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Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer Volume 5 Chapter 76

Reincarnated Young Lady Aims to Be an Adventurer
Volume 5 Chapter 76

Meeting the Saintess(?)-sama

I took out a set of fluffy carpets and tea set from my <magic room> in the throne room. Just like back at the Knights School, I sat down and served Eris-san. Miyu-tan already returned to mini-size and is laying sprawled out on the carpet, taking a nap.

“Uwaa―! I’m having Serafi’s cake after such a long time! The red jam inside is so delicious! This green tea is also refreshing in the mouth!”

“Um, Eris-san, are you really a Saintess?”

“No at all?”

It is not so! …But I felt relieved anyway.

“You saw my Sacred Beast.”

Eris-san puts her fork down.

“That’s right. I’m sorry I didn’t talk about it earlier. Where should I start…… Both my parents are Priests. They’re still in the Great Temple. I grew up there, surrounded by stories and pictures of the Sacred Beast-samas. I was different from others in respect to my knowledge about the Gods, owning to the excellent religious environment I grew up in. But when I ended up being a <no magic> child, my parents were very disappointed.”

Eris-san has a strong belief in religion… So, how did she see Lu? Is it because of the so-called <divine power>? Could the same be said for Grandmother?

“I, as the <no magic> child, got admitted to the Knights School, desperately trying my best so that I may serve God by guarding the temple. However, it was only a very painful experience. With Sasara, we spend many nights crying in secret!”

Such things happened a lot of times to the girls there…

As for me, Grandmother and Kodak-sensei prepared an amiable environment for me when I entered.

“In the last year of my school life, I met Serafi. When I visited your room for the first time, I realised that the air there was clearer than any temple, and in the back is a beautiful and holy God, the likes of whom I thought I would never get to see even in my dreams… He was so adorable eating the cake, and seeing him continue to just sit there, I trembled in excitement.”

So anyway… Lu was spotted from the start.

“Among the Four Heavenly Beasts, the Western Heavenly Beast-sama is known to be particularly straight and innocent. And when I realised that Serafi is his <contractor>, I was relieved. The temple and the school are filled with dirty and filthy thoughts. But Serafi seems to be getting along with the Sacred Beast-sama without exploiting him. Serafi is someone approved by the Sacred Beast-sama. And so I, me and Sasara finally found a place we can catch our breath at at that school.”

…I never noticed that the two of them were like that.

“That one year we spent with Serafi and Alma, with the four of us together, we can finally relax our shoulders a bit. God was literally among us after all. I was also very surprised when I occasionally saw Serafi play with the Sacred Beast-sama. I felt lucky to witness such sights. But Serafi does not boast that she is a <contractor>, and I also often saw <concealment magic> being given to the Sacred Beast-sama, so I realized that the Sacred Beast-sama had to be hidden. So I kept the secret to myself.”

So I was witnessed having magic power. Was I not paying enough attention to my surroundings…?

“I met you all, met Elsa-sama, and graduated from the Knights School, thinking that I had made the right choice to go there in the first place. I then joined the army, and sometime later, I went to the Great Temple to receive guidance… But when I got there, I was abducted.”


……My One and only Eris-nee-san got abducted!?

“I went to a Knights School, enlisted in the army, and eventually got into a position where I got to lead a group of soldiers of my own. And I also received Elsa-sama’s protection. People were jealous of me. I was abducted by five Priests and three Shrine Maidens, and beaten.”

“I will not forgive that…………”

Killing intent leaks from all over my body.

The strands of my short hair are standing up.

“I wouldn’t be able to do anything against the five men. And I also realised that I will not only be beaten, but also defiled… So I made up my mind to kill myself.”


She clasped my hands tight to reassure me.

“Just as I finished my prayers to bade the world goodbye, my ring shook.”

Saying that, Eris-san showed me the little finger of her left hand… The gold ring signifying our friendship is there.

“Lightning shot out from the ring. As for the men in front of me and the girls laughing at a distance… The lightning rose up towards the sky, splitting into hundreds of rays and moving back down to the ground, striking the eight people many many times. The lightning strikes lasted for an hour, but they completely evaded me. Everyone in the Great Temple witnessed everything, from the apprentices to the Great Priests.”


“Was God mad at seeing the innocent me getting assaulted? Did I gain a power-up in a desperate situation? In any case, an unusual amount of lightning strike fell from heaven, it was as if I got to see God face to face ― The very picture of the Saintess who manipulates light, a legend that has been passed down in the temple since ancient times.”

The edges of Eris-san’s mouth rose.

“So anyway, that was something Serafi prepared, right? In other words, it was Serafi who made me a Saintess.”

For, for real?

“Thank you, Serafi. I am alive today thanks to Serafi.”

Eris-san wraps up my hands and smiles with tears in her eyes.

…I am delighted to have been of use to Eris-san! I am really glad that Eris-san is alive!

I’m glad… but… I’ve really done it this time! Oii!

“So anyway, why are you doing this Saintess business anyway?”

“Right, I denied it at first? But then I got pushed on and on to it that I couldn’t do anything else… So I went to receive the guidance of Elsa-sama, the person I trusted the most.”

Grandmother suddenly makes an appearance here!?

“Elsa-sama listened to my story while nodding many times… She then smiled and said, ‘Make good use of it’.”

Ouuu. I can see where this is going…

” ‘The power of the Saintess is at the highest rank, equal to the head of a nation. Use that power and reform the temple. Eliminate the no-good Priests and Shrine Maidens like the one who attacked you.’ “


” ‘But if you don’t have the belief that what you’re doing is the right thing, you won’t be able to exercise your power well. Do you swear that you won’t bring shame to the Sacred Beast-sama and Serafi? Are you ready to serve the Sacred Beast-sama wholeheartedly? That’s the only thing that mattered.’ “


” ‘This life saved by Serafi, I’m not going to bring dishonour to it. Serving the Sacred Beast-sama for a lifetime? What more could I ask if I get to have such a happy life.’ I replied. After that, I became an actress in the play directed by Elsa-sama.”

Ah… Grandmother experienced her second rebirth…

“Uh, then, the army?”

“Hmm? I’m retired. The army is separated into many factions, and I already was in the Trundle faction. When Serafi disappeared, we were immediately informed that it was because of His Excellency Avenger. No one hesitated for a second. About 200 executives and 3,000 soldiers I think? They all quit immediately.”

Kyaa―! Everyone―! You’re one in heart with Grandmother―!

“Serafi, so are you disappointed that I’m not really a Saintess?”

“Why should I be?”

Eris-san already vows to live a lifetime in the servitude of Lu. That’s already a “Saintess”.

“Saintess Eris-sama, there’s a place I’d like you to come to.”

“Yes, just tell me where. Fufufu!”

The one to accompany me to the temple in Reagan Island has been secured so easily.

“How is my Grandmother?”

“She’s healthy?…… And extremely mad!”

A/N: Serafiona has become friends with the Saintess!!!

T/N: Author-san, haven’t they always been friends?

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