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Terrarium Adventure – Chapter 5

Translator: Darling | Editor: Nebosuke

“I need it, that’s why. I still didn’t resolve all my curiosity.”

“I will come early in the morning tomorrow!”

“Okay, that’s good! Early in the morning! Don’t misunderstand me. I get a lot of sleep in the morning, so I can’t wake up. If someone doesn’t wake me up, I will sleep all day. Tomorrow is really an important day for me, and I may waste my day by sleeping. Wouldn’t that be really troublesome?”

“Is that so?”

“That’s why I need you. Employment! Yes! Part-timer! You know what a part-timer is?”

I was in a rush, so I spouted everything from the top of my head. However, the owner heard our conversation and came over to arbitrate. What if the owner reported me for being a stranger?

“You want to hire her as a part-timer? This kid literally roams around the village, so it’s better to use someone who is specialized. I can recommend someone to you through the human resources office.”

“I don’t need such a person. I just want someone who can help with trivial things while being next to me.”

“Ah! I know! Mr. Druid was raised in a wealthy family, so you always have an assistant next to you. I read it in a storybook! You need an assistant. Hmm!”

Daisy clamped her hands over her mouth. That’s because she realized that it was the secret I told her. It didn’t really matter since it was made-up. How cute. The lodge owner stared at Daisy and spoke to me.

“I ended up overhearing the conversation because there aren’t many guests, but a valuable person like you visiting such a place…”

“There is a circumstance! Yes, circumstance! Doesn’t everyone have their own circumstance?”

Oh gosh. My face was blushing due to embarrassment. Did I really get my secondary education? Why is my expressive ability like this…

The lodge owner couldn’t get rid of her doubtful facial expression. Even when I think about it, it’s weird. Well, I don’t have any other excuses, so can you just understand me, please? Sob.

“Above all, Daisy is very kind and friendly, so I feel comfortable when I’m with her.”

The compliment from me suddenly made Daisy blush. The lodge owner nodded as if she agreed with me.

“Daisy is kind. Still, do you happen to realize me?”

“Sorry? What?”

It seemed like I didn’t miss any part of the conversation, but the lodge owner had asked a strange question. What did she find out?

“Mmm, never mind. Will you make Daisy stay at the lodge as well? There will be an additional cost.”

“I’m fine! I will sleep outside the lodge! I will go inside in the morning and wake you up!”

Oh, quick calculation! I immediately took out about five diamonds from my pocket. As the lodge owner and Daisy saw my diamonds, their eyes grew bigger. I should process this quickly before they change their words.

“This is for the room Daisy will be staying in, and for three bottles of water tomorrow morning.”

“You can’t! I can’t accept…”

Daisy shook her head and crossed her arms.

“It’s better to listen to his idea.”

The lodge owner quickly took the diamonds. Then, as Daisy continued to decline the offer, the owner was worried about having to return the diamonds while trying to defend the idea. Smart!

“The village hall is cold and small so it’s hard to sleep properly. The floor is hard as well. If you wake up, you will worry about finding a meal for the day so take Mr. Druid’s kind offer when he gives it to you. He also needs your help so I don’t think it’s too much.”

Then, the lodge owner disappeared after saying they’d deliver three bottles of water to my room. Yes! That’s it! I felt a bit sorry for Daisy who seemed hesitant, but it will be fine as it’s better than where she is staying.

“You used too many diamonds…”

“It’s okay. I have lots of diamonds.”

Abundant. As I woke up the cell phone which was in sleep mode, the game screen of <Infinite Diamond> appeared. Dwarfs were rolling around and looked at me while waving their hands. Number of diamonds in possession: 999,999,999,999,998.

It just decreased by the amount that I took it out. This changed as I tapped the cart from 8 to 9. Look, it seems like I can’t even use all of them in my lifetime.

How can I express this feeling? Will I be able to reach this amount even if I win the lottery 100 times? Becoming a billionaire or getting rich in a day? Yes! I became a trillionaire.

I was afraid when I had to purchase a game item that cost $50, but now I became a person where I didn’t feel like it was wasteful to tap infinitely into  <Infinite Diamond>.

Thrilling! I want to use money quickly! I want to splurge!

Me feeling afraid of having lots of money disappeared as I thought, ‘I’m in a game.’

While Daisy was looking, I tapped my cell phone a few times. Diamonds popped out. Gosh, why did so many come out? As it was about to spill, it stopped. When I looked at the screen, the dwarfs were committed to throwing diamonds using their shovels.

“I will use just as much as I need! Only a necessary amount!”

[Master! Take more! We can’t work because the cart is full!]

I gently put diamonds in my pocket so they wouldn’t fall out and looked at Daisy. She… was so surprised that her face turned pale.

I barely managed to put Daisy into the room on the 2nd floor. I got a room for 2 people with 2 beds instead of getting two rooms.

Daisy was happy like a child as it was her first time sleeping in a comfy bed. Afterward, I didn’t ask her many questions. That’s because my eyes were closing as tiredness came onto me while laying on the bed.

“Mr. Druid, you are the first person to ever properly treat me… I mean you gave me more than what I deserve. Everyone left me after getting help because I’m young. Although it wasn’t unfair, I was scared and couldn’t speak out.”

Daisy’s quiet voice sounded like a lullaby. I put my face on a smelly pillow and closed my eyes.

“If Mr. Druid wasn’t here, I would have to worry about my breakfast. I would be thankful that I woke up without getting sick and I would have to look up at the glass window to get morning dew to get some water. I really feel like this is a dream. I hope I don’t wake up forever. If I go too late, I will lose my water to the other children who visited earlier.”

Daisy firmly gripped the blanket and looked at the ceiling while whispering. Yes, I feel happy if you are happy.

Daisy is a child I really want to take care of. She was just being used for my benefit. Although I had only stayed with her for a short time, I felt emotional which made me feel guilty.

“Goodnight, Mr. Druid! I will wake you up tomorrow morning for sure!”

I wanted to say yes, but I quickly fell asleep.

“…Mr. Druid!”

10 more minutes… Siri set an alarm for 10 minutes. Really, just 10 minutes. I think I slept late last night. I don’t plan on washing my hair so let me sleep more.

“Mr. Druid. It’s morning!”


No, I will just call it a day. I don’t remember what the lecture was, but I will be fine since I’ve been attending classes lately. If anything happens, I can go to the faculty office to submit a reason for missing a day…

“Mr. Druid! Your breakfast is ready already! The orchard is far from here so you need to wake up early and get ready!”

Orchard…orchard…Druid… <Terarium Adventure>! Ah! I woke up from bed. Today was the day for the game adventure to begin!

“You really can’t wake up. I tried to wake you up more than 10 times.”

“Good job. I will treat you to breakfast and dessert.”

“It’s fine!”

Daisy gave me a towel with morning dew and quickly ran downstairs. She is active in the morning. I feel like I’m about to die. I wiped my face with cold water that almost froze my hands. I want to wash my face by cleansing it, but it will be hard as there is a lack of water.

Yesterday I didn’t have an appetite and I wasn’t hungry, but as I went downstairs, I was drooling due to the smell of food. It smells amazing! I saw Daisy who was already sitting down at the table waiting for me keenly. 

I didn’t go to Daisy but went to the kitchen instead. The lodge owner and chef were having a conversation. I took one diamond out and put it on the bar.

“Yesterday, I saw that Daisy eats a lot. Please prepare a bigger portion.”

“It’s enough with what you paid yesterday.”

After thinking about it, I took out two more diamonds. The two people were shocked.

“Then, even after I leave, please take good care of Daisy’s food. She is so nice that I want to do nice things for her. Perhaps, you may need more diamonds?”

“Gosh, it’s fine. It was on us to pay for Daisy’s food sometimes! Still, I will take it as gratitude.”

The two diamonds went inside the owner’s apron pockets, and the chef put the pot on the stove again.

“What did you talk about?”

“Nothing much. Let’s eat or it will get cold.”

I got a fork to grab one piece of dry salad, and Daisy quickly used her hands to grab the food. She always looks lovely while eating. Normally, people with such an appetite look disgusting when they eat quickly. Daisy looks really lovely.

“Eat slowly. Drink some water as well.”

Yesterday, Daisy didn’t touch the water bottle so there were three water bottles. I also fell asleep immediately.

She could drink it if she feels thirsty. As I poured the water into the cup and handed the cup to her, she drank it well while looking at me. Gosh… why is she so cute? Is this what it would feel like if I had siblings? Because I’m an only child, I envied my friends who have brothers and sisters, but now I feel somewhat the same.

As I ate little bits of meat pieces, I looked at how fast Daisy ate. With such speed, the food will be depleted before the new dish shows up, so I pushed my plate and bowl forward.

“Aren’t you eating, Mr. Druid?”

“I don’t eat much during breakfast.”

Complete bogus. I eat pork belly for breakfast. Still, I feel like I’m full while watching Daisy eat.

Afterward, the food came on time and Daisy ate well without feeling anything strange. The timing of putting down the cutlery and of the foodservice matched well.

“How long does it take to get to the orchard?”

There were no napkins yesterday, but I asked while wiping my mouth with the napkin the owner gave me. Daisy spoke while putting all the sauce around her mouth.

“You have to walk for a while. It’s a bit farther than where we met yesterday.”

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