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The “Master swordsman” who was reincarnated, wants to live freely Volume 1 “Swordmaster princess” bodyguard Chapter 25

Translator: Darling | Editor: Walker

“Shit. Shit.”

While cursing, Folt pressed down on his right arm.

Even after he arrived at the deserted house, the blood didn’t stop flowing out, and he was still filled with anger.

Before him stood the man with his hair as grey as ash. He has a scar on his face, and a 3-day beard to top it off.

The man – Adyl Grash, looked down at Folt.

“How was she, the Swordmaster Princess?”

“Don’t fucking ask! The kid did this to me. The youngest of the knight’s orders. He isn’t a fucking teacher, he’s a knight. A Knight!”

“What’s he called?”

“Alta Schweiss. Fucking bastard. I won’t forgive this…” – Folt said while tearing off his clothes in order to make the bleeding stop. 

You could say he’s truly part of the Swordsman Gang, still having ample energy to curse even after losing an arm.

But to Adyl, this wasn’t much.

“So, how is he?”

“Nothing much… The next time I cross him, I’ll fucking kill him!”

“That’s probably not going to happen, judging from your wounds. He really did you good, huh?”

“I haven’t lost yet!”

“Whatever. You could at least say that this Alta’s swordsmanship surpasses yours.”

“Wrong! That shit’s blade just had a niche to it, that’s all! If we had an actual sword fight, then..!”

Adyl scoffed at him.

A real sword fight. As if Folt is going to have an actual sword fight with someone.

But still, according to Folt, that’s what has to happen.

Folt lost both his swinging blade and his arm. 

“What kind of magic did he use?”

“Aa? He said that he used some sort of poison. “One that breaks the flow of magic,” he said.”

“Ooh, that is interesting.”

“Pff, whatever. Is that really what you’re asking? Isn’t your motto is to figure out your opponent during the fight?” – Folt asked.

Adyl seemed unwavered at what Folt told him about the blade though.

“That’s true. But he already defeated two of us Swordsman Gang members you know. The next time we lose, our honor is on the line you know.”

“I told you, I haven’t lost yet!”

“No, you lost.”

“What the-“

Folt looked up in order to get an answer. But soon his facial expression changed to a flustered one. 

Adyl swung his massive blade at Folt. A dull sound echoed through the air – It was painted with blood. Even the chair Folt sat in was completely crushed into the ground.

“It’s more profitable to kill those who aren’t useful – that goes for you too.”

He stuck the blood painted blade into the ground.

Folt always had the habit of just spitting out information to others.

He could have run his mouth a bit too much were he to be captured – So Adyl had to make sure he died when he got back home.

Of course, Folt isn’t worthy of carrying the same name as Azuma did. For he fled the battlefield, rather than dying in it.

“For your honor?”

From the back, a woman came into the abandoned shack.

She had beautiful long golden hair. With her eyes closed and a serene expression, she asked Adyl.

Her name is Fiss Maiden. Just like Adyl, she too was part of the Swordsman Gang.

“Was that a question?”

“We really don’t have to care about our appearances, though.”

“Of course. The ones that kill us get to take our places in the Gang. That’s why we always get to collect only the strongest members.

We’re a group that loves to kill, and that’s all we love to do.”

Both Azuma and Folt got done in by the same knight. 

What’s more, he’s just a child. A job was given to the SG so there can’t be any mistake in what is happening any longer.

“Our client wants to become the next king, and then starts a war. Rather than to preserve the safety of the Kingdom, they want to fight for the prosperity of the Kingdom.

Maybe they want even more than that. But the Swordsman Princess is going to take the throne from them. What a joke.”

“Right? And war, that’s just so not profitable.”

“Don’t you love war?”

“No, I think that it will be rather wasteful from now on. Especially since we’re also going to have to participate in the said war.”

“That’s correct. We enjoy creating the battlefield – That’s the purpose this time around, but we played around too much. And that hurt our name quite so.”

“Does it matter? We can just move out of here and fight somewhere else.”

“We could, but I took this job with the reason that I have an interest in this Swordmaster Princess. Aren’t you in for the same reason?”

Fiss shook her head in response to Adyl’s question.

Whatever Fiss was thinking, he would never know. Though she’s part of the Swordsman Gang, there is a difference for her between killing with profit, and without.

She doesn’t do it if there’s no profit – That’s her belief.

Adyl doesn’t disapprove of this though.

In the Swordsman Gang, everyone can choose their own reasons to fight.

“I lend you my strength because there’s a profit for me being here. 

But the fact that you’re so interested in the Swordmaster Princess is unexpected. 

As far as the rumors go, Azuma didn’t even try to fight her at that point.”

“Aah. That might be fate.”

“Fate, I see. Well then, there is a profit for you in this after all, huh?”

“How did the chase going on by the way?

“None of them were really that great, except for one person.”

“Ooh. And who might that be?”

“Black Wolf Knight Captain, Remyl Ein.”

Remyl Ein – Captain of one of the Kingdom’s five knight orders, the Black Wolf’s Captain. 

The one they fought before – The Blue Blade, Bell Trusou, was part of his order.

For Remyl it’s like fighting for revenge.

“The Captain came to the battlefield? Did you kill em?”

“I was going to, but it got a little bit too rowdy over there, so I just cut em up real good.”

“Aa, good.”

But they weren’t supposed to be part of that battle.

What was important for Adyl and co. wasn’t to have fun on the battlefield but to create a battlefield, that was the real killing.

“We could have just come here with the two of us.”

“It was really a waste of a swordsman. I mean, even Azuma had his spotlight.”

“Do you hate Folt?”

“He was a noble from someplace, but he just killed too much without a purpose. If you didn’t kill him, I would have.”

“So, there was a benefit for you, then? The next one we kill has to be the princess. No more playing around. We take her on, together.”

“Understood. I expect her death to be of use”, Fiss answered laughingly. 

Adyl broke out a smile too.

The remaining two Swordsman Gang members made their move.

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