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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 78

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 78

Witnessing the Ascension Ritual

That evening, the party continued until late in the night, then Eris-san and the Kaku-Suke pair stayed at the inn, while I and Miyu stayed at Gan-san’s place.

“Gold-sama! I can finally give you my thanks. Thank you very much for your help!”

Julia-san got up and walked towards us! And I got a little impressed! She is a very exotic beauty, and still very young! Only 20 years old! Wow! Only a 5 years age difference with me! When was she married? 15 years old? What a young wife…… Hmmmm, Gan-san, catch them young much?

Putting that aside, Gan-san is the new Guild Master.

“I can only do it when I’m not fishing, but I’ll do my best to not bring shame to Gold-sama.”

Yes yes, you shouldn’t overdo things.

I whispered when Julia-san wasn’t there.

“What happened to Bacchus?”

Gan-san instantly has a cold-looking glare.

“He’s dead. He also didn’t apologize to Julia until the end. He even used my refreshing grass without permission, but he wasn’t healed.”

How stupid. Had he repented and revealed that the poisoning was his doing, the gentle Gan-san and Julia-san would surely forgive, detoxify and save him.

Then, we finally arrived at the temple. The members present are me, Miyu-tan and Eris-nee-san. The Kaku-Suke Priests and the Mayor were eager to join us, but they could not move beyond the jungle.

After swimming through the waterhole once again, we cleaned ourselves up with <dryer magic> and <purification magic>.

“Open Sesame!”


We entered the room at the back of the shrine.

「Aah, <Contractor>, East Sea’s Ruler, thank you for bringing the Shrine Maiden!」

Despite being spoken to telepathically, I can tell that Lenza-kun is teary from his voice.

“Did we make it in time?”

「Yes! Yes!」

That’s good…………

Miyu-tan returns to her original size.

「The East Sea’s Ruler has grown stronger and more beautiful.」

「Yes, but this isn’t my limit.」

Miyu-tan has evolved after breaking through her limits some time during the past year…

「This person is the Shrine Maiden. Yes yes, she has a cozy aura like you, <Contractor>.」

Today Eris-sama will be paying homage to the Patron God-sama. She is wearing a pure white dress, the one she had on when we first reunited.

“No way… I can hear the voice of <Messenger-sama>…”

“Eris-san, <Messenger-sama> here can communicate with us with the help of the Patron God-sama.”

“Oh… <Messenger-sama>, nice to meet you. My name is Eris. I will perform the ritual for the Patron God-sama of this Reagan Island with all of my heart.”

「Yes yes, thank you very much. Then, let’s not just stand on ceremony. We should get ready.」

Lenza-kun descended from the altar and began to crawl towards the grounds of the monolithic structure where we are standing. He drew a circle, then letters, and the traces of where he was crawling shone blue.

“This is… a formation!”

We retreated from the middle of the structures to the edge so as to not interfere with Lenza-kun’s works. Over the course of about 20 minutes, he wrote a mysterious, luminous circle of about 2 meters in diameter, which should be difficult for humans to decipher. Lenza-kun is also sweating a lot.

“Lenza-kun, are you all right?”

「It’s done! Lower your heads!!!」

In a hurry, me, Eris-san, and Miyu get on our knees and hang our heads down.

And at the same time, blue light shone from the formation on the ground, then an enormous power swirled around the back room of the shrine we are in. The sight is followed by splashes of water coming from the ground…… The blue light grew more intense…… And beyond the glittering light is…

Wearing a blue garment, a long and huge body just laying down, large eyes closed, silver whiskers, and a silver horn on the head… The Patron God.

…………The Azure Dragon!!!

“The Eastern Divine Beast-sama of the Four heavens!!”

Eris-san shrieks and rubs her head against the ground.

Me and Miyu too bows deeply. It has a magnificent, strong, and overwhelming, yet gentle magic.

We are currently in the sanctuary of the Eastern Divine Beast after all.

「…Raise … your heads…」

A gentle, feminine voice permeates in my head.

“I can hear it… me too…”

Eris-san shivers.

Azure Dragon-sama slowly opens her eyelids. Eyes that seem to be able to see through everything appear, looking like blue jewels.

「I see… It’s as I expected out of the one recommended by Lenza.」

The Eastern Divine Beast-sama of the Four heavens can’t move much anymore, and she just moves her eyes, and they stopped at Miyu.

「…The Little Dragon’s daughter. I will assign you as my successor. Is that good?」

Miyu’s eyes opened wide as she was suddenly told something completely unexpected.

「Eh? A-Azure Dragon-sama! S-successor?」

「Little daughter. I have decided.」

I rapidly spoke, despite knowing that it is disrespectful.

“Wait, please wait! I have been put in charge of taking care of Miyu from the Little Dragon-sama. Please, give me a little more explanation.”

Lenza-kun opens his mouth.

「Kirama-sama acknowledges the qualities of the Ruler of the East Sea, and has decided that she will be the next Eastern Divine Beast of the Four Heavens. Unless the succession is complete, Kirama-sama can’t move on.」

“W-wait! Wasn’t Azure Dragon-sama born of the Moon Goddess? Miyu is different!”

The Eastern Divine Beast of the Four Heavens… Kirama-sama turns her eyes to me.

「…I see… You know of the details already. The <Contractor> of the West? Hmm, I feel the magic power of the South too. Such amazing magic power…… It is true that the successors are born of the Moon Goddess and are sent before the previous one’s ascension. But that is not always so.」


「When I was declining, Lenza was sent by the Moon Goddess. Then I brought up Lenza to be my successor. 」

We all turned to Lenza-kun. He has a hard to read expression on his face.

「It was Lenza that said, ‘There is someone more suitable for the position of the next Azure Dragon than me. So I will step back and assist the successor’.」


「Miyu-sama is definitely stronger than me. Both in mind and body. It isn’t right for me to become the Azure Dragon when there is already someone else like her.」

“But if there was the possibility of you being the successor, why were you so adamant about a B-rank or higher adventurer coming here? Were you expecting that an adventurer of B-rank or higher would be having a spirit accompanying him or her?”

「No, there’s another reason for that. If a great adventurer is coming, I would suggest that he or she become my <contractor> after the succession. Of course it depends on our compatibility, but,」

“Before the ascension ritual of the Patron God-sama, a better candidate arrived…”

Eris-san mutters in a stunned manner.

It is the last request before one’s passing. Miyu probably won’t refuse…

Miyu looks down at me, while I look up. She seems to have decided. She has a resolved-look on her face.

Miyu crawls towards Kirama-sama and bows once again.

「I will respectfully accept.」


Miyu slowly turns to me.

「Sera-chama, I want to be strong. I want to become even stronger, this time being able to stand in the ranks of Lu-sama and Ash-sama. I will also protect Sera-chama!!!」


「Yes, to become even stronger. Miyu, will accept.」

Miyu is called into the circle around Kirama-sama. She proceeds carefully and stops when she is right in front of Kirama-sama’s face.

「Miyu, you will be receiving everything the Eastern Beasts of the Four Heavens have inherited from the old days.」

Kirama-sama mutters something which cannot be perceived by humans, and kisses Miyu between her eyes.

Immediately, Kirama-sama’s blue magic power moves toward Miyu like the wind. The magical power of a God shook the air itself, and I and Eris-san squatted down and hugged each other… It is a scene that overwhelms my very being… But I keep my eyes focused on it…

Until, the blue light subsides, and,


Lenza-kun sheds tears.

All of Kirama-sama’s blue scales turned white and she closed her eyes without resisting.



My Miyu-tan became bigger, her scales changed from silver to azure, a horn filled with magic power grew on her head, and the little bit of the beastly scent that used to be on her body disappeared. She dignifiedly released her newly obtained magical power.

A young… Sacred Beast is born.

My Miyu-tan is… a true Queen… and a Goddess.

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