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Terrarium Adventure – Chapter 4

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

Normally, I should be worried about going home when I instead landed in a strange place… Thinking that this place was inside a game, this crazy curiosity made me want to find out if my hypothesis was true.

When will I ever experience something like this again? Huh? I don’t know if others will believe me, but this would be really awesome to write on my personal statement.

As I looked at the plate which was depleting in a matter of seconds, I gave my meat to her. Daisy ate well and it made the people around her happy.

“Please give me a glass of water as well!”

Speaking of which, no water was served, unlike a normal restaurant. As I raised my hand to ask the owner for water, the owner seemed hesitant.

“I’m sorry. Our village is short of water. You will have to pay extra for water…”

Daisy told me something similar. The well was drying out due to the ‘fire.’

“How much do I need to pay?”

The owner put up one finger. Did that mean one diamond?

I took out one diamond from my pocket and gave it to her. Then, I was able to receive a bottle of water.

Lukewarm water was filled inside a coke sized bottle. Then, she gave me a cup. I poured water into the cup and gave it to Daisy. In case she gets indigestion, I told her to slowly drink the water, and Daisy’s facial expression was as if she never imagined she would get a cup.

“Drink it.”

Although I urged her, she just stared at the cup and didn’t dare to touch it.

“This is too much for me. I got better treatment today than the people who fix fences in our village…”

“It’s fine since you help me more than them.”

Daisy successfully managed to touch the cup, but she wasn’t able to drink it. Instead, her face showed that she was under pressure when things turned awkward.

“Actually, it’s a secret…”

I intentionally looked at the counter and moved my body closer to Daisy. Then, I put my hands together and said in a small voice, “I’m really rich (inside the ‘Infinite Diamond’ Game). I live using collected diamonds (from the ‘Infinite Diamond’ Game) so I don’t know how things are (especially in this world). I was raised in a high class (only tapped in Infinite Diamond).”

“Is that so…?”

“I don’t know a lot of things so I might get cheated. That’s why I want you to help me. If I ask someone else and the other person is greedy, I may be harmed when the other person wants to steal diamonds from me.”

“That… is a problem!”

“There are many things I don’t know about and I will bother you. That’s why I’m treating you well in advance.”

“You don’t bother me! Not at all! I just need to explain things that I know!”

Sure, sure. The way Daisy looks at me has changed, but the diamonds coming out of my pocket can be explained. I switched Daisy’s empty dish and my full dish.

“You need energy to talk a lot so eat a lot.”

“Yes! I will eat a lot and help Mr. Druid!”

Now, Daisy drank her water and began using her spoon again. As the dish was becoming empty, I spoke to her again.

“Where is your house? If it gets dark, your parents will worry so it’s better to tell them in advance or meet them nearby.”

“I don’t have a house and I don’t have parents. I sleep at a village center nearby. They are open to orphans like me.”

I didn’t expect such an answer and it felt like getting a splash of cold water. What if I hurt Daisy’s feelings?

“Hmm… I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. There are many orphans like me in the village. They lost their parents due to the fire.”

“Speaking of which, can I hear more about the fire? It can be anything you know about.”

This common-sense must be right. Daisy’s face turned blank. She made a face: Why are you asking something you already know?

I pretended that I didn’t know anything and avoided eye contact. How should I word the question better? Should I have said it indirectly?

Thankfully, Daisy made up her own conclusion to my question inside her head. She put her spoon down after licking it and made a nasal sound to organize her response to my question.

“This village is directly affected by the tree so it is less damaged by the fire. However, when I go outside the village even for a bit, the fire will attack. The only thing that can turn the fire down is the Driard born from the tree.”

“I know, I know, Driard.”

I don’t know. Driard… I know dry ice… But I nodded pretending that I knew Driard from the beginning.

“As a temporary measure, we have dug a moat and made a fence with a metal that doesn’t burn. But like I said, it’s a temporary method. Unless Mr. Druid turns off the fire with Driards, we will sustain big damage. I also heard that the village nearby was completely burnt.”

The fire must be a real fire. Still, why does she talk as if the fire is like a monster? Gosh, is it like a monster? It feels like a game.

“I’m suddenly curious about this: why can only Driards extinguish the fire? This is just for increasing my knowledge. Don’t get me wrong. I like to think a lot.”

“That’s because they were born in the tree. Normally, plants can’t win against the fire but Driards born from the tree has special powers.”

So, the Driards are the fancy illustrated characters from the beta page on my friend’s cell phone? Like mercenaries that you choose randomly.

Oh, that makes sense. This is like a starting village for beginners. Thinking about the game system, there is only unfamiliarity as a beginner.

Wow, my heart is racing. Although I don’t like card drawing games, I do like the game and I became excited as I enjoy playing games.

Am I able to level up in here? It’s really exciting. What’s the ultimate goal? Are there achievements? Am I supposed to beat the boss? I also have a lot of money.

Am I a user who plays the game by putting out cheat codes to infinitely possess diamonds. Oh wow, this is exhilarating. It would be better if I can punch the air while holding a cigarette.

I closed my mouth to calm myself from excitement. What should I do to raid the monster? Can I learn skills? Who can I learn from? Am I able to release fire and water from my hands?

“Umm… Mr. Druid. I do understand that you are afraid when you have to take on an adventure. Still, it’s a Druid’s destiny. I always cheer for those with lofty hearts!”

Daisy said such cute things as she misunderstood me. I took a breath while being calm. She may appear crazy.

“Hmm, okay. As you say, I feel a bit afraid. You know what? I feel panic as I’m afraid,  but what should I do starting from tomorrow?”

Daisy definitely said that tomorrow is the best time because the tree will make fruits tomorrow. That means that the adventure begins tomorrow. Where can I find the NPC who hands out quests for beginners? Or perhaps I need to learn skills as a beginner.

“You need to wake up early and visit the orchard.”

Is it the orchard that I know? It must be the orchard where you pick up apples or pears. Is this game supposed to be a farming game where I need to raise fruits instead of diamonds?

“Of course. There are quests to do in the orchard. However, I’m confused about what I should do at the orchard. Don’t get me wrong. It’s my first time visiting the orchard in this village. I don’t know the way.”

“Ah, of course! I made a mistake. It will be similar to orchards in other villages. Get a number and wait. I will guide you there tomorrow!”

You can’t stop explaining just like that! I tried my best to ask indirectly and you can’t just cut it out like that. I did get a number and waited at the bank. I don’t think I will make a deposit at the bank. She laughed brightly as she didn’t understand me.

“Is there anything you are curious about?”

There are so many things to ask but I don’t know what to ask. Would a beginner pay attention to all kinds of FAQs or guidance?

There are hundreds of released games and the terms are all different so until I experience it myself, I can’t understand it and I will have questions. Still, I can’t miss out on such a chance.

What if I have a question after sending Daisy back? I’m comfortable with Daisy talking by herself and asking questions based on keywords.

“As you say, I feel a bit tired. But I still have a lot to ask. I really need more help from you…”

I gently began to speak.

“I will as long as you have curiosity!”

“No, I mean it’s a bit dark to discuss it. Wouldn’t it be dangerous for a child to walk alone at night?”

“I’m fine.”

Does this village have good safety? I mean still, there are crime cases even in Korea where it is considered to be safe among many nations.

“Perhaps, do you have to visit the village center today?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Then why don’t you sleep at the lodge with me?”

Oops, the suggestion was too much. Daisy’s face showed that she was freaked out. I feel like I became a bad adult.

Still, it’s better than the village center where many people are staying.

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