got so angry and hit the nape of his disciple all of a sudden, then he said, “Thank you for your guidance, Martial Granduncle.”

Luo Miao plucked up his courage to say those words to bring back some honor for himself. No matter what kind of cultivator he was, at least he was still older than him, so it was not that embarrassing to have a disciple that lost in the competition.

That disciple who was glaring at Ye Zan never thought that his master would slap him. But, what made him even more surprised were the words spoken by his master. This person in front of him who looked the same age as him was actually called “Martial Granduncle”!

“T-Thank you, Martial Granduncle for the direction …” No matter how reluctant that disciple was, he didn’t dare to disobey his master. He paid his respect to Ye Zan insincerely. 

Ye Zan didn’t respond. Instead, he turned and looked at Wang Lianshan next to him, and said with a smile, “Martial nephew Wang, Martial nephew Luo has fulfilled his wish. Do you want your disciple to come over here? If you chase after a sheep, two would be free.”

Luo Miao and Wang Lianshan both said before that they just wanted to give their disciples some lessons to know the meaning of, “Behind any skillful man, there is always someone better and there is always a mountain beyond a mountain.” And now, Ye Zan had dealt with Luo Miao’s disciple. He was just fulfilling their wish. But Wang Lianshan’s disciples still hadn’t settled a score with him.

When Wang Lianshan heard this, he felt troubled. Would he agree? He also had some views about this. As a master of the Jindan sect, he knew his disciple would reach the same ending after watching the match between Ye Zan and the disciple of the Jinguang sect. 

But what if he didn’t agree? Luo Miao might suspect him since these two sects came to the Yuqing sect together, so he couldn’t suffer alone.

Luo Miao was full of tricks. He didn’t speak at all at this moment and didn’t mean to give his ally a way out. He just waited to see what Wang Lianshan’s decision was. For him, if he lost face, everyone should lose face as well. Wasn’t he showing his true colors like that?

When Wang Lianshan didn’t know if he would agree, his disciple came out from nowhere and jumped on the platform, “Master, I’d like to ask Martial Granduncle for a direction or two.” Ye Zan glanced at him at the side — he looked a little arrogant.

Apparently, this disciple of the Wuzhu sect saw this as an opportunity to become famous. For him, he became more convinced that the Jinguang disciple was too inattentive after watching the match. So he decided if he were that disciple, he would never let Ye Zan get close to him.

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