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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 77

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 77

Revisiting Reagan Island

I will bring Eris-nee-san to Reagan Island. We don’t want to miss their Patron God-sama’s ascension so we ran at high speed using the horses I had rented from Tabuchi-san to reach the docks.

Eris-nee-san had taken off her Saintess dress and was in simple traveller style clothes. I didn’t notice it yesterday since she had a veil, but she is currently using Grandmother’s hairpin to tie her rich black hair in a ponytail, and is running like a knight at the same speed as me. The Priests that came with her are far behind.

We kept talking throughout the journey without slowing down. I was mindful though, and used <soundproofing magic>.

First of all, I told her about how the Patron God-sama wished a ritual for its ascension.

And then, about that sultry afternoon at the Knights School, when His Highness Schneider invited me to enter his camp, but I refused and was attacked, having to flee for my life. And how I’m planning to be hiding in Marshe until things cooled down a bit.

I omitted about the reincarnation and Sacred Beasts. I can’t so freely talk about Ash and Tarl-sama, unlike about Lu, anyway.

“So that’s what happened… It’s completely beyond my expectations…”

“Does His Highness or the army not announce my lese majeste? We were in the school after all, and there were quite a few witnesses.”

“The school told the students to say that they ‘saw nothing’ or that they ‘can’t see the details of what happened’. The students who saw Serafi being chased by a ‘magician’ are not convinced of such actions though, and the cohesion between the school and the military declined all at once.”

“Then, after I disappeared, were Granzeus and Trundle punished?”

“No, I’ve heard of nothing about dismissing, stripping titles, changing territories, collecting fines, or anything of that sort. Just that, you suddenly disappeared.”

It is all as per the information Tabuchi-san collected. Tabuchi-san’s rating rises in my mind.

“What about Alma-chan?”

The only girl that has been left behind at school.

“Alma-chan is clenching her teeth and holding on, saying that she is defending the place for you for when you will return. Her classmates seem to be supporting her as well.”

Alma-chan, I love you. This is Alma-chan’s virtue. It is very Alma-chan like. However…

“I can’t go back. I raised my sword not only against His Highness, but also against a high ranking General, Also, aren’t students of the Knights School similar to non-commissioned officers? So I’ll probably be imprisoned after school anyway.”

“The judgement of Serafiona is on hold for some reason. It looks like no decision has been made just yet. And you have too much credit that, if you go back, you can probably enroll in third grade immediately, I think?”

“His Excellency is… doing things so half-heartedly…?”

I couldn’t tell what he was thinking at all.

“That’s right! Kodak-sensei! He acted as a shield to help me escape!”

“Sensei was absent for a while… because he was seriously injured, or so goes the rumor I’ve heard of. But he seems to have already returned to the podium. I also haven’t heard of anything about dismissing him. It is as if the school wants to make it seem like the incident never happened at all? I guess they’re trying to keep things under wraps? And Kodak-sensei was only trying to protect his student after all.”

Nothing much seems to have changed for both Granzeus and Trundle, Father and Grandmother. No one seems to have actually asked them straight on the topic of whether I’m really gone or not. Are the two of them still watching how things will turn out while seething in anger?

Or, rather, I don’t want Papa and Grandmother to blow things out of proportions by turning His Highness Schneider into an enemy. But, considering how I’ve been receiving assassination appempts one after the other, does he want to kill me secretly? But isn’t he a <contractor> too?

Your Highness Schneider, I can’t comprehend the thought process of a genius like you at all.

“Serafi, I’ll help you. So what’s next?”

“…I have been told by the Sacred Beast-samas to wait for the time being, so I’m working hard while waiting for further instructions.”

“Yes, I understand…”


“Gold-nii-san! Snake-nee-san!”

Gan-chan was waiting at the docks north of Marshe continent. We will be on a two weeks journey this time, unlike the leisurely three months trip with Miyu last time.


“Yes, on Reagan Island, I’ve been called by my plate color because I didn’t give my name.”

“No, not that, what does he mean ‘nii-san’?”

“I was advised that it will be stupid to live as a woman, so I became a ‘nii-san’ instead!”

“And you cut your hair for that?”


“…Does she intend to pass off as a man by dressing like one too? But she only became so much cuter that I want to cuddle her more and more… It’s completely meaningless…”


“Spirit-sama too… You must have been struggling a lot..”

What? Eris-san and Miyutan are suddenly nodding to each other, what are they talking about?

We went to Reagan Island on Gan-san’s ship. The tailwind maintains the ship’s speed at max throughout the journey, but the sea is calm and not turbulent at all.

“As expected of Saintess-sama!”

At that time, Saintess’s minion A and minion B, who are also on the ship, joined hands and rejoiced.

They’re wrong… It’s probably thanks to the 『East Sea’s Ruler』? Well, it’s all fine if it could help boost the divinity of the Saintess. It will become easier for Eris-nee-san to move around too.


When I got off the boat, the mayor came to meet me for the first time in a year.

“It’s been a while. Mayor and Guild Master.”

“It’s been a while. Gold-sama. Thank you for bringing the Shrine Maiden-sama with you.”

“The divine one here is not a Shrine Maiden but the Saintess-sama! The one and only Saintess-sama of this generation!”

Ummm, I’m sorry for that. By the way, the blond-haired Priest A is Kaku-san! The brown-haired Priest B is Suke-san.

“Saintess, Saintess-sama?”

“Yes, Saintess-sama here will be seeing the Patron God-sama of Reagan island.”


Gan-san quickly bows down. The mayor and his secretary(?) followed suit.

“Everyone, please be at ease. It’s my job to pray to the Gods. I’m honored to have been invited by Gold-san.”

Eris-san used 『Saintess’ Smile』 to the island inhabitants, Suke-san and Kaku-san. It is super effective.

Ah… I recalled the days when we practiced smiling at the Trundle House in the Royal Capital.

This is… an improved version instilled by Grandmother no less.

We decided to go to the temple the next day, so the Saintess-sama’s visit is celebrated with a feast that night.

The tables are filled with all sorts of seafood. Hurray for the 『East Sea’s Ruler』!

There are two, no three rings of people around the Saintess-sama. After gazing at the delightful island people for a while, I look outside the window. I can hear the sound of the tides.

The information I heard from Eris-san runs around in my head.

Father…… Older Brother……


“Are you sure it’s fine?”

The mayor came to me the next morning.

Miyu, who was sleeping on my shoulder, opened one eye, then tapped her tail twice to signal that there is no problem, closing her eyes again after that.

“About the ritual tomorrow?”

“It’s fine, it will definitely be a success. There is the Saintess-sama with us. You don’t have to worry! Mayor and Guild Master.”

“Ah, I’m no longer the Guild Master. You had told me that I wasn’t qualified, and you were right. Aah, I’m not bearing any grudge against you! In the first place, the position of the Mayor who prioritized the interest of the citizen, and the Guild Master who prioritized the interest of the adventurers, were not compatible. I had no idea.”


“A year ago… When you appeared in this city… That was the moment when this stagnated city began to move once again.”

I definitely felt like that.

“We hated change. We were afraid of change…”


“But you brought a new wind, no, you came in like a storm.”

“……I see.”

“But you were someone acknowledged by the God-sama of the waterfall, so I had to accept it, that we have to change.”

“Something like that… Sorry?”

The mayor slowly shook his head.

“I didn’t know if it was right back then. But you brought the Saintess-sama today, to this land that has been abandoned by the temple officials, whom we have not even seen for the past several years.”

Looking into the room nearby, I saw Eris-san kissing a small little baby. A woman who seems to be the mother is crying and bowing her head.

“The people are gathering around the Saintess-sama and are very delighted. I am now convinced that changing was the right thing to do.”

The mayor corrected his posture and joined both hands.

“Thank you, Gold-sama, on behalf of the townspeople. Until you tell us your true name one day, we will call you『The Twilight Storm Princess』”

Absolutely don’t――!!!

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