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The villainess that got pregnant with the crown prince’s child decided to run away – Chapter 28

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“Lord Edward… I…”

I had no idea what I could say in response to Lord Edward’s sudden appearance. The words wouldn’t come into my head.

Even though I’ve wanted to see him so much. Even though I’ve wanted to talk to him for so long. Just thinking that he might have heard my conversation with Yuki has left me at a complete loss for words.

I wanted to tell him: “it’s a misunderstanding.” 

I wanted to tell him: “you’re wrong.”

But in truth, I have thought about running away.

“I knew all about it you know. I know all about how you tried so hard just to be my side. I also knew that you weren’t suited to be the crown princess.”


“Then break up with her!”

Lord Edward’s gaze seemed a bit different…

He’s looking at me with the same gentle gaze that he used to look at me.

It seemed like he noticed everything I kept inside of me.

Lord Edward softly caresses my hair with his warm hands.

“I knew all about it… Of course, I knew all about it, but still, I couldn’t let you go. That’s why I thought, if you were to bear my child, you would be by my side. You wouldn’t be able to leave me.”


“What. What even is that?”

He had me pregnant just so I couldn’t leave him?

All just so I wouldn’t run away from the pressure of being the crown princess?

Just for that…?

Even though I would have been by his side anyway?

“You’re scum. You’re the absolute worst.”

Yuki uttered in a hushed voice. It was probably the quietest voice I’ve ever heard from Yuki. She’s clearly looking down at Edward for his actions.

“But wait. This is different from the game! Why is Rachel pregnant?! I didn’t know about that! That wasn’t supposed to happen! Did Makoto know about this?!”

Yuki repeatedly said: “It isn’t supposed to be this way.”


By game, does she mean those visions that I sometimes see in my dreams?

“Makoto probably doesn’t know. I have told only a few. I thought it would be best if I didn’t spread it to everyone around us.”

Edward plainly states.

It wouldn’t be strange right now if Yuki were to be charged with treason for slandering the crown prince. But Lord Edward didn’t even mention that.

I couldn’t even say a single word.

If this is all true, then I want to ask him.

If he did all of that just to have me by his side, then why is he ignoring me lately? Why has he been so distant towards me lately? I want to know his reasons.

But I’m also scared of how he’ll answer. 

I was so scared that I couldn’t bring myself to ask him.

“…In any case, it still doesn’t change the fact that being by your side would only be bad news for Rachel. So, Edward, let Rachel go right now!”

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