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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 27

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Do I want to become the crown princess…?

No, that’s not it.

It’s because Lord Edward is the crown prince that I wanted to stand by him as the crown princess. I tried my hardest practicing and studying just so I could be someone worthy of being the crown princess.

I tried my absolute best.

All just so I could stand by Lord Edward’s side.

Even though I was really bad at socializing with others, I still tried my best.

“Ahhh, Rachel, please don’t cry.”

Before I knew it, I was already crying. Yuki gently strokes my face with her hands. The warmth from another person’s touch was so comforting, that I cried even more.

“You know, I was taught to never cry in front of others.”

“Was that because of your position?”

Yuki responds immediately to my random burst of words.

I nodded slightly in response. The crown princess should always stand proudly and boldly in front of others. She should always be firm and steady. Or so that’s what I was taught.

“I just wanted to be by his side, because I loved him.”

“You sure did your best huh? You did all you could just for someone like him.”

Yuki gently strokes my head as to reassure me, I felt comforted by Yuki’s touch and I cried even more.

It’s ok if I cry here, right…?

I’ve held back for so long.

No matter how tough it was, or how sad I was feeling, I was never allowed to cry. But here, Yuki is telling me that it’s ok to cry.

“I tried my hardest. I wanted him to just notice me. But lately, he hasn’t even been seeing me. Now we’re not even going to be in the same room anymore…”

“I see. It must have been tough. But you know, you’re not really suited to become the crown princess. If you stayed here and became the crown princess, it’s just going to get tougher for you. So, let’s just run away together!”

I wanted to believe in her words. 

I wanted to just take her hands and run away from here. 

I’m just that weak of a person.

I’m not suited to be the crown princess.

It’s something I’ve known all along.

All this time, I’ve just been acting the way a crown princess should, just as I have been taught. It was really hard.

To always spend my time smiling, to always try to act positive, and to always stand proudly.

Just that alone was really hard for me.

I was able to withstand all of that because of my affection towards him.

But was there even any point to all of that if he just hates me? I was scared.

“Yuki, I…”

“Oh ho… So, you wanted to run away from me huh?”


Suddenly, I heard a voice. It wasn’t Yuki. Upon hearing that voice it startled me.

That irritated sounding voice came from… Lord Edward…?

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