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Master of Science and Technology – Chapter 5

“Old Mo, I heard that you have a kind of elixir, which is called the heaven washing elixir?”

Ye Zan, of course, heard if from the Great Master of Xuanyuan. It’s said that the elixir can refine one’s aptitude and return one’s aptitude to the natural condition.

Ye Zan said earnestly: “this is a good thing. You have to use it or it’s just a waste. It’s just like money if you don’t spend money, what’s the difference between it and scrap iron? “

After hearing that, Mo Rushi even wanted to slap him on the face.

But he dares not, so he can only smile and say carefully: “this elixir is really suitable for your situation. Unfortunately, there is no elixir in the clan, even the prescription has been lost thousands of years ago.”

“What about the jade leaf and purple lotus?” Ye Zan asked.

Although it is not an elixir, it has the same effect as the washing elixir. It is a very precious spirit grass.

Mo Rushi shook his head quietly.

“What about the dragon blood Bodhi, the earth spirit fire spring? How about longevity pill? ” Ye Zan asked a lot of questions.

Mo Rushi shook his head again as if his neck were uncomfortable.

“Are you kidding me? You got nothing?” Ye Zan didn’t know what to say. His daydream was smashed at this moment.

In fact, what Ye Zan has mentioned were precious and rare in Yu Qing Sect ten thousand years ago. But now, Yu Qing Sect has become a third-class sect. How can they get those things?

After several seconds, Ye Zan seemed to accept the reality and asked feebly, “OK, Old Mo, tell me what you have.”

Mo Rushi handed in two celadon bottles in silence.

Ye Zan’s eyes brightened slightly. He grabbed two medicine bottles and asked happily, “What is this?”

Mo Rushi looked embarrassed, he says: “These are elixirs for practicing Qi.”

Well, in fact, it’s the most basic pill, especially for people who practice Qi.

Ye Zan clutched two medicine bottles, which were creaking. Fortunately, he took off his battle suit, or the two medicine bottles would have been pinched.

“It’s not because I’m mean, it’s because of the current situation of the clan. You can’t really get those elixir medicines that you want. However, I can guarantee that you will have enough supply of the pills for practicing Qi.”

When Ye Zan heard this, he couldn’t help but making dun of Mo Rushi, “what’s the matter? The clan can’t supply enough of the Qi practicing pills?”

It’s too miserable for Yu Qing Sect!

This is the primary pill. At least in Ye Zan’s mind, it should be a very common thing even if it’s not indiscriminate. But even this kind of pills, in Yu Qing Sect, the supply is very poor.

Mo Rushi sighed and said: “I’m ashamed to say that our sect has lost the inheritance of Taoism after several drastic changes. Today’s Alchemy hall thanks to Master Liu Qian, the basic supply can be guaranteed.”

What a tragedy! If people don’t know what the Yu Qing Sect looked like in its heyday, they may not have any regrets about the current situation of the Yu Qing Sect.

But, he already came, it’s useless to regret, Ye Zan took one pill out of the bottle.

This elixir is in the size of a soybean, and it also has a metallic luster. It looks like a copper bean. He even can smell the faint smell of medicine, which is not fragrant, but with a little burnt taste.

Ye Zan didn’t have any scruples. He just opened his mouth and threw the pills in.

Seeing Ye swallowing the elixir, Mo Rushi took a sigh of relief, then began to boast and said proudly: “To say that master Liu Qian, his level of elixir practicing is quite high. These elixir pills are absolute top-grade elixir refined by him. There are almost no impurities in these pills, which can ensure the maximum absorption of the herb.”

“Mo Rushi should be the host of online shopping in the world of science and technology. He is so good at boasting” thought Ye Zan.

Mo Rushi acted so ignorantly! Ye Zan thought in his heart but couldn’t speak out, the pill in his mouth is still there, he didn’t swallow it at all, instead, it was being decomposed and studied by countless nano worms in his mouth.

Mo Rushi didn’t know what Ye Zan thought in his heart, and he continued: “Master Liu Qian is also a man of love and righteousness. In the beginning, I did him a favor. When he heard that our sect was short of a master who can refine pills, he agreed to my invitation without hesitation. And came here”

Mo Rushi seemed quite complacent.

However, just when Mo is ready to continue to say something else, Ye Zan raises his hand to stop Mo, then opens his mouth and spits out. This mouthful of saliva, dark green in color, has a pungent smell when it falls on the ground. It’s the elixir impurities decomposed by nano insects.

Mo Rushi was stunned for a while, he looked at the dark green saliva on the ground and looked up again at Ye Zan, and asked with some worry: “what do you mean?”

Ye Zan shook his head and said with some disappointment, “This is the elixir you said? Fortunately, I have a way to get rid of impurities. Otherwise, it’s the same as taking poison.”

At this point,  Mo Rushi was really scared. The crime of poisoning his Grand Uncle is serious. If this Grand Uncle got angry, Mo Rushi may lose his life.

“You know that I dare not deceive you, this elixir is indeed a top-grade elixir. Although there are still some impurities, it is not harmful to your health.” Mo Rushi explained hurriedly.

Ye Zan shook his head. The so-called “three poisons of medicine” mostly refer to these impurities. This impurity may have nothing to do with his health at this time, but it will inevitably affect the body over time.

If he really wants to achieve the goal in his heart, there is no way for him to tolerate the mistakes.

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