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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 4

Ye Zan just said politely, but Wu Changsheng and others were frightened, and hurriedly saluted back: “I don’t dare to be a ‘senior’. The Grand Uncle has commanded, so we must do our best.”

“No, let’s forget it. We will get along for a long time in the future. I’m not comfortable if you always call me like that.” Ye Zan said coldly, and really can’t stand it. Several elders always treat him like this, which is too weird.

In the world of technology, even older subordinates are often not like them. Even in front of the young boss, those people show off their seniority.

“The Grand Uncle reminded me!” It seems that something suddenly occurred to Mo Rushi. His words attracted people, then he said, “just now, the grandmaster told me not to let out today’s affairs, so I’m afraid that the grandmaster would change his identity to another one, otherwise it would arouse suspicion from other people.”

“Mm-hmm, that’s right,” Ye Zan nodded, he said indifferently, “well, I’m an ordinary disciple of Yu Qingzong. You don’t have to call me master all day long, which makes me look like an old monster.”


Wu Changsheng and Mo Rushi called out almost at the same time. Is he joking? An old master of such a high rank uses the identity of an ordinary disciple in the outside world. How can he explain to the Great Master if there’s something wrong with him! They are too clear about the tricks under the sect. They don’t care about anything unless there is something serious. It’s also a kind of discipline for some disciples. But the identity of this young master is different.

Ye Zan did not understand the situation and was startled by Wu Changfeng’s response, he asked blankly, “how?”

“Grand Uncle, I have a suggestion, but I don’t know how to tell you this.” Wu Changsheng said carefully.

“Any suggestion, just say it.” Ye Zan spoke at will, with the no awareness of the being a grand-uncle of the others.

Seeing Ye Zan’s expression, Wu Changsheng was relieved secretly and then said: “I suggest that you called yourself the disciples of uncle Mo, as well as also the leader of our sect. What do you think about this?”

Mo Rushi showed his unhappiness after hearing it. “ Although it’s just a fake announcement to the public, it’s still not proper. In addition, it’s a burden, I don’t think it’s good to have a relationship with the Grand Uncle. Instead, if something goes wrong, it’s me who will be suffered.” thought him.

But before he could say anything against it, Ye Zan clapped his hands and said, “I think it’s OK, so it’s settled.”

So, ye Zan’s identity problem has been solved, nobody cares about Mo Rushi whose face got darkened. Wu Changsheng and the other two great masters of Jindan were relieved, they can finally throw away this big trouble.

It’s a big problem indeed!

It is unexpected that the disciple of the founder Xuanyuan didn’t even enter the realm of Qi practicing, who can be said to be a secular mortal.

Ye Zan didn’t practice Qi until he was twenty. Under normal circumstances, Yu Qingzong would not accept this kind of disciples, because there is no value for his cultivation. The disciples with good general qualifications have successfully built the foundation in their twenties. Those who do not build the foundation are at least well prepared for the foundation by practicing Qi.

Mo Rushi dare not fight or scold this young grand uncle. In this world, it is impossible to teach a good apprentice without beating or scolding. Although the great uncle is not an apprentice, he should be responsible for his study.

But if he let it be… after the Great Master comes back and sees that he didn’t finish this task, he would be mad, and the consequences will be…

“It turns out that this is Qi practicing. It doesn’t seem that hard!”

In a quiet room, Ye Zan sat on a futon, he opened his eyes and looked at the side with a happy face.

But Mo Rushi’s face got gloomy.

At the beginning of cultivation, Ye Zan was told that there were many difficulties during the training. Mo Rushi told him so because it’s to let the disciples have the awe to cultivation, in addition it also to arouse their competitive mind and prevent the idea of slackness.

In particular, Ye Zan began to practice Qi after twenty years old. Theoretically, there are bound to be more difficulties. For example, the first level of Qi practice is to sense the sense of Qi. Generally, the purer the mind is, the easier it is. Adults tend to have too many distractions. In addition, due to age problems, there may be blockage and atrophy of meridians and orifices, and the efficiency of cultivation will be much lower.

But what Mo Rushi didn’t know that he had a brain aid chip in his head.

It’s really quite difficult for Ye Zan to feel Qi. But it’s easier with the aid of an intelligent brain. All the changes in his body are monitored by an intelligent brain. It’s easy to catch Qi.

With a sense of Qi, the next step is the official practice of Qi. At this stage, qualification is very important, and the so-called qualification refers to the quality of meridians and orifices. Better channels and orifices got more absorption of Reiki, faster movement of Qi, and longer cultivation time.

Ye Zan’s qualifications are not as bad as Mo Rushi thought, but he is not so outstanding. Of course, at his age, his qualification has reached this level, which means that his initial qualification should be good. If he practiced Qi earlier, he might be a genius.

Mo Rushi felt a little pity.

“Your qualification was good, but you have started at an earlier age. In the future, if you want to have some achievements in cultivation, you need to make more efforts.” It is not so much a warning but a plea. He has no authority as a teacher.

“Mm-hmm, don’t worry, Old Mo,” Ye Zan replied perfunctorily.

It’s perfunctory.

In fact, Ye Zan is very clear in his heart. If he continued to be taught like this and practice step by step, even if he can achieve something in the end, it will be hundreds of years later.

Besides, what is achievement?

Practicing Qi, building foundation, golden elixir, Yuanying, Yuanshen, Dharma phase, combination, Going to Heaven and Earthly Immortal are the nine levels of cultivation. Apart from practicing Qi, there is a dangerous barrier behind, each of which blocks countless people. Different people have different qualifications and pursuits. Each pass may be regarded as an achievement for different people.

Ye Zan will not be satisfied with the achievements of the so-called great master Jindan and the great ancestors of Yuanying.

Though Ye Zan didn’t practice with the Great Master of Xuanyuan, he also heard a lot about Cultivation in those two years.

Ye Zan knows that with his step-by-step cultivation is not enough, and the second he has passed the best time, so his future achievements must be limited. Leave alone the achievement of the immortals, if he is lucky, he may be a golden elixir. It’s holy in the eyes of ordinary people, but still an ant in the eyes of the immortals.

Therefore, after sensing Qi, Ye Zan starts to think about what he should do later.

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