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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 24

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

Iris was facing down, not answering the question.

It was hard for her to admit – “To protect everything as a knight” and “Getting stronger to take revenge” are two completely different things.

All I could think of was that she has these two quite different thoughts in her head.

Iris let out a big sigh and opened her mouth silently.

“Is it wrong? To kill the one that killed my father?”

“No, I don’t think so.”


Iris looked up with her big eyes.

She was expecting me to disapprove of her will to get stronger in order to take her revenge.

But I don’t dislike this at all. Everyone has their own reasons to get stronger.

“Iris, if you want to grow stronger in order to protect others, then I will support you until the end.

And even if you want to grow stronger to take revenge, then I will not stop you. For every person, it’s important to have a reason to grow. No matter what it is.”

“I was certain that you would disapprove..”

“Do you think that because somewhere inside of you know that it is not the right thing to do?”


Iris was astonished by what I just said.

She didn’t really realize herself, but the reason that she thought I wouldn’t approve of it is because she doesn’t approve of the revenge herself either.

But still, her need to do so doesn’t disappear.

These two conflicting feelings – These are what stops her from growing stronger.

“I am not going to disapprove of any reason that you have to grow stronger. But you do need to make a choice, I think.”

“I have to… choose?”

“Yes, if you truly wish to become stronger, then you must first get rid of your hesitations. You must choose to become stronger so that you can follow your father’s footsteps,

or so that you can avenge your father’s death.”

Iris looked shocked.

However, she doesn’t need to choose one – she needs to make a choice.

The right thing would be to choose to protect someone. But I don’t think that getting stronger for the sake of taking revenge is by any means wrong.

Moreover, as a teacher, I cannot choose the path for the one who looks up to me has to take. That choice is up to the student. 

If Iris wants to become “The strongest”, it doesn’t matter what she chooses, as long as she makes a choice.

“If I don’t choose, I won’t become stronger?”

“Not necessarily, but it does hinder your growth I think. You have hesitation in your consciousness, it seems.”


“Yes, between your feeling to grow to protect everyone and the unpleasantness of feeling that you must grow to take revenge.”

“So …  I should get rid of the will to take revenge on my father’s murderer?”

“That’s up to you. If you think that you have to get stronger for that reason, then you must swing your sword with all your might for that very reason. If you do that, then you will grow.”

“Mr. Schweiss, what do you think I should do?”

“As your teacher, I would advise you not to swing your sword for revenge, for it is a rather conflicting path.”

I’ve seen enough people doing exactly that. I threw away that life myself, and have since become a Swordmaster.

Iris doesn’t seem to be less conflicted by my answer.

“I can’t decide that easily. I mean.. I saw my father being murdered right before my eyes.”


That’s something I’ve heard for the first time.

Garlo being murdered before Iris’s eyes… Though that happened, she still lives like this.

“I couldn’t see his face very well, but I remember the voice of the man that murdered my father very well. “When you’ve become stronger, I will come to kill you too” – I will never forget that he said that.”

Iris looked straight ahead, right at me, and said:

“But if I have to choose, then I will choose to swing my sword in order to protect.”

Iris proclaimed this to be what she wanted. But saying it with words is different from saying it with the bottom of your heart.

Still, I could tell from her words and expression that she meant it full-heartedly.

Though there was some hesitation – She knew what she had to do.

The most important thing for her was to choose her reason to become stronger.

(I didn’t realize this before, but that’s because I am rather new as a teacher, ye?)

Well, I am not that great at reading people, so that’s that.

Still, she can swing her sword, even with the smallest lingering thoughts.

We can take the first step tomorrow.

With that in mind:

“Now that we’re on the topic, I might as well ask. Why do you swing your sword, Mr. Schweiss?” – Iris asked.

The reason why I swing my blade? That’s quite simple. 

“Because I want to live leisurely.”

“Live… leisurely?

Iris seemed confused. 

Do I really need to explain this? As I thought that, Iris seemed to get what I was saying and started laughing.

“Hahaha, If that’s all it takes to get as strong as you then no one would have trouble with sword fighting.”

“Oh, is that so?”

“You would even tell jokes in a conversation like this, huh.”

“Yea, well I am still a child you know.”

“But you really don’t behave like one, hahaha…”

I have something that Iris does not – The memories of my previous life. 

Though she doesn’t really approve of it, it seems that I can stay close to Iris as her escort.

Aside from Folt, there are two assassins left.

Since they are definitely coming for her, Iris and I have made a cooperative pact with one another to counter them.

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